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Making Banana Bread | Cook with June | Home Baking | April 2020 | #itsastakesything |

Today we join June Baking Banana Bread!

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Paul, June, Thomas, Charlie & Gemma

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Nihilore – Royalty Free Music
(Not all tracks used)
Track list:
1. A Vision of Light
2. Sparkwood & 21
3. Democide
4. The Water and the Well
5. The Other Side
6. Bush Week
7. Dissent
8. The Dweller on the Threshold
9. Hemiteleia
10. Walks of Life
11. Liberalia
12. Freedom to Speak
13. Crux

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Video Transcription

so today John’s gonna Entertain You itagain she’s trying to show you but she’stinted eyebrows oh that’s like apermanent marker and just connect towhat so I could call the Uni you only doso a drink today German banana breadafter that a patron actually seems to betaking it to turn things disappearcouldn’t get Tyrell first week thankssame each week it’s sort of differentbut you can’t get when you want toeverybody’s doing bacon now you can’tget flour when last night four or fivedifferent supermarkets and little shopwell I will just checking me out cuzI’ve called it one stuff from way backin the fall I’ll just call it is vocalsunil like that sitcom shut it’s notreally on the corner so this is our it’sa sticky fingers banana breadtake it away Juneprobably already see the blob way wetook on this LP and we’re giving mydilemmas away freely so doing about 600bananas well we did we had that but thedesign of meds to go see thecardiologist[Music][Music]yogurt this is far enough[Music]three[Music][Music]well I’m not matching too much because Iput it in there and watch it meets me[Music]baking powder and things so it’s easierto getI mean baking paper baking paper put inthe tins because it’s easier to get thewater outI’m same time mature Donegal doctor nowon this book says it’s about an hour and15 so you want to wait and again[Music][Music]now put it in open and I’m gonna makeanother one[Music]I’ve got mustard[Music][Music]to get home[Music][Music][Music][Music]hi everybodybanana badass cop Gemma’s gonna be theofficial taster so I’m gonna crawl intoit[Music][Music][Music][Music]all right everybody thanks for watchingif you remembered to watch this rememberto Like and subscribe[Music]

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