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During quaritine I decided to make some cookies to celebrate my competition win !! I got high gold !! Anyway during while I was making them my mom walked in and asked what I was doing and then she thought I was doing the instructions wrong lol 😂 but I didn’t I had them pretty close . Anyway I’m gonna film part 2 now so watch this video first and then part 2

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

and because today I want membered sotoday no big cookie dough bites so firstand these are cream cheese I have tothem yeah you’re gonna need some whippedcream cheese and I don’t know but I’mgonna use some Creamery butter and thiscountry rock all right a medium sablewhich I’m guessing is what I think it isso I need a google measuring couldn’teat a third cup and then I need twotablespoons of butteroh nevermind is spread why is therealways flavors in a butter like I don’tknow the difference ticking away in syncyou know where that onetablespoon noweither if I used really serious one cupor one for I feel like the one for meyeah oh yeah oh my god so you don’t mixhim it’s fine these silver one and likeit cuz I don’t like cheese so muchactuallyanyway we’re just gonna try and get allthe cream cheese come on the bar tonightso that I can I think I need more fiveyou don’t lose everything way over heregrab this Rindge we’re just gonna wipethe cream cheese offit’s a scooper measuring cup thing yeahput the towel on the stove it stoves noton guys I think this is not one pointbut I’m use my butter knife pop it inhere this is a really one thing youmeasure oh my goodness okay I’m tryingto smooth it out so guess we’ll talkabout some moremaybe this is a Ford nowI think yes yes this is a whole fourthgood I killed this I’m not just a danceranyway where’d I dump this in the bowlright extracted said that right yeah youput in dance the butter all right cuzyou shall have to refrigeratewhere the butter at I think I’m gonnaslice some of this butter off becausesomebody used a made a mess I’m justgonna throw this Pizza wayall right okay with my cream cheeseknife I think it’s fine if you put thattogether so just get rid of a to me itsaid I needed two tablespoons of butterI should’ve grabbed my spearhang on I got this guys I’m gonnaactually and youand put the butter in put it in twicebecause this a Lisa’s tables so put thison hereMonica’s his brother this butter is softsure worried thereI think this is a go out this is prettymuch if one team was good nice guys okaywell just have to scoop it out then Ithought this will be easier but it’s notI’m gonna put inthisanother giant scoop is it’s reallyuneven onto the spoon I hope this is noone’s favorite butter in my house thatis rekted arraykeep cooking cooking cooking[Music]do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-dodo-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do I thinkthat’s it that’s right now you have towhy does it go I want you to know whatthat meanstechnically this is already soft okaywe’ll see what up guys I hope this willalready tighten this up maybe I shoulduse some of this if it’s not workingabout some of this because it might needI check to see what’s going on okayoh um all rightI know the learning things you have Iwas going to die from the face hop butahI’m like I’m feel what I think you’regonna make empty no baby so muchyou know does not he’s good heartso the cream cheese in butter I cookedso I’m just butter mixture let servechilled when well blended oh my goshall this digits this my gun not they’reready we’re going to pour this well soprettyI think this goes to 400 wait does thissmell so guys it’s Lily chalky thoughit’d be chunky down I’m gonna mix withthe knife cuzI think ice makes it pretty slowcould I just put a long here and it tookthis Miami transferyeah I’m transpose it was like is itworkingI think transferringthis is making really big mess I’mhoping my daughter will like itand I think this will fit more oh yeahif I could see some the to usall of this into here specsso I might I’m Luke that’s really cutewho loves anatomically I dookay watch Heineken I really need morecheese I think Betty Crocker’s will bewrong with the mouseand guys I wouldn’t be smick Singh witha spoon I didn’t feel like itso yeswe’re going the wretch everything moredifficult than anyone else doesOh- very also good the mess what it’s liketo cook herearamis looks like I may be a part of itoh my godwhen was it half missusit’s a little sweet little bit saltythis is how people should be cookingtheir cookies now forget the originalchocolate chips and having an ediblebroccoli no everythingis it warmingI think it was literally thisand then it’s getting closerjust keep mixing just keep mixing justkeep mixing just keep mixing just keepmixing just keep knocking oh my goshoutside[Applause]I tried signing before they come overokayand this is really getting harder to mixI don’t know why should I use you’resupposed to do that oh my god thisthere’s almost dry pieces what if youreally need moreit doesn’t even say anything creamcheese is not enough they put more cuz Idon’t I think this is a little dry youknow cuz I’m gonna go get my junk is abreak oh hey she loves me hooray forSuzy loves cookies Oh someone’s breadshe denied that okay so like I think I’mgonna just go myoh my god it’s not that way yeah youknow what I’m gonna try the one thatsounds like the best thing in the worldI’m not gonna measureokay Jews this is William capital thiswayopen the new cream cheese new creamcheese you’re supposed to save the worldto be readyoh look at thatthat should have been even for maybe thesolji monthsshroo shroo supa dupa dupa cube soup soI can go back1/4 I feel like I would need a littlebit less though so I’m gonna go beyondthat whatever amount okay try to thinkback in here what would I have wouldn’thappen back hereI hope you do the cub y’all if it doescoming up to end that looks so okay mebecause it’s not coming offgoodbye right get out the butter knifeno I’m not mean I’m not being he didn’tso don’t be like hey why’d you do that -not me to do that I thought those mylegs let me rinse this off[Music]what do you goI’m Betty Crocker it’s a little dry mombut mom is dry so you got some stuff inthere okay well nevermind I just wasteda part of butter and cream cheese fornothing at least I think that’s what I’mgonna do so I guess my mom said go aheadput your heads in it because it isn’tdry you all that workI need somewhere to put this on okay soI’m supposed to dough shape dough intoone you’re asking someone is really badI think so I’m just gonna make big ballsin that like shape them into smallerballs cuz who has time to go findtablespoon scoop it out figure that outnot me and it’s not even when they gotogether okay hold up to like rightthere pleasethere’s one right around – this one’smine yeah he’s a little bit morelet’s put like this much the thing stuckunderneath my nails it’s not so niceguys I’ll do it laterI’m cooking Grayson not to I didn’t putanything I’m just putting engineer rightnow I’m saving this cuz you weresupposed to cream this together I didthat yes I didthat’s my mom it’s not cooked yet I’msaving it for my second batch when I’mdone with this round because I want tofit on this bowl when I was first gonnamix it on that bull I thinkokay anywaythey’re so cuteso so far we have new base this oneknows when he’s breaking I just made 604it’s really yeah make six again okayfine six full you couldn’t she ate mymasterpiece like so like the woman wasbefore that’s what you gave it wouldhave been good if you mean yet so earlyjumpstart you for what really took itwas this is this very appetizing billeager to us movie maybe help me roll outthe bowl well I really wanteddid you see that it crumbling fast so Idid final dry piece is going to myas going into other bad giucose isannoyingokay here we go one two three four fivesix seven eightdone I think these are the drieststay together come on you can do iteat up – one two three four five sixseven eightthe nine to one and then I went to thenext batch – did you teaseokay one two three four five six seveneight nine I think that’s as big as itwill getstill standards for next roundyou guys want to see how cute all weneed to do is cook the next batch therest that powder also

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