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DIY: Making Kawaii Watermelon Shaped Butter Cookies!

Marshmallow Gals GET BAKED
Our new baking series sees us go where no mallow has gone before.
We head to the kitchen and shit’s getting serious.
If you can’t handle the fire, get outta the kitchen.

Today we’re making ADORABLE watermelon butter cookies!
The recipe is pretty simple so you can totally do it at home!

The recipe we’re following can be found here:

Watermelon Slice Cookies

💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

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Video Transcription

hello hi guys welcome to the marshmallowkitchen open to a sacred space of eatingand cooking as you can see this isalmost entirely out like this is thekitchen we have a really small kitchenin our house we thought that sinceeveryone’s at home right now everyone’sgetting really into baking and did allthat cute stuff that we would toimmediately look look Millie doesn’tcook at allher boyfriend cooks everything for hereverything I can’t cook I’ve tried Icannot make dishes it’s not a good timeand I enjoy cooking and my meals aren’tgood they don’t of the caliber that Iwould put on myself and me and Charliewe can feed ourselves but like where itby no means you’re surviving yeah waitanyway we thought it’d be really fun Ipersonally actually do like baking likeI’ve made a really good Karam will slicethe other week it was everything it wasreally really goodwe thought hey let’s do some baking yeahI’m in first we treat I’m ready for itso what are we gonna make todayquarantine baking quarantine making weare making watermelon shaped biscuitsand they look so huge they look cutehere’s a picture from the recipe guideI’ll put a link to the recipe we’refollowing today in the doobly thingyfall if you want it’s probably to be alittle chaotic yet with the recipe downbelow yeah its immediate time yeah we’llput all the steps as well so you guyscan also follow this later on if youwant to make these here’s one thing thatwe have to change this recipe called foralmond extra and we could not findalmond extract now what did we think itwould really give much to the yeah Imade the executive decision that itwouldn’t we’re gonna replace it withvanilla extract so hopefully thathopefully was just for flavor yeah aconstruction so let’s get this goingokay can I see what see that I’m notI’m like useless but I definitely don’tknow my way around the way the fiash isgonna be more control we’ll see aboutthatalso I made these aprons sorry she wentup illegally like ten minutes soadorable I’m so first things first let’sget through the ingredients you’re gonnaneed todaynumber one 3/4 of a cup of butter but3/4 of a cup of sugarfocus yeah 1 large egg 1/2 a teaspoon ofalmond extract that’s not happeninglisten to 2 cups of all-purpose flour haha that’s to keep out the boss a quarterof a teaspoon of baking powder 1/8 of ateaspoon of salt I don’t know how we’regonna measure adding to a red and greenfood coloringI love every recipe that needs foodcoloring yeah anything this then we need1/3 of a cup of chocolate chips that arereally tough stuff these top chips areactually going to use full of the likemy mouth true what that mouth do eatyour chips each other just each otherthat’s it they can be used for the seedsin the water to make it look likewatermelon but it also says in thisrecipe they even use black sesame seedsif you want Oh which is really like it’sjust what you might like some peopledon’t like getting chocolate or ifyou’re making a vegan version so thereyou go all right let’s get it in thelast bowl cream butter and sugar untillight and fluffy oh you want to do thesugar I’ll do about because sugar iseasy a traditionI’m baby that’s a cup so why would youdo it why would you use a cup becauseyou want a quarter cup and then 300 babaI fail math waitwell I could do how many grams but athird of a cup no house water right yousee this is cool but why would you put abottom measurement in cupful stupid okaythree quarters of a cup of butter is 170grams can you pass me a tiny Bowl forthe butterand if I roll in the kitchen 30 secondsno putting like with ten seconds wemelted it’s not something else untilbeep are you but oh it’s not and now weboth get a spoon we sit down all rightwe’re gonna beat that with an electricmixer until it’s light and fluffy of herbeat the devil is I would be doing thispot because I’m afraid of I’m scared ofmixes[Music][Music]hey guys show you this about oh oh ohyes okay that’s kind of you got it yougot itokay you don’t get for like qualitycooking yeah okay beat an egg andextract all right Millie’s doing itall right[Applause][Music]so the egg likes picking that up a bitso it’s not like now it’s actuallysticking to the bowl which is good rightso it says in another bowl let’s put theflour baking powder and salt as we areusing a lid as our second bowl it looksdirty but it’s just staying with youwork we are going to get 2 cups ofall-purpose flour and everything lookthe partwait enough for my boyfriend’s to trythese at the very end so let’s see howwe go hey he doesn’t like sweet thingsare the best of times and this is theworst of timesok 1/4 of a teaspoon of baking powdergoes in I put these whole things overfor like 3 grand noodles and we havesalt we’ll need it later for any othercookies