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What do you need to bake the sourdough breads like Boule,loaf or pav

Have given the basic idea about the simple tools or equipments handy to bake your Sourdough

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Video Transcription

hello hallo good afternoonand again they just Solanki from Sardobig span in pitch I’m just doing liketemperature is like you know I just wantto show you because many of the friendsthey have asked like you know to bake asourdough bread what do you need so Ijust want to share like you know ofcourse you need a very good qualityflour and the like say if you are usingmeta then a good quality metal flaw ifyou are using a good quality wholeweight if you want to make a good wholewheat bread then you need a good qualitygood protein whole wheat flour okay butwith that what are the equipment’s arethe basic tools what do you need I justwant to show that and oh you can wouldlike to you know if you are learning orif you are making your own these are thesimple tools what you need for so justwould like to share with you one okay sothis is we call it as a Dutch oven it isa cast-iron casserole okaynominally you get online and there aremany South inian good company even theydo sell but maybe you may not get in thelockdown periods but once it lifts upyou can make it you know you can buyfrom them even the Wonder chef they dosell the past and casserole but this isquite good one and this is equal mustthree litre and a very thick bottom andyou can see this it’s a cast iron okayso I what I do I doall lit from inside so because Mumbai wedo have the humid weather so we do getsome rust okay so but what I do when Ido bake this actually this vessel thisvessel goes in the OTG okay so when youare baking a Saba to boule we need thisvessel okay so the boule it means boththe inner we do use this baking paperyou have to always read that you know ithas to be no need for greasing Mikean ovenproof so if there’s a parchmentpaper it is a very good and you don’tyou don’t need to breeze it and usuallyit’s very smooth and nice paper it isnot the butter paper okay so hi girlyand this is the baking paperokay the parchment paper and this goesin this with the door and obviously itgets preheated and then the boule or thebread that round bread what Anita makesbeautiful with the her scoring’s alsoeven I do make with it so that goes init and then this Dutch oven goes for thebaking part okay so this if you aremaking the boule then we would suggestto invest in this either you can take acast and tava and upcard I also if youdo not have this cuttercasserole so this is done for the bullynow as I see it the baking paper is mustif you have it should not be butterpaper but the baking paper or we call itas a parchment paper so all this tocheck when you buy online or very wellit has to be this microwave and ovenproof okay so this is for the bakingpaper now yes you need a kitchen scalethis is the brand Nova is a very goodbrand or you can buy online other brandalso they have a various models rightnow I am out of the battery so I am notusing able to operate this but you canuse a nice electric kitchen scale tomake your bread perfect with themeasurements okay you may need a spatulawhen you are doing your sabado bread youknow while doing the pre-shipping orsomething like that that time we need aspatula and also to just you can say tojust line up the bread evenly you need aspatula okay so this is done then thisis we call it as ascrapp oh okay so whenever the dough youare keeping for a fermentation orsomething you are shifting the doughokay so that time you need this benchscraper either you can buy off the metalor this plastic what do we want to butdon’t spend extra money you know ononline it is just if you get from anybaking supplier store I knew if you arenot getting parchment paper then justyou can apply some oil and you can keepon your tray it’s okayor just spread some semolina when youare keeping in the Dutch oven apply someoil nicely and then you can keep all ifyou have a banana leaf or some you knowedible leaf if you have a good big leafyou can do on that also no worries sothis is the bench scraper and don’tspend extra money on ityou may get just on 20 bucks because wejust need to shape or shifting the doughokay so that is completely okay you mayneed a plastic or a glass bowl or astainless steel bowl to make your doughokaynever use any aluminum ball because theSardo when you make it is highly acidicand it may you know get some from theyou can say the molecules or thechemical reactions from the metal so weprefer either you can do in a goodquality plastic or a glass or you cansay a very good quality stainless steelbowl okay so Rina no worries if you donot have the scraper in the workshop wecan teach you you know how to do withthe hands also okay now this is the teenwith what we do use we do use to makethe focaccia or alladhi Powell orwhatever the cake tin is you areavailable with it always reduce as I sayto line up okay before making your breadin it do line up with the baking paperso we don’t want to give direct contactof youror with your metal okay so there’s thereason and unfortunately the things arenot available in the market made up ofthe cast iron our stainless steel sowhatever is available in the market wehave to use them or you can use thesilicon as well okay now this is thesandwich loaf ideally if you I’m makingsay our dough of 500 grams then this isthe number two size and you can see thisokay the measurement so aprox of the 500grams dough you can make easily in this500 to 700 grams dough of the sandwichloaf you can make again you have twolines of baking paper in it and you candrop your dough and just smoothing itout and you can make your bread out ofit okayso I think I am clear with the ideawhatever you all were you know confusethat what we do need

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