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Video Transcription

and one teaspoon of flourhey guys what’s up it’s eunice andwelcome to another vlog so it is athursday and i have work today so ithought why not vlog i’m thinking ofbaking cookies later this afternoon ifyou watched my previousvlog sunday palanggini is what i’m doingtoday and i thought why not do it on aweekday where i have to work andactually do things and not just watchvampire diaries but anyway today isactually the first day that i didn’t runoutside i just startedrunning outside and then i’ve beenworking out in the morning for the lastthree weeks and today’s the first daythat i didn’t do thatbecause it was so rainy and gloomyoutside so i just stayed in my bedfor like a long time but anyway iam wearing activewear para mama ya readynow mug workout i decided this afternoonalong eitherkapag oolan i can jog or make yogaladiesbut anyway my top is from lululemon myleggings are also fromlululemon and then sports bra also fromlululemon that is our fit for the dayusually kasikapanregular day nah guna ho and makeup yesevery day and hubby isi probably should spray on some insectrepellentbaggage and we’re gonna grab breakfasttoo solet’s go[Music]okay so we’re outside now so usually goworkand sinceand then wipe that into[Music]okay and guys now set up the tire so ihave my notebook where i write my to-dolist any notes from like meetingsi’m actually thinking of saving up foran ipad just becauseat least i have my pencil case and it’sfrom benefittapas a m work computer go my phoneand then my um my mouse came outand we’ll prepare breakfast now okay sofor breakfast i’m thinkingoatmeal and i have old-fashioned rolledoatsi’ve been makingi’ve been eating oatmeal for a couple ofdaysnah i don’t know i have that facebut anyway i have this huge canisterbecause it isit’s my not so secret ingredientbut anyway let’s make the oatmeal it’ssuper easyhey guys so it’s much much later now andi got carried away because i had a callat 1010 a.m that was got kind of crazybut anyway i’m just preparing lunch iwas supposed to do a yoga scope todayperro i have a lot of things that i needto get done and tomorrow is friday andit’s my furlough day so i can’thave that extra extra day so i need toget everything done by todaysend everything out as soon as i can soi’m going to do a working lunch butanywayfor lunch i just decided to make pastatapasyong sauceso last night the glute parmesan wellcreamy salmonpermit creamy spin creamy spinachparmesansalmon salmon salmon recipe tapas unitedstatesso garlic onion tapo spinachand then parmesan cheese some white winethat’s heavy cream that’s a little bitmore of whitewine hold on so sincein fairness india today so yeah that’slunch for todayokay and focusso typicallyi try to eat healthier not necessarilyhealthy na saladbut as much as possible in the instanthindi processi know pasta is not the healthiest perrosincehindi instant sauce so for me that’salready a better option than likeanything processedor anything nah or like fast foodghanaian and most of thestill one art is not enough to like cookan entire meal sosomething super easy land then like thiswould work i won’t block that nakaseuber clang namebug bitefrom working outside the last what threedaysso ayon but anyway lunch time now andi’ll see you guys laterokay so i’m done eating obviously andnow i just need to unload the dishwasherdecided to take a break from working isent all of the things that i need tosend toother um other teammates so nowyoungbraco is to unload the disheslater for dinner still thinking aboutwhat to cook for dinner umbut anyway let’s unload the dishescabinetso12 48 now may12 minutesgo in today so back to work hey guys soit’sum friday now you know vlog yesterdaybecause i ended work7 30 and then did iti just got back from my run i did 3.5miles todayand just a disclaimerbecause hindi crowded young area butanyway i’m making breakfast downstairsand making avocado toast and serena upin here cause it’s sobering because ihave this hair towelhindiis my chores day slash my um other stuffday i was supposed to filmlike a main channel not the main channelvideo but like a sit down videobut i forgot to do my nails and wheneveri film like a makeup videonail polishnail polish andfilm i might film so yeah but i alsoneed to start on my choresguys green onions[Music]foreign[Music]so[Music]okay so i have my avocado and i’m justgonna slice this in half[Music][Music]i was planning to make avocado ice creamrecipesi try to eat healthier when it comes tola luna park breakfastbecause it’s super easy to just eat likesomething easy nowsomething is super easy nah cerealsghanaiansay you don’t really have to prepare itall you need to do isumisjust to satisfy my savory cravingum what else so now that we have theavocadowe need the egg and then i’ll puteverything but the bagel seasoning ontopso this is everything but the bagel igot this from trader joe’s and of coursethe philippines unless marina onlinestore in excess el nidoso basically what it tastes like isnot herbs like