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How to Choose a Saltwater Spinning Reel

How to Choose a Saltwater Spinning Reel

Spinning can be caught not only in rivers and lakes, but also in the sea. Such fishing is very interesting and brings a lot of positive emotions. 

Choosing the best fishing line for your baitcasting reel is easy or is it? We found the 4 best options!

There are many types of fish in the ocean depths, so you can never know in advance who will sit on the hook. It is important to choose the right spinning rod for sea fishing so that staying on the pond is a real pleasure and brings a lot of trophies.

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Features of sea fishing

Sea fish surpasses the inhabitants of freshwater reservoirs in strength. Even a small trophy, sitting on a hook, desperately resists. In addition, when fishing in the sea, you need to be prepared for bites of solid-sized specimens, especially if fishing is carried out from a boat. The weight of predators who may be interested in the bait reaches several hundred kilograms. This must be taken into account when choosing gear.

In general, sea fishing for spinning involves the use of the same techniques as fishing in fresh waters. Its development will not cause difficulties for those who have already mastered the basics of owning spinning gear. Such fishing can be combined with a holiday in the south. 

Along the Black Sea and Mediterranean coasts, as well as along the shores of any other southern or northern sea, there are many predators that are constantly looking for food. You just need to properly feed the bait to the fish, and it will not resist the bite.


What kind of fish is found in the Black Sea

About 200 species of fish live in the Black Sea. Some of them, such as blue shark, tuna or swordfish, prefer to stay in the depths, others come close to the shore to feed. Spinning most often come across:

  • goby;
  • scorpionfish, or sea ruff;
  • crucian carp;
  • greenfinch, or wrasse;
  • dog;
  • yellow;
  • bluefish;
  • stavrida;
  • croaker.

These predators hunt at shallow depths and are caught by spinning from the shore.

Main fishing spots

At sea, they are caught from the shore, coastal structures – moorings, piers, groins, breakwaters – and from boats.

  • Shore fishing is the most popular type of fishing, which can also be called the most sporting. Almost any part of the coast with a free approach to the water is suitable for it. It is important that there are no breakwaters at the chosen point on the way to the open sea – fishing in front of them is practically useless. Where the breakwaters end or have large openings, water eddies form. In such places, predators guard their prey.
  • Fishing from structures prominent in the sea has its advantages and disadvantages. The main plus is the good view they provide and the ability to cast the bait to the fish standing far from the shore. But at the same time, you have to spend a lot of time on the transition from one buna to another, and it is difficult to carry out the wiring of the bait at great depths.
  • From boats on the sea they catch by the method of sheer lure and trolling. Such fishing brings large trophies, but many consider it not sporty enough.

Marine spinning

For fishing in the sea, high-strength tackle is used. The length of the rod is selected based on the conditions of fishing. Suitable spinning sizes are from 1.8 to 3 m. Short rods are suitable for fishing in the ocean depths from a boat, and long ones are used for coastal fishing, as they allow you to make long casts.


There are special marine spinning rods designed for fishing in salt water. They resist its aggressive effects well due to the use of special materials and coatings. They also use ordinary tackle designed for fishing in freshwater reservoirs, but after each fishing it is advisable to thoroughly rinse them from salt residues.


The upper limit of the allowable weight of spinning lures for fishing from the shore can be from 3 to 50 grams. Tests of rods for fishing on the high seas reach several tens of kilograms. This parameter is selected based on the mass of baits and loads used.

Sea fishing reels

For fishing in the sea, inertialess reels with a size of 1000 or more and multipliers are used. Spinnerets are easy to handle and allow you to make long casts of light lures. They are best suited for catching small fish from the shore.

Multiplier reels are designed primarily for hunting trophy predators at great depths. They differ in strength and power. Such reels withstand the resistance of trophy fish well and allow you to confidently pull it to the boat.

Sea fishing line

For fishing from the shore of medium-sized marine fish, a braid with a diameter of 0.1–0.14 mm or a monofilament with a thickness of 0.18–0.22 mm is sufficient. Braided line allows you to make long casts and provides the tackle with the sensitivity you need to control the play of the lure.

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