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Video Transcription

the one lady that’s watching andgentlemen welcome to another baking bigit’s been so long but today’s ourfive-year anniversary my wife and I aresitting here at home we have nothingelse to do we’re in quarantine so wefigured we might as well have a greattime and obviously for those of you whoare wondering what happened to thechannel baking bake unfortunately wasdeleted by YouTube there’s nothing wecould do about it all of the oldepisodes are in Salem and recom they’refree all you need to do is registeragain it’s free and you can watch themall and if this is your first timewatching baking bake enjoy and obviouslyfor reasons that for the same reasonsthat YouTube took our channel down I’mgonna have to be careful as to what Ishow but for those of you who knowyou’ll know what’s going on sweetieare you ready for another baking bakeyou know what better time than ever inquarantine and social distancing that’sright let me ask you something did youwatch the fucking hands well let’s seemy hands are raw and so yeah I would sayso so would you say raw like rap fromthe wu-tang clan or raw like fish[Music]first things first cooking uniforms[Applause][Music][Applause][Music]well done mother the one at death nowit’s my turn[Music][Music]now we’re ready for cooking and as youguys can tell Belen just printed someinstructions from the foot network andwhat are we gonna be doing today babywhat are we going to be making we aremaking brown sugar oatmeal cookiesobviously we’re a little rusty herepeople so we need to ease back intothinking we’re gonna fuck this upcompletely I just hope that you guysknow that and before we start we got togo into the ingredients so that you guysknow exactly what we’re gonna be usingand what ingredients we’re gonna beusing so sweetie take those they’re twosticks of melted butter one teaspoon ofvanilla extract this is expensiveoh boy two cups of brown sugar brownsugar yeah hey no two eggs one and ahalf cups of flour one teaspoon of saltwhat and a half teaspoon of baking sodathree cups of old-fashioned rolled oatsdark chocolate chips these are optionaland now we need to know all the stuffthat we’re gonna need to make thishappen so what are the utensils mixingbowl measuring spoon paper baking sheetmmm you really need a new oneand a mixer and I guarantee you guyswe’re missing a lot of items becausefrom my experience baking baby wenormally use spatulas and other stuff sowhat if you were using a minute heysweetie we’ll see what happens firstthings first we have to turn the oven onthe real question is do you know how toturn on the oven I do not know this is anew house so I have no idea and also towhat temperature 380 which one’s theoven no you’re already failing oh boyokay so we’re going to be we’re gonnabake okay oh you too so like that that’sitlet’s preheat you well what’s the nameof the show hey ki bakes alright so I’mgonna go ahead and use this device thisglass device and I’ll be right back withyou guys I will probably not look thesame in as fresh as I do right now seeyou soon[Music]and glad that we have a small kitchenand now Fiona he’s all over the place soI’m this is good I just came back frommy refreshment then WowI forgot what I was gonna say to me howlong does it take to make these 30minutes including cooking time at least24 cookies and 15 minutes like prep okayso here’s the deal I didn’t understandanything you said but let’s go do thiswe have to bring her bed everywhere cuzotherwise she’s a spoiled dog okay readyokay what’s first in the bowl of anelectric mixer just right there eattogether the brown sugar and butteruntil fluffy beat in the vanilla add theeggs one at a time scraping the bowlafter each one so first things first isissue we have no one here at Sergio’snot here to help I’m sorry what exactlydo I need to do it’s a full cup rightthat’s a full cup no you’re so usingspoons no sweetheart this is one cupwhen you two of these I’m just brownsugar is hard that’s why I’m giving youthis it’s real hard I don’t know maybeit’s oldmaybe the shirt all Alexa does brownsugar go old because it does nothingwith the growth of microbes however butI’m sugar that dries out because toohard to use for cooking and baking sohard for baking it’s gonna be the firstchallenge sweetie oh I know no I know Iseparated it I think it’s fineokay all right it’s gonna mean moresweet I needs two cups that’s this isfor sure she got Bing god are