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Hi! I’m Chaleese and I love baking! I’m here to help you create beautiful cakes, cupcakes and all things sweet! I’ll have a new video up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Let’s get baking!

Welcome back to my KITCHEN! I’m going to show you HOW TO MAKE SUGAR COOKIES! Today, we are making my famous SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE, this EASY SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE is SO YUMMY! It’s HOMEMADE and I will show you HOW TO make these! Teaching you HOW TO BAKE is so much fun! HOW TO MAKE these delicious COOKIES is so EASY! Clearly I love SUGAR , so let’s make some SUGAR COOKIES! This is such a TASTY recipe, you will make these COOKIES over and over again! I love sharing my RECIPES with you, I hope you love BAKING with me! In my next video I will be showing you HOW TO decorate these YUMMY COOKIES! So stay tuned! Anyone who loves FOOD as much as me will love this DESSERT! Who else likes to eat cookie DOUGH? Let’s get COOKIE DECORATING!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi cake friends welcome back to Chili’sbakes cakes today I’m sharing with youmy amazingly delicious sugar cookierecipe one cup and 1/4 of butter 1 cupof sour creamthen we’re gonna blend that together anddon’t forget to subscribe to my channelguys so you don’t miss out on all thefun here absolutely big cakes just pushthat button[Music]next we need one and a half cup of sugartwo eggs[Music]one teaspoon vanilla then we’re gonnamix that together then we need fourteaspoons of baking powder yes fourteaspoons of baking powder then we’ll doone teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 ateaspoon of salt and four and a halfcups of flour guys make sure that isnice and blended together theconsistency should be a little bitsticky then we’re gonna put it in thefridge and let it chill for at least anhour or more after our dough is chilledwe are going to pull it out of thefridge and we are going to put a littleflour down put a little bit on top ofour dough[Music]and we’re gonna roll out these cookies[Music]you can use whatever shapes you want toroll out sugar cookies I needed a biggercircle so as you can see I’m usingactual glass to get my circles as welljust keep rolling out those cookies oncethose cookies are rolled out you canalso get a little help from as you cansee I got a little bit of a help from mykids this is the fun part after we havethose cookies rolled out we’re gonna putthem on a parchment paper lined pan andthen we’re gonna put them in the oven at350 for eight to nine minutes as soon asthose cookies are done let them cool andthen the fun part comes it’s time tofrost thanks so much for watching hereactually fakes cake so make sure andsubscribe to my channel guys becausenext video is gonna be all about how topipe these amazingly gorgeous flowersstay tuned[Music][Applause]you

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