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3D And 2D Art Styles in Game Development

Game development is a big industry that provides people with entertainment and joy. But great games would be difficult to create without visuals. It is really fun to create games using different art styles. You can combine them and make something magnificent. Today we will be talking about two kinds of art styles. 3D game art styles are becoming more and more popular with the evolution of technologies. 2D art styles continue gaining fans of different game genres.


3D Game Art Styles

3D game art styles can differ from one another, depending on the project requirement. 3D art is made in a three-dimensional environment. Artists can rotate models and make them look real.

Popular Game Art Styles

  • Cartoonish Art.
    Such three-dimensional graphics are great for animation purposes and children’s games. The cartoonish approach is used in indie genre and time-killers. 
  • Realistic Art.
    Realistic style allows artists to depict the realistic aspect of life in games. Characters and buildings in such a technique look as in real life. 
  • Low Poly Art. 
    Low poly visuals use a low count of polygons. Graphics in applications with this technique include geometrical figures. 


The most popular styles use low poly or realistic art. They are being used in many popular video games. Styles often combine art techniques to create something unique and uncommon. Something that will attract the attention of the player. But to do so, art companies have to find professional 3D artists. 


How to Hire 3D Artist

First of all, companies need to know what kind of job the 3D artist needs to perform. For instance, designers can work on 3D player models or game assets. Studios have to specify the skills they are looking for in a person. Very often studios can look for young artists using different art schools or courses. Some companies provide the best students with a vacancy.


2D Art Styles

2D art is created in a two-dimensional environment. Artists cannot work with the same model from different angles. Usually, 2D Art Styles do not have many realistic features in them. In most cases, the visuals are very colorful and well detailed. 2D art styles can be used in games for children. In this case, the colors are saturated and bright. Women’s styles usually have softer colors and tones. Men’s styles often do not use such bright colors.



As you can see, there are many different art styles in both 3D and 2D game development. You can learn more about 3D game art styles and 2D art styles to see what are the differences and how to become an artist who works in that field.

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