this is it’s hot even top ofthis right so mix in this point yeahthat’s gonna go into here you can slowlyafter you mix that all together loveyour technique it’s unorthodox baby andthen we’re gonna introduce the two we’regonna let it for me we’re gonna justlike so just really smell her neck[Music]um no this is technically cooking it butpeople say not to eat it because thebrook yeah like right yeah but you caneat it work[Music]yes providing that kind of didn’t saythat while you boringly risk thismountain oh it’s believer coming downalright I might actually do the restwith my hands I’m just kind of fallingit in together or major everything’sstuck at this point the mixture shouldbe best friends and look at that whewwe’ve made cookie dough right yeah ittruly is just delicious don’t put yourfinger back in that bowl ever again wellwe got which makes three different typesof dough the red on the inside the greenon the outside and that’s the same wayor a lot white there’s always a layer ofYui watermelonI’m going to take out one cup of doughmove without to the side we’re gonna putthe roommate when infrared die and thenremaining though and then we’re gonnamake green and white diet out of thisdon’t would take those yep it’s goingoff to the sidethe rest is read it literally all thetens is tint the remaining dirt red soyou’re going to use your wisdom andingenuity to just put red die and theyhave an amount of him doesn’t take likethree drop yes put put three and then ifit’s not dark enough cool but less isbetter right would say die and oh yeahokay so it sent in one set of a cup ofthe reserve dirt green so I’m splittinginto three it’s not very even but I willpick one and don’t technicallyI can I can show you I’m just likemolesting this piece of dirt this isMelanie I think maybe just I’m happywith my color so that’s my green I’mgonna leave it that color but look at myfingers be careful guys if you’re gonnause your hands o clock okay guys so itsays that after you’re happy with likethe color of your dough you refrigeratefor two hours but what we’re gonna do iswhen they’re rack we’ll wrap them inplastic we’re gonna just freeze them forlike 20 minutescuz it’s I think it’s just a hot andthem I don’t think there’s any likeprocess involved in look at that iswatermelon a watermelon sugar stunningmy babies their company this is a cutelittle shape man I didn’t think my handsis so eels don’t we know I’m gonna eatmine so off-camera dude on camera thepeople you guys like mcanally they knowI know what you’re that you know you’rea rank Beach this is only toldwatermelon baby when I leads on the samewith the green guy and then we’re gonnaput him in the fridge for oh no in thefreezer for like let’s say 20 to 50yards okay we’re gonna do that and we’llbe back okayjokes guys we forgot we actually have torefrigerate the plain dough as well soit makes so much sense but were upsetwith ourselvesyeahokay guys three different zones threedifferent colors it’s been in thefreezer for like 21 minutes or so on alightly floured surface roll the plaindough into there’s some numbers well Idon’t really I’m slowly inches beingturn around oh I don’t want to Iwant to use inches I want to use like myintuition have yeah about that okay yeahthen you unwrap the rent dough and placeit on the short end and then okay whatso what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnaroll the plain dough flat into like arectangular shape like this and thenwe’re gonna make a log of the rightdough place it on the short end and rollit this way so that it has a queen LouRhino around it right then we’reprobably gonna do this to do the samefor the green that’s not how Ianticipated happening would it makesense but it really is how they makelike polymer clay yeah like you knowthey make up some polymer clay it’ll bethe same federaI put cookies I guess we have but – butin this kitchen the way I like itjust know that you’re gonna get floureverywhere well you have to this was anunnecessary it does not have to be likethis if you’re cooking with anyone nicerthan tiata it doesn’t to be like this[Music]guys this is our attempt half an inchbabies so I kind of made a log of thepink that fits like this almostperfectly I’m just gonna press it in I’mkind of making this up now it’s a go andthen when we want to like fold like agiant hotdog ass yeah like a giantsausage roll yeah yep yep there we gorollin oh no well lose it uh yep yep yepsure yeah okay yeah sure yep yep yep ohno no perfect good surely we can patchit up yeah I host production I think soalright so that now looks like thatwhich is disgusting it literally lookslike a sausage roll and I hate it I’mgoing to throw up[Music]okayso then yeah it places them along and itsays to roll up okay so we did the rightthing then it says do the same thingwith the green dough and put that run onit and roll it up wrap it in plasticrefrigerate overnight it’s been awesomewhen I’m doing we’re gonna wrap it inplastic and we’re gonna put it in thefreezer for an hour so let’s do thatagain well just be like it didn’t workas an awful I’m softening it’s literallylike playdough like just look at it ohthis one’s precious I’m told all rightguys that’s how green and we’re gonna doit doesn’t same thing we did before doyou wanna knowcould be longer could be but as long aswe got one good one which will come inthe