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VEGAN QUARANTINE COOK WITH ME! Homemade Bread + Baked Potato Soup

I hope you all enjoy and I will see you next time!

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Maddy malcom-x my blogChannel today I’m going to be makinglike a Sunday dinner so I’m gonna bakesome homemade bread and then some potatosoup so I’m gonna start off with thebread all of this is gonna be veganpressed and I primarily eat vegan notentirely like this morning we had bagelsand lox the cream cheese and bagels werevegan but then obviously the LOX is notum but it just kind of you know workswith our lifestyle a little bit more weboth have digestive issues and so Ireally recommend being vegan if you do Iknow other people do different thingsbut this is what we do and so I alsocouldn’t find all the proper baking orsupplies to make like bread at the storeso we’re gonna improvise and do like abaking powder love everyone I think isbaking during this Florentine so there’sno yeast and then all I could find wasjust typical flour so this recipe I canyou know write it down below or justtell you guys I go so to start out wehave flour so the recipe calls for 500grams of flour which I looked it up andit said it’s about 4 cups so I’m justusing not necessarily my favorite kindof flour this is just kroger brandbleached all-purpose so not necessarilythe healthiest but like I said beforethe Baker was cleaned out when they wentgrocery shopping yesterday I think it’skind of a good hobby to do wheneveryone’s staying homeso obviously I’m trying to do the samething but we’re just gonna measure out 4cups of flour also don’t mind pressed inthe background playing video games ifyou can cure themokay probably not perfect I probablyshould be a little bit more accuratewith this but I think it’ll be fineeither way so I’m gonna take my chancesso the rest of the dry ingredientsinclude two teaspoons of baking powder Ithink this is a recipe that everyoneshould have everything that’s on hand oryou should have on hand everything thatyou need for this recipe I’m gonna add acouple other flavors in just so it’s nottoo bland I’ve never made this beforeshe’d said that before so I’m not sureexactly how it’s gonna turn out buthopefully well so two teaspoons ofbaking powder will go in there and thenone teaspoon of salt so I’m usingHimalayan pink salt this is what we likebetter I like that it’s kind of courseand so this is what we use probably goodand then I’m gonna go ahead and stirthat up with a wooden spoon and by theway I’m already preheating the oven to375 and I put a baking sheet in therebecause it said to bake the bread on aalready hot sheet pan I don’t know youI’ve seen people make bread and dutchovens as well so you could potentiallybe bad and just like heat it up in theoven beforehand I think it helps withhonestly I don’t know what helps withsome not even attempt to say sojust gonna mix all the dry ingredientstogether and thenI’m gonna add some different flavoringslike I said before so it’s not so blandnot that it necessarily would be butthere’s not a ton of ingredients in hereso I assume it might not be the best notthe best but not the most flavorful likeamazing brighter you’ve ever tasted so Ihave some organic time I’m gonna add inI would like to use rosemary butunfortunately I don’t have any so I’mgonna do about and then I’m gonna goahead and take some garlic cloves aswell and then I don’t know if I’m gonnamince it up they’re kind of doing likelittle slippers and then add that intookay so now I went ahead and I ended uplike dicing up the garlic if you can seeit’s a little too bright here umm so I’mjust gonna go out that in there and thenonce again we’re doing this non-dairyvegan and so I am using unsweetenedalmond milk just you know kroger brandbut then they suggested if you do itnon-dairy to add some lemon juice intothe milk right before you add it in so Iadded about a tablespoon of lemon juicejust to make it I guess a little bitmore like buttermilk I don’t know if youknow how to do that but basically youcan get it with regular milk as welljust giving it a little bit more tameit’s actually I’m gonna mix in thegarlic just for a second and then I’mgonna go ahead and add the milk mixturein it says that you can also do withwater by the way I got this recipe fromPinterestshe mentioned that before but you can doit with water instead of milk as welland then just add a spoonful of meltedbutter or oil to give it a little bitmore flavor so we’re just gonna pourthis in there and thenthis is kind of dry and a little bithard to stir so I’m actually I alreadywashed my hands I’m actually gonna go inthere and just do it with my hands Ithink that might be a little bit easierso we’re gonna try that instead of thewooden spoon oh I also don’t know if Imentioned this was 310 milliliters ofmilk which is about 1.3 cups I believeis what I’ve read because once again Idon’t usually use measurements like thatI don’t know it might add some more milkto this I’m not sure it’s a little bitdry feeling I’m having a hard timegetting all the bits off the bowl okayso I needed the dough for just a littlebit and then I find it out it says thatit’s not gonna rise that much justbecause it’s a baking powder loafinstead