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Why do you need a concealed carry vest?

Who are suitable for?

There may be many reasons for this. Among them is often the reluctance to disturb relatives and friends, as well as to demonstrate a Kevlar vest to colleagues and business partners. But the main goal is still one, the attacker should not know that his victim is wearing armor. In this case, he will almost undoubtedly choose to inflict multiple wounds to the torso. If the attacker is aware of the defense, he will definitely try to hit the head.

Class 1 and 2 are easy to hide under a shirt. Much less frequently, but still purchased by individuals to assuage their own fears. It is widespread to provide them to people who go on a witness protection program. Requirements for the latest body armor Such clothing should firmly fit the figure of a particular person, as well as not restricting his movements.

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Requirements for the latest body armor

Such clothing should firmly fit the figure of a particular person, as well as not constraining his movements. The design must have a ventilation system, external and internal pockets to carry weapons and other necessary things. The design should be resistant to atmospheric phenomena and their variations.

The materials from which the best concealed carry vests are made, must undergo preliminary testing for reliability and other parameters. Such designs come only with markings indicating the class, trademark, batch number, size, as well as the date of manufacture of the garment.

Kevlar body armor

Kevlar is a commercially available aramid thread that was developed by DuPont. It is much stronger than steel for the same weight, allowing it to be used in soft body armor. Most companies are now producing their own aramid materials, and the word “Kevlar” has become the accepted word for all known aromatic polyamides.

Due to the soft thread, such designs are best suited for concealed wear. Unfortunately, the maximum protection class that is available to this material is first and second, it helps keep out gun bullets. For better protection and increase the level of such body armor are completed with special plates, which in turn slightly de-mask the design.


There are stories associated with body armor, but should all of them be believed one hundred percent?

In case the bullet does not pierce the product, then all physical harm is not caused to the human body. This is not true, because part of the kinetic energy is still transferred to the soldier’s body. As a result, the soldier receives small bruises or abrasions or severe injuries, which include torn organs and broken bones. Sometimes such an injury can even be fatal.

The injury to be sustained depends entirely on the bullet and its caliber, as well as various other characteristics.

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