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Video Transcription

welcome back y’all this episode of mejust saying what if I won because mylife will be making cookies had recipe Iam NOT a baker I enjoy binky but I’m notgood at it um yeah um we don’t havechocolate chips so I have to cut upthese crosses my grandma gave us forEaster love you JesusI’m also gonna be using like greasy pcswhatever Reese’s Pieces automatic homethis matter up here and I might useactual Reese’s but we’re gonna do itokay let’s okay okay back I have topreheat the oven and go and grab theReese’s okay oh now I’m going to becutting the things really flimsy bit Ireally care and you’re also gonna need anice okay sorry I just thought of like anice no sorry okay okay they’re notholidaysall right I’m sorry about that noise I’mabout to kill my brotherthe Taj projects it out of the night myaunt but no he’s playing on his xboxwith his friends a really aggravatingand he won’t listen to meso he’s the one who asked for cookies sohe should be thanking me like how rudeall right I don’t know how to cut theseso we’re just gonna[Music]okay so I just cut up one I’m sorry Ithought like rears paws or whatever if Ibrother walked and I don’t want him CMDfilm that’s weird I don’t know I don’tlike that it’s just weird to me okay Ijust saved my whole family’s life wewere trying to do up in because our theone broke and my mom would anyone knowit’s a birthday so we got a new one andI was like what in that smell I hope Iwas like Barney so I was like what – Ilook at the oven and it was nice withplastic in there like no one look likejust plastic look at all and I see therewas like so you’re welcome I mean y’allweren’t there so okay I’m cutting upthis second cross okay column we alldon’t know we all call them but I callthe two pieces throw eggs doctor sowe’re gonna do that tooand we’re gonna cut to the reis x up soyeah and I’m making like separatebatches I don’t want like chocolate withthe Reese’s like Reese’s eggs or agreasy pcs cuz I don’t know i don’t idon’t think i okay good so Chloe nosorry my dog’s want to go outside in anall-out – because I try running off it’sreally aggravating I have to run afterthem so and my parents are out there socuz they’re like dude I’m makingshutters or all right this one’s almostdoneChloe Stella stop being so annoyingthank you I love you guys hi okayall right next little heart okayI really hope it doesn’t turn out backsI really wanted cookies and yeah okayaway from yourself always it’d beinteresting if I if it like fails I’venever had my grandma using them todayafter okay so I’m in the part of thevideo where I was Nick I just deleted aclip of me like adding the ingredientstogether and to this next clip didn’tmake no sense sorry about it I deleted aclick on it ideally did a clip onaccident okay byeokay I’m gonna be right back okay beright back brown sugar with this and Idid ithopefully it’s okay so happy it looksfine to me I don’t know what am Isupposed to it so we’re just gonna hopeand pray that it turns out good okay Iam using an onion Chomper to talk theserecent PC things to make them smallermake make different textures so okayit’s me againum I literally just finished baking themthey went out of the oven I put them onthe cooling rack and my family ate allof themthere’s only one left I don’t think itsbirthday to film it hey it’s me againI don’t know I felt it in the same clipI could have done that it’s probablywould have been easier on me but oh welloh thank you for watching this video ifyou join it like it I keep lookingbehind me Stockard sorry um it’s likeseeing me subscribe I guess don’t knowI’m not the boss of you but look at mylast video goodbye

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