of a regular like yeast doughand so I tried to find a decent amountas you can see it’s fairly flat and thenI scored the top it’s not the prettiestright now hoping that it looks a littlebit better when I take it out of theoven so I’m gonna bake this for about 35minutes and then you know it’s done whenit’s lightly golden brown and then youcan like take it off the sheet and itsounds hollow when you like knock on ita little bit um so I’ll update you whenit’s done okay so I took the bread outof the oven a little while ago it’squite pale and it seems very dense sowe’ll see how that ends up but it soundsyou can’t really tell but it soundspretty hollow like when you kind ofknock on it which is what you wantand so now I’m gonna go ahead and starton the potato soup I’m just gonna weighit I looked at some recipes on Pinterestbut I don’t think it’ll be that hardso we’ll see um so I’m gonna just youknow use some potatoes onion probablyadd some broccoli in there some greenonions on top garlic some buttervegetable broth salt pepper probablysome time and maybe a little bit ofnow and then and I might actually alsoadd in some vegan bacon and then I’malso gonna add in the same milk that Iused earlier which was the unsweetenednot vanilla just plain almond milk fromKroger so let me show you the bacon Ilike that ones open and disgusting soI’m gonna use that one but I’ll show youone that’s not opened yetum so this is the sweet earth benevolentbacon this is my favorite I use this alot for like BLTs and that kind of thingso we’re gonna use that to add a littlemore flavor and then I’ll probablyactually add some daya de a– cheesehowever you want to pronounce it I’llprobably add that maybe on top maybe alittle bit in it but we’re just gonnawing it see how it goes the first thingI’m gonna do is chop up the onion andthe garlic and saute that in some butterand wash the potatoes chop those up Idon’t have a peeler but I think I’m justgonna kind of you know cut off some ofthe peels and then boil those with somevegetable broth and like season itprobably end up using my immersionblender for some of it I do want somechunks in there but I also want it to belike a pretty thick creamy soup so let’sjust see how it goesyouso like I said I went ahead an ad at thepotatoes to the bowl and then I prettymuch covered almost I looked a couplepieces about basically so it’s notcompletely covered with the broth but Iadded most of the broth container Ithink there’s about four cups in here soI’d say around three cups of broth or inhere right now and then I seasoned it alittle bit more except for salt justbecause I’m like I just stayed it I’mtrying to kind of watch the sodium herewe don’t want it to be like a supersalty soup so I’m gonna go ahead and putthe lid on this actually and then kindof let it come to a boil and boil for awhile until the potatoes are cooked thesoup is smelling so goes definitely noteven close to being cooked like thepotatoes aren’t close to being cookedbut I decided to chop up some of thisbenevolent bacon and go ahead and justthrow it in there I just want to getthis as much flavor as possible I’mgonna add more later tooI just felt like it would give it a nicelittle smoky flavor so we’re gonna dothat and then I’m not even gonna lie Iwas gonna wait to try the bread but Igot hungry and so I’ve started snackingon some and it’s actually pretty goodit’s not the best bread I’ve ever had inmy life just because it is more donesince we use baking powder instead ofEast but obviously with the quarantineyou don’t have access to all of theingredients you might want to use whichis what I’m having to deal with as welland so I guess it’s just a realisticquarantine cooking videoyou[Music]so I’ve decided at this point that I’mwe actually add in a little bit of milklike I said I was going to earlier justto kind of thin it out a little bit andmake it a little bit easier to puree itit’s doing just fine right now but Ijust felt like this was a good time sothe soup now looks like this which Ithink it looks pretty dang good I’mgonna now add in some broccoli and somemore of that benevolent bacon I added acouple more spices and then also asqueeze of lemon juice just to add alittle bit of acidity to it but it’spretty much done so I’m pretty excitedto get this so this is what the finishedsoup looks like it looks pretty thickand creamy and then I had the broccoliand a lot more bacon added in there sowe’re gonna go ahead and top it withsome cheese and then some green chiliesand then we have the bread which I justheated up in the oven a little bit and Idid snack on a decent amount of it um sowe’re gonna put some butter on there sothat’s what we’re gonna do right nowyouyeah we have a smart guy over herefilling the bread with butter and then Iwant to see you take your thirsty ovenbread yeah tell me what you thinkoh yeahit’s okayoh really oh it’s pretty good huh notsuper fluffy it’s awfully denser butnobody liked it and I liked the flavoryou can definitely taste like garlic butit’s not like overwhelming mm-hmm that’sreally good oh all right so that does itfor today we’re gonna go and find a showto watch and eat this that I’ve workedlike three hours to make so I will seeyou guys next time

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