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Video Transcription

hey guys thank you so so much for ahundred subscribers today we’re gonna bemaking a cookie Cup so start by addingone stick of butter into a large bowlthen you’re gonna want to add 1/4 cup ofsugar now you’re gonna want to add 1/2cup of brown sugar then just mix that upinto the lip until the color turns likelighter now also check out my cookierecipe basically that recipe with alittle bit of fun twist and newadditions so just mix that up until thecolor light ends a lot and it’s just youkind of can tell when it’s done[Music]the butter should like dissolve thesugars then add about one teaspoon ofvanilla extractI don’t really measure this one butroughly it’s now just keep your mixer onwhile you add this so then you’re gonnawanna add one egg just add that right inwith the mixer going[Music]all right so then add one 1/4 cups ofall-purpose flour so then just thenyou’re gonna add about now add 1/4teaspoon of saltI don’t really measure this because Ihave this all grinder so then just mixthat up be careful so it doesn’t explodeeverywhere luckily it doesn’t happen tome by a clip so just be aware just mixthat all right so here is actually myfavorite part so I’m gonna add somepeanut butter too I’m just gonna go allout so I’m gonna add peanut butter chipsI’m gonna add some Reese’s Pieces thereare some mini ones I think it doesn’tmatter though you don’t have to addthese you can just add chocolate chipsif you want but I just wanted to make itthen I’m gonna add just regular tacochips all right so I tried these newespresso cups they’re so good so if youcan find them I definitely recommendthat they’re so good then add on 1/4 cupof water and it’ll really like enhancethat peanut butter just mix that thenpop that in the freezer for like 30minutes and spray your um cookie umcup liners you could also spray um aMulligan’s have a giant cookie but Iactually got these for Christmas it’slike just a pan for it so did you justpop the dough in and you kind of likeuse that this thing right there and justpress it down into that shape but youcould use any coke that’s the oven safeand kind of like make that mold and thenbake it in there just make sure youspray it so it doesn’t stick[Music][Music]now pre here oven to 350 pop thesedelicious amazing creation pop that intothe oven and you’re gonna want to bakethose for 8 to 10 minutesit actually maybe took me more like 15minutes but it’s so really for these youactually want them a little bit moregolden-brown than light brown so then Ijust went ahead and melted some peanutbutter chips you could use meltedchocolate to just anything with somekind of chocolate base that will Hardenso then I just pop that all around thelittle cookie clips and I just leave itfor that to harden so that um the milkor whatever liquid you’re putting inthis would also be delicious with icecream by the way so I just didn’t havehindi um so this we are doing this ofthe milk doesn’t spill[Music]all right guys cheers to 100 thanks somuch for watching make sure to LIKE andsubscribe for more recipe

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