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We got sick of all the work and decided it was time for something different..

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]we miss kitty yes it’s right have hereamongst my favorite things food andtoday I’m making banana bread so Ifigured well we’re all stuck at home wemight as well learn to something funMiss Kitty you teach music that’ssomething they can learnyes fit can’t eat means it can you wellso we’re baking we’re baking today okaywhat you will need is sorry she wants meto say this is a cake tin okay astirring thing Miss Kitty I’m just gonnado this for you okay I wouldn’t a stirryfood yes a spatula a spatula olive oilbutter oats well I thought I’d try andmake it a bit healthy okayoats if you want Miss Kitty it will benice about to taste good okay fine oatshere in handwell miss viniq likes to drink almondmilk but you can use any milk you like Ireally like ah I know it’s not as goodas cow’s milk for me buthmm I’m a cat how would I do all rightwell use almond milk soy milk hazelnutmilk skim milk full cream milk lactoseokay we get that pitch off okay greatokay children let’s get fast you’regoing to oil your cake tin and make sureyou put enough in there so that itdoesn’t stick to the pan miss vineeth isterrible at baking and she does thisquite a lot and forget support oil inthere so it sticks to the pan thenchildren you’re going to preheat youroven to 150 it’s a hundred name missKinney sorry 180 180 it’s pretty closeokay know how to turn it on over here ohthis is so difficult in a cat mumbleokay oh are we done yet no we don’t evenstarted oh okayoven is preheating nextnow I’m going to melt half a cup ofbutter in a saucepan butter miss kitty Iwouldn’t stand close to that too closeto that plane you’re very flammable butit looks so good don’t wait from theflame okay childrenmaybe you’re gonna need your parentshelp here it’s pretty hot okay next nextchildren you’re going to add 3/4 of acup of sugar now I’m using raw sugar butyou can use castor sugar brown sugarrefined sugar not icing sugar don’t usethat but Roger was pretty good can Ijust eat this from here nor Miss Kittymix it in the bowl okay put it in thebowl so – mm-hmm- this bowl at Miss Kitty in his mouthshe’s got melted butter I’m adding theraw sugar add the raw sugarhey please can i stir us now okay giveme a second sometime okay let’s do itokay I’m going to stir the bowl I’m justgoing to eat this Miss Kitty do not justeat that that is not healthy next addone and a half cups of self-raisingflour that was only a cop Miss KittyI’ll do the next one okay half a cup ofoats you can add more if you want but Ilike a half a cup of almond milk or anymilk of your choice you new soy almondand you went through the list beforeright yes I didall right well just almond milk or anymilk milk is good now Tilton you’reprobably wondering why hasn’t she putany cakes in them NYX why haven’t youput any eggs this Vinniewell I didn’t have any eggs sorry justGoogle the recipe without eggs oh Ireally like eggs I hope this turns outokay it has it’s a fail-safe I promiseyou she says that now let’s see whathappens okay children now we mix it alltogether let’s mix now children we stirthe mixture all together this is so hardmiss Minnie can you do it for me MissKitty you were the one who wanted tomake this banana bread in the firstplace so mix it together okay fine I’lldo it oh my gosh children now one thingthat Miss Monique just pointed out isthat while we’re making banana bread andwe haven’t even put the bananas in okaythat was my realization at the startmiss kitty that I forgot to put thebananas in so we’re gonna mash these upand we’re gonna put in the cake now youare actually the worst Baker why did youtrust me with her I’m gonna add it tothe mixture and we’re actually gonnahave a banana we’re gonna have banananow okay this is gonna be great kidsI have makes the banana in I’ve put apinch of salt as well and Miss Kitty andI are gonna put this into the cake tooand we’re gonna put it in the oven allright so it should be like this kind ofconsistency like a cake better it’spretty good I actually added a tiny bitmore milk just in case it wasn’t likecreamy enough all right it may lookweird now but it’s gonna look good soonokay children our cake is now in theoven and we’re going to wait 45 minuteswait what 45 minutes this is beneath usit’s way too longMiss Kitty that’s how long it takes tobake this cake but I can’t wait thatlongoh well I’ll give you a little snackwhile you wait yes just a little oneokay 45 minutes and we’ll come check tosee if it’s donehurry up cake sorryokay kids I’m gonna stop the 45 minutesand I’ll come check to see if it’s donein 45 minutes could take longer I don’tknow I’m not great at this so let’s seewhat happens okay children it’s lookingdelicious mmm okay miss viniq how longdo we keep it in the oven for wellactually I had it on for about an hourso our 180 degrees fan for stubborn ifyou can but mainly I checked I think Ichecked it at like 45 minutes when do weget to eat it well it’s still really hotMiss Kitty oh wait it’s just killing memiss kitty we don’t want to burn ourmouths or there it does looks obviouslybutter butter butter butter for sure Ican’t waitoh look at this it looks so beautifuland go to eat it all miss Minnie can weeat at all Miss Kitty no rain we’re noteating all of this this is way too muchfor both of us we’re gonna send some toour neighbors because well I’ve beenpracticing all day and they are supersick of my playing so no we’re not gonnaeat all of this all of itdon’t put your poor on it all rightI’m gonna eat it allokay children well I had a lot of funbaking with you today and I hope yourcakes turn out okay tooand if you make something like thisbanana bread send me a photo I’d love tosee your work well I’m going to go offand have a napbye Miss Kitty oh my gosh I have toclean all of this new trust her

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