youbreaking a sweat he’s gonna tell metonight that his hands are okay not oneof the greatest times right now would beputting all that spreading to somethingbut a boom oneit’s basically perfect Wow look atthought it was meant to beoh my gosh sweaty okay two cups of brownsugar and cheese sticks of butterokay so we have two cups of brown sugarin the mixer now we’re gonna beat in thetwo sticks of butter one by one untilit’s fluffy do it really slowly I thinkwith the sugar you should beat it slowlyall it says is beat together – brownsugar and butter until fluffy[Music]nothing like cooking and nutnut notknowing what you’re doing so we can getinto a great argument sorry we stirredyour listeners you know what we shouldhave them be stand outside six feet ofwater please but this is going anywherethis is just dough in fact you’ll befacing them we’re making brown sugaroatmeal cookies okay it says in a bookand a bowl of it elections makes theirbeat together – brown sugar and butteruntil fluffy yeah yeah but it’s prettylike mushy look I’m gonna throw morebutter at this and just fuck it okaywe’re gonna do that we wish you wereherethank you sir Joe there’s a cool okaylet’s microwave that this is a disasterwell we’re already past the 30-minutemark I can tell you that we microwaveand the waiting game begins oh fuckwell it’s melted so let’s just throw itinto your sweetieall of it in the sugar that milk Ohthat doesn’t work we’re gonna call thecall don’t miss a spot we’re gonnaFaceTime your callall right here we go all right we’regonna FaceTime and over guest we need toknow which fluffy to you or not wesoften the butter we put in themicrowave we already called Sergio so 10instead of brown sugar can we useregular sugar and have like white sugaroatmeal cookies right 1 cups of brandon’t wait too much yeah and we’refucked now because we are looked up andwe can go out and buy brown sugar wellwe just found out we completely fuckedup and need it’s official baby[Music]no we’re not no we just look what I justfound your why I found the brown sugarholy shit by the way yeah we’re makingup a lot of Suns what we’re just um youknow honey we sing a lot of birds nowwe’re now going through all the butterso wait we’re not gonna have any butterafterwards I don’t fuckin think this isworth it all we need to do according toNicole is put these two in the microwavejust a little bit like what I get likefor it oh yeah it’s just nice and softsweetie all right here we gotip number two one couple the new sugarand numero dos here we go ahand now the clutter again there one andthen we’ll throw the other one and let’ssee what happens we T good luckthere you go good job well done alrightwell just gonna secure this and startgoinghonestly it doesn’t get what we weregiving up but there’s no more sugar orbutter so hurry up the other that Whoopidoes a definitional book yeah yeah yeahlooks like you yeahvery fluffy and now we’re going to throwthat vanilla how much other vanillawhich is been three teaspoons to twoteaspoonstwo teaspoons there you go sweetie nowlet me be very preciselyok so now we’re going to add one egg ata time and we already have so he needs abowl after each onewhatever that means Jeremy oh my oh boyWowyou know you really fucked up do yourealize how strong I was getting doingthese quarantineI guess those push-ups in the showerthey’re nodding the shower no and don’tI have to like oh yeah one of them wellsince we’re going to be in quarantinefor my birthday you can make me a cakefrom scratchI don’t think divorce just one hit nowI’m not gonna be able to wait two outthere well you’re so strong that was aperfect here we go remember don’t go allthe way out maybe you halfway so now wegot to make another little mix okay andthen we mix them together and then we’regonna dump them in there slowly okayslowly but surely babe don’t worry aboutit we’ll see what we do so in the bowlwe’re gonna do the flour the baking sodayeahsalt yeah roll those all that all rightlet’s go let’s start what’s gonna beperson probably the flour why am I doingthis you’re gonna kill me hey cuz you’refilming my body you’re filming me Inever said I was Sergio where’s theall-purpose flour 1 and a half cups oneand a half cupswhere are our cups alright this is onecup so I’m gonna go superquickly the basin is the name of thegame one okay okay all right okayenough what now okay three cups of therolled oats Oh Noyou’ve had it for months and you didn’tgive it or sniff you in three then we’regoing