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Why Is Caviar So Expensive? 

Why Is Caviar So Expensive? 

Caviar is one of the most costly foods in the world. It’s high in fat and protein but has a very low-calorie count. So why is caviar so expensive? There are several reasons: First, caviar isn’t just made from sturgeon—it’s an entire fish species called Beluga Sturgeon (also known as White Sturgeon).

Second, these fish are hard to farm because they live deep underwater where light doesn’t reach them easily; this means that Sturgeon farms only produce about two kilograms per year compared with 500 kg/year for other types of fish farms such as salmon farms or trout ponds.

It’s a rare delicacy

Caviar is a rare delicacy, and it’s not something you can pop in your mouth daily. It’s not like eating a cake or drinking a glass of milk.

Caviar is expensive because it takes time to produce: the fish must be caught, processed, cleaned, and salted before being stored in barrels for years (or even longer).

The eggs have to be fertilized with fresh sperm from another fish so they’ll develop into larvae—which then eat their way through the walls of the egg case until they’re ready for release into saltwater tanks or ponds as adults. When these little guys hatch out at around four months old (if they hatch at all), you’ll need another six months before they’re ready for consumption!

It has historically been a status symbol

Caviar is not just expensive because it demands a lot of effort to get the fish eggs and then process them into caviar. The actual reason for the high price tag is that caviar was once a delicacy only the wealthy could afford. It is also used as a gift to show respect, especially in Russia, where there’s no shortage of people who can afford it!

Sturgeon are hard to farm

Sturgeons are anadromous fish, meaning they spend their lives in the ocean but come back to spawn on land. This means Sturgeon farms must capture and raise them as babies before they can be sold for caviar.

Sturgeon farming is not a simple process; it takes thousands of years for sturgeon eggs to mature into adult sturgeons—it’s also difficult to breed these animals in captivity because they’re wild creatures with complex lives and behaviors.

As such, caviar from sturgeons is expensive because it requires extensive research into how these fish reproduce (and why). There aren’t many farms dedicated solely to raising these prized delicacies.

Caviar costs vary widely depending on where else you live and by quality level. The most expensive types of fish eggs have been fished from shallow waters where they grow naturally high up on rocks; these tend to contain smaller amounts per ounce than “standard” varieties made from wild stocks caught deeper down below sea level where fish populations tend not only grow faster but also produce larger eggs.

If you want to try caviar, we recommend buying it online in small quantities so that you can sample it before committing to a larger purchase. Try taking your favorite piece home with you and enjoy the experience!

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