center that’s fine oh gosh do youwanna be on this side I don’t know whatwould be easyoh no no no you’re fine you’re totallyfinewow you’re totally fine good job you’reway better this way no I think it’s thedogs easy it’s too long at this side andnot long enough on that side that’s ithey well at least get a couple cookiesout of this guy all right she’s notperfect but she’s okay a to the Oz thisis gonna work guys cuz you chopped offthe end so the middle will be okaywhat’s happened is I haven’t rolled thegrain long enough so one side of theseare not gonna work but that’s we acceptit lovely nice and tight nice and tightwe really get them tucked into bed allright whoo okay guys so the purpose ofthis is for it to freeze and retain itsshape because you want it to be acylinder when you cut into itso we’re gonna freeze this for an hourand then we’ll week back it’s definitelygonna be dark outside so the Lighting’sgonna be differentbe niceit’s 5:15 yes Ben 70 minutes said whenhe up taking it out 30 minutes earlierthan we should have we don’t followrules herewe’re rule breakers it’s getting darkoutside we want to finish so we’re gonnacut him up we want to put this video uptonight let’s do yeah girl I gotta editso you’re watching this and this wasdone todayhey Selena if you want to miss thisthings done it’s like four hours fromfull let’s do thisthat’s the offcut I guess Elliot that’sgood hey oh these are great you havecrushed this guy’syouit says to cut them in half after youfake them but should we just itlike do it now yeah you reckon wehaven’t followed any world so far whywould we pink that up now guys you areabout to quake wait look white withoutthese fooling off can I show you I neversaid I was any that’s enough I’mstressing it supposed to be fun interestnothing about this is funthat was like an actual seeds[Music]trust the process guys I believe look I write it um so it says thatyou’ve baked him for nine to elevenminutes in at 300 degrees Fahrenheit butwe obviously didn’t we don’t know thatwe need Celsius so there’s 150 all rightso yeah lightly baba baked for nine tilleleven minutes and then cool okay allright guys we get it finished here inthe chalk chips and then we’re gonna putthem in the oven and then you guys gonnasee the final product[Music]okay it’s ready we’re gonna pump it intime it’s time but taking it up welessen it a bit longer and we also havenoticed that they did inflate when wethought they wouldn’t because it’s plainflour but I guess flour inflates anywayso they kind of smoosh together butlet’s see how we go oh that’s a keyokay what’s supposed to cool these downyeah you shook up it’s very sweet I’msurprised with pink that thing iseverything that’s a melon pink[Music]we need to upset with being so impatientthat’s not bad I’m gonna say it now thatis not bad at all my being impatient andmeeting you before I’d like the brownones that I don’t know if I’d like themso good YUM holyyeah actually happy with this yeah theyturned out pretty well I’mimpressedlook how Keith they are we do have a lotmore successful ones as well we’re justnot putting them on the plate becausethey are cooling down so guys this is myboyfriend patty he’s gonna be testingout the cookies and giving his honestreview you have to be honest patty youhave to be honest like brutally honestyeah but feel like she says that usuallythough already they look great they lookreally cool they look cool a little bittoo much red one more thing about likethe side of a watermelon I guess how hedoesn’t like sweet thingsno I’m campuses yeahHokies they fight a lot of girlfriendsthese are in haha chocolate morechocolate I agree with everyone you knowwhat we should do dunk one whole side inchocolate right yeah fun but but Wowsigh great and then have white chocolateyou know they do this like this isCharlie yeah look at thisdo you think they’re adorable yesvisually what would you spoil them outof at a 10 I give my soul a nineI swear to God what she ality well youknow there’s a couple of just slidesorter you know Arizona they stall greatgood alright oh yeah this is better thisis a different team I love itthey’re adorable oh that’s justdisgusting disgustingly good quitefrankly that is disgustingdisgustingly good for us because thatjelly masterchef thing like the firstseason when they would not like holdingback on the dramatics yeah the complymore drama that was a real thing thatthey filmed on MasterChef and put an adbreak between and then it was morefunniest so thank you guys so much forwatching coming along on this journey itis dark outside but I’m tired is thanksso much for watching let us know whatyou think of these because we me andMillie everything is starting likemaking once a month so that we you knowget better yeah we want to learn how tocook guys don’t forget to pull Instagrammarshmallow gals JLS subscribecertification bail hmm you know we weretalking like this today well subscribingand notifications not the same thingyou squirt subscribing you don’t gettold when we make videos and soapparently and the probably like in theyear late to the game but you got to getthe bail like if you guys want to knowwhen our videos come out and hit thebell please yes guys if you haven’t hitthe bell tip the Bellyeah it’s about but yeah until then keepit kid and keep it

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