to do one and a half teaspoon ofbaking sodawhat a minute of what baking soda thatSalt’s you everything’s labeled I know Iknowwhy don’t you try to do this my state Iwould never exactly sweetie that’s headwell the last ingredient is one teaspoonof salt by the way I think we startedcooking in two hoursone teaspoon of salt yeah that’s rightokay okayand then I will add in the chocolatechips like oh yeah yeah yeah so thiswe’re supposed to just I don’t eventhink you’re supposed to do that but butit’s good you know I like I like totouch my food before I eat it you knowconsensual you’re grossnext is we’re gonna throw this in threeparts into that thing wait we fucked upI misread the derrickit says mixed together the flour saltand baking soda in a medium bowl add itinto the cream to make sure in two tothree batches mixing until just combinedthen mix in the oats until just combinedwe have enough of everything we dodoesn’t really matter yes okay my armhurts can I cut it bow cook so we’regonna do it oh here we go again okay sothe flour one and a half of the flourread me the flower read me theinstructions you know how high I ammaybe I am being a knife fucked up mixedtogether flour salt and baking soda amedium bowl one and a half okay yep halfa teaspoon of it into each spoon yesthere’s a 180 180 is half paid so you’regonna do for these 1/3 or and rememberif my math is wrong is because I’m highokay now the salt one teaspoon saltlet’s go salt add like a pinch of saltnot like that you have problems with thesalt in this house before it’s true Iaccidentally put too much salt in one ofour disheshe had the mega blitz the next day Ithink the battery’s gonna dieit’s orange one two three four and ahalf five six seven eightaah makes for one now we’re gettingcorporate B’s slowly okaylook at Borja smells unbelievable wellthat happens what am i so now we add theoats one oh my god two straight[Music]okay so now I think we should add in thechocolate chips just throw them in thereand see what happens so here’s the addedchocolate chips that were optionalalright and okay use your preferred sizecookie scoop I might have oneokay so bullet already put the parchmentpaper that’s what it’s called parchmentpaper on the baking sheet and now so nowwe’re gonna use I have a dab this is anice cream scooper but if it were yeahpour a cookie scoop sauce use a regularspoon obviously right so we’re gonnadraw portions of the dough onto thebaking sheet spacing them apart andwe’re gonna bake into a chewy 12 to 30minutes sounds good alright get on itget on it sweetiegood luck I don’t know you’re gonna getrid of that see to thick you’re justgonna make it like chunky like that wecan do different sizes there’s no rules[Music]sweetie yeah they’s giant vlogs are alllisten he doesn’t really matter they allhave a look like visiting Normanlet’s throw me in the oven bake let’s godon’t burn your little hands alright youdid perfect for how long we’re stillforming a slipped on the time ramblingsaying they’re old gooey but I don’ttrust her so I’m just gonna open thisand touch the cookie she’s right alrightcookies are done I think we should openthem but yeah I posted this two hoursago well this was supposed to be 30minutes well baby let’s just say thatyou started on the wrong footthis shit’s about to be done let’s see Ipredicted it sweetie don’t you dareelects that timer off wish I could dothat to youthese are done it even smells like Burtyou want to do the test look at yourblog they feel of like massive boobs butthey smell delicious so guys think aboutis their oatmeal so they’re gonna begood yeah you think so oh my god I’m sonervousgood that’s how I like to make mycookies I guess we’ll just wait a fewminutes oh yes Oh sweetie sweetie we’regonna try the cookies no no no she isshe is stop she’s she’s abusing herpower alright we’re ready to taste themthese brown sugar oatmeal cookies are weI don’t think they’re burnt they thinkthey’re perfectI think the bottom is supposed to belike that you’d separate to show cheersto your sweetie happy Anniversary happyAnniversary and let’s see how this goes[Music]I know yeah they might not look like itespecially that but these are deliciousguys so send us some pictures right postdoing solid money calm and let’s checkhim out and we hope that this broughtyou nice and laughter I hope so becauseit’s been like eight hours since we seeour Boston social distancing[Music]you[Music]

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