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Mr. Cameron no bake cookies

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Video Transcription

Hey hello boys and girls this is mr.Cameron and today we’re gonna go aheadand make some no-bake peanut butteroatmeal chocolate chip cookies withcream cheese and the actually I got thisfrom a site called ete well one oh yeaheat well 101 so if you want to look thatup and if you don’t remember all theingredients you can get it from thereokay so what you need to do is first ofall get all your I got all myingredients out and we’re gonna puteverything in a large bowl and we’regonna mix it with a wooden spoon so whatyou’re gonna need is one and a half cupsof rolled rolled oats and then you’realso going to need 3/4 cups chocolatechipswe’re gonna need about 16 ounces ofpeanut butter you can use creamy or theyused crunchies in theirs if you’re notsure how much 16 ounces is what you cando is if it’s a new jar I just measuredtwo inches from the top and I scooped uptwo inches from the jar then you needone teaspoon of sugar and then nowexcuse me one tablespoon of sugar andthen one teaspoon of vanilla extractokay so what we’re going to do is we’regoing to start with putting in theoatmealcream cheese and cream cheese if Ididn’t say that it’s eight ounces ofcream cheese okayand then you’re going to add your peanutbutter so I just put it on a plate tomake it easier to accessand just put your plate off to the sidethere and add your sugar you want thetablespoon of sugar and one teaspoon ofvanilla extract okay what’s going to goahead go ahead and do now is go aheadand stir that up really well and whatmight make it easier if you maybe maybewarm up the cheek cream cheese a littlebit I did not do that but you might wantto go ahead and get that try that mightmake it easier to stir well I’m stirringthis and just hope everybody’s doingokay out there they’re not doing a lotof activities a lot of family timestaying busy trying to try to stay up oneducational things I hope you guys areable to do that and also you’re going toneed a pan and then a piece of parchmentpaper and then you won’t be putting inthe balls on that parchment paperit’s kind of a task definitely to stirthis up okay once you got that prettywellstir it up what you can do now is addyour 3/4 cups of chocolate chips andthen you just want to stir that and tellthose are incorporated throughout yourmixture okay once you get that done whatyou’re going to do is have an ice-creamscoop or some other type of scoopinginstrument which you can get about agolf sized ball of mixture scoop it outand have your paper ready with your panand then kind of shape it so again youknow make sure your hands are clean andI did wash my hands before this so youwant to go ahead and do that do that forthe rest of the mixture and then whatyou want to go ahead and do this placethe pan in the freezer for about onehour and then take it out and then placethose in a airtight container okay andthen enjoy those but don’t enjoy toomuch okay use moderation okay that’s itfor today I hope you guys had a goodtimeyou know just hope everything is goingwell with everybody take it easybye-bye and we’ll talk to you later

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  3. Thank you for sharing kind of video like this. Bro YOU ARE THE MAN super excellent. I hope ganyan din ako kahusay. More power

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