dried garliconion so it has sea salt garlic andonion so at the ingredients heresesame seeds sea salt flakes driedminced garlicdried minced onion black sesame seedsand poppy seeds so basicallynacho mix apple chana manga ingredientsso you can definitelymake this at home if you need to or ifyou want toi need to make sure that enough thehindi blurrylens guys[Music]i don’t know but anyway i’m just goingto sprinkle a little bita little bit tapas we’re going to putthe egg on topbut a super filling talagasha i thinkthe ahoma gravein the middle of the morning i want tomake coffee tooi might make an iced latte espressomachinewhen i eventually move out in[Music]okay so like i said um i’m just making anice latteusing this nespresso it is espresso nonespressothe espresso lattissima pro so since islottedum the cashew detailing glass so whati’m going to do is i’m going to pouryoung latte later it’s a glass economyice butfirst we need coffee so we have thenespresso pods hereand since latte is i want somethingstronger so let’s choose this oneand then all you’re gonna do is put ithereclose turn it on so silicon yarnagain in the water and then here youhave the buttonsis espresso shots tapas little is latteso this takes 15 seconds to heat up themilk all we gotta do is wait[Music]and there you have itbut so it looks good so evena man and then usually then of courseokay so let’s get that egg and just layit on top of myavocado toast yum[Music]okay so obviously back in my room i havemy avocado toastmy latte and then of course waterso this is like my snack table nahalso bed and watching tv and perfectionso and i like the text and boyfriendcostume in the documentary one class andmake the 10 a.mi have my inaudiblefor my bug bitesof course my remote control and gendereye glassesand subtitles guys so yeah so manolaguna kamen andtaiwan class while my hair is dryingthen and theni’ll be right back to update you guysafteri’m probably gonna paint my nails afterget some design work done because i havetwo clients waiting fortheir final products and samanday koyatis submit so i have to do that today andthen like i said if we have time i mightfilm like a main channel video if notwe’re going to bebaking today so finally chocolate chipcookiesinitial chocolate chiphey guys so it is way later now it’s 330 p.m and i just finished droving likeone of my clients wants palm leavescasey so i drew them tapas i need totransfer this patuillustrator para digitizeco i figuredthat that will take a while so i decidedto write notes on my laptop firstfor my filming schedule tomorrow soso i was gonna download this app thatpedestriannot sure if compatible shop but anywaysi’m trying to download that it was goingto take a while and ayoho mugso i decidedso i prepared all the ingredients nowparamas madalisang i mentionedso first let’s start off with whatyou’re going to need so firstyou know mixer you can all of course ifmixer you can just use your hands likewith a wooden spoonwith a whisk for your wet ingredientssuppose when you’re mixing in your dryingredients use a wooden spoon nalangpero may mixer aho and the bilikoto likethree years ago now somake sure and states the malabasi think eighteen to twenty thousandstand mixer but you knowyou’re also gonna need a baking pan soit’ll loaf panbut anyway what you’re going to do isyou line that up with like afoil a non-stick foil para easiercleaning after and hindisebastian banana bread after so for yourdry ingredients what you’re going toneed isone and a half cups of flour in a mediummixing bowl so pinry measure konaand the way that i like to measure my umflour is i use a spoon that possibly butkosha does a measuring cup i don’t usethe measuring cup to scoop out the flourbut i must accurate shy and then what ido is i level itusing the back of a spoon and thenyou’re gonna need one teaspoon of bakingsodaand one teaspoon salt for the wetingredients the first thing you need isa large eggthe recipe only calls for three ripenedbananas but i usedfour mashed bananas right here so minapenrimash konatoand major watery cha say galling just afreezer wheneversuper ripenedfor banana bread in the future thenyou’re going to need 1 4 cupof melted butter and the way that i meltthe butter is i would cut it into cubestapos posea microwave for 30 seconds and then lastbut not leastone cup sugar so the recipe that itypically usecalls for white sugar but for mangabanana bread canyon and i want it to bea little bit more moist i use brownsugar instead so one cup of brown sugarso the first thing that you need to dois preheat your oven to325 degrees and then you’re gonna mixyour dry ingredients first so i have myflourone teaspoon of baking soda and then oneteaspoon of salttapos i’m just gonna use a wire whisk toincorporatethat togetherthen you’re gonna set that aside taposhere in my stand mixerso now you need to combine all your wetingredients so i’m pouring my bananasbrown sugar your one eggso i learned before in adapt directly inin your mixing bowl but anyway i’mpouring my melted butterand then you’re just gonna startmixing