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a group of teenage girls tries to bake cookies… | Shans Dances

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Video Transcription

nice what’s happening here is they wereboth judging me for eating raw cookiedough and they thought it was theweirdest thing ever when Eugene hadnever made cookies before and Veronicawas just scared that I was gonna getsalmonella but that’s what happened whoate that[Laughter]who does a like hey that’s not an egg mypainting is just gonna be like theletter A just because of this argumentyou should have brought your Peppa Pigcookies oh yeah I ate them and do themout cuz it tastes likeyou got cookies for t.j.maxx I meanthat’s my favorite you should just usean all parchment paper it has cookies onit so it won’t die you know I have thatsame shirt good GPA hashtag be kindhashtag say um bleh bleh[Laughter]what kind of cookies did you know theseare like an American classic do you wantto make one just giant cookie okay soit’s usin water drink it to see if it’sorange juice and water see it’s orange[Music][Laughter]you know I was on Martha Coon why youcan get them like pupils or somethingthink you had this strong cheekbones Ithink we should go into the cookieschools and business I approve thatlooks like a dog wait has a burger letme fix that for himand trying to get your thumb in thereshould we give him a mustache like mysixth game bangI think the resemblance is uncannyI’m George Washington with Mexicanaccent you’re asked for that you only gothere for fathers okay Thomas Jeffersonand Hamilton if I have tothis is how I learned about Americanpolitics yeah most people did at thetime chop down the churches they’rethick like me like George gorgeous[Music][Music][Music]oh he looks great looks great ladies ifthat isn’t George Washington I don’tknow what is he has the plague thebubonic plague so then we startedpainting and this happened to VeronicasI don’t know how but I drew Shrek of youginger Peppa Pig and we watch thegravity falls[Music]okay I think my painting is the best itreally reflects Who I amit really does okay that actually lookslike the picture though like it actuallylooks good and kind of mad about it yourdevice is ready to pair is ready to pair[Music]it’s a self-portrait what do you thinkthat is so mean how dare you do that tomy painting stop itthank you though you’re giving itimagine having ads and your Spotifybroke people Tings

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