this all together in like a lowspeedand then once your wet ingredients arewell incorporated you’re gonna add inyour dry ingredientsit doesn’t really take that long sobring this littleso umwell incorporated[Applause]foreignokay so now that’s all mixed up whatyou’re gonna do is youlift up your mixer aluminium padletattachmentand then what i like to do because it isbut anyway the next thing that i doso i take out the bowl and then i justuse like a spatula taposis this scrape up it’s a scrape of newsidesmixer incorporate masha all together andthen the next thing you do is you’regonna pour in at the batter duns a loafpani forgot to put on my apron made themini shirt kona hawaii panda manhole butanyway the name banana bread325 for one hour so don’t open the ovenwhile this is baking butreleasing it in one hourinsert lamka young parent barbecue stickor like the toothpick and when it comesout clean it looks behind the tunaso means five minutes pero i foundthat one hour isand then oh there’s the banana bread soi have mylittle toothpick here not really atoothpickbut andclean so even the tuna so let’spull that out so let’s bring that outandwhoo look at that banana breadlook at that banana bread sorry soberanbusted the noodle of pankobut anyway lipa nutent is a cooling rackokay so here’s my coolingrackbecause then againand[Music]foreignoatmealso manychewie so it reminds me of young lazycookies now favorite the nameso like i said if mahili casa manipesacookies this is for you tapas manipuraand chewy and then this is the bananabread as you can seemoistnessit’s fluffy enoughso yeah favorite banana bread recipe sothatis our baking for the dayso again i sliced a fresh a fresh oneas you can see adiba moist perohindi basa and hindi ranch dryso taste testi’m trying to learn more fish dishesbecause a must better chef for usbecauseas heavy as like red meat and then afterthat i worked on one projectyeah anyway i have some packages thatcame in today so i thought i’d show youguys what i gotum we knife downbecause i’m planning to do like a bomb acleansing bomb comparison[Music][Music]size one i’m cute i wonder if it comeswith the same like spatulaless than half the pricefor the comparison video london in thegambit ganesha before i just want torefresh my mindperforming product so that’s what i gotand then i restocked on the maybellinelash sensational waterproof cause i gotthe shadei got the shade brownish black i said ifyou guys watch my mascara empties videois a favorite skota pose me it’s amaybelline mascara and a brownbecause i liked it better for like everyday so i decided to try brownish blackfor a more natural lookbut still getting that winged not wingedthat fannedout lashes another makeup product so whoknew look sephora so a lot of what i gotis skincareitems and that will be in another videoi’m go i’m going to do an affordableskincare haulbecause i’m trying to not reallyminimize because i offer me essentialpattern for memanga skin care products what i’m tryingto do is instead of a maintainexpensive kind of skincare i’m trying tolook for dupes na kaya namani did my own research i’m slowlybuilding it up ifeel i feel like you skin care videoskincare routine videosboth high-end young fenty beauty flylineryoung kat von d tattoo linerand hindi salami young kat von d medjunior fenty beauty hindi talaga at allso i looked up online drugstore theeyeliner so i got the maybellinemaster precise all day liner so this isin the shade blackjust because that happens in copper moreglaneed eyeliner every day more of pug glamlooks and paklam glooksglam gloves but glam looks good blackeyeliner instead of brown so that’s whyi got thisand i’m excited to try and test this outum how to how to do a winged liner videoi thinki’m eating an eyeliner hopefully magandatalagasha and smudge proofbecause your favorite to the new stillstay all day better like i saidat the timethe essential makeup pero this issomething that i want sothe way that i’m trying to likecompensate for actually buying productslike thisis buying the more affordable ones andthen last but not the least istweezer um no brow size becauseso that is everything that i got fromulta i did order a couple more itemsfrom sephora namanthat i think are arriving next week ineed a police relationshipso um drunk elephant makeup meltingbomb clinique take the day offright now marina ponds cold[Music]shadowmating and i really want to filmthat video nowbecausecleansing bomb comparison vidconcomparison videobut anyway i’m blabbering anyway i hopeyou guys enjoyed thisbaking vlog and anyway i’ll go ahead andwrite notes now for my filming scheduletomorrow and theni have a date tonight we’re cookingkimchi fried rice soi’ll probably just end this vlog righthere i know i talk too muchso yeah i hope that you are having agreat day so far wherever youare and or like have anamazing day if your morning just startedand thank you so much for watching thisvideo guysbut anyway i’ll see you guys next timebye sorry[Music]awkward[Music]you

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