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Skills Week 3 – Baking Bread with Alex!

This week, we’re going across the TUTV spectrum to see what skills we’re all learning during this quarantined era.

Today, we’re learning how to bake bread from scratch with our show editor and news producer, Alex. Stay tuned!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys welcome back to tu TV and inthis quick package I’m going to show youhow to make some bread using someingredients and some equipment that youmight have around the house so for thistutorial I’m gonna be using a breadmaker you don’t necessarily have to havea bread maker but it’s just going tokind of like speed up the process ofactually kneading the dough without abread maker what you would basically dois get all the ingredients that I’llshow you in here place them all the dryingredients on like a parchment paper onsome surface and then once you mix allthe dry ingredients form a little wellwhere you’ll put the water and the oiland then mix all that up with yourfingers just kind of gradually and thatis essentially how you would need to doit without this equipment so for thisequipment however I got this from my momand I’ve seen places where you can getit online for $5 thrift stores in everyplace that they have them they’re supereasy to come by so essentially whatwe’re going to start with is one cup ofwater I’m gonna pour that and then afterthat you’re going to do a tablespoon ofolive oil and this olive oil can be anykind of oil really the olive oil howeverwill give it that generic good oldFrench bread taste what we want to doright now is add the salt so we’re gonnaadd a teaspoon of salt then once that’sdone you’re going to want to getwhatever kind of flour you have you canhave regular generic flouryou’re gonna have bread flour you caneven have whole wheat flourit’ll just like kind of change a littlebit the texture and the taste of yourbreath but it won’t change like anythingelse so you’re gonna add this flour andwhat I usually do is kind of just likeplace it just kind of evenly and kind ofsprinkler to make sure it’s not justgetting submerged by the water whatwe’re doing is we’re creating levels bywhich the bread dough will get mixedso just make sure you’re getting all thecorners anything that’s exposed that youcan see has water in it and that is thatso once you’re done with this now we’regonna move on to these sugar what you’regonna use in the sugar is you’re gonnause a tablespoon and a half so prettyeasy to just like check out you know yougot a tablespoon and then just measurein what you would think to be half ofthat it doesn’t have to be exactly Iknow you’re probably wondering well Alexwhat do you have this crazy scar in yourhandI have kiddies and now that you’re donewith the sugar what you’re going to dowith your I usually use with mytablespoon is inside of here you’regoing to make a little well and itdoesn’t have to be deep at all becauseyou don’t want to break the surface andhave the water kind of like seep throughcuz then you can kind of get it gets alittle bit tricky but essentially whatyou’re wanting to do is create a littlebit of a well right in the middle justlike the help sea so just it can be thatsmall but essentially that’s whereyou’re going to put your yeast so we’regoing to get the yeast and we’re goingto do a teaspoon and a half of yeast sosame principle as the tablespoon put theteaspoon in there and then do what youwould imagine to be about 1/2 right inthere and that is now your entire breaddough is ready to be mixed there’susually a selection on one of thesethings that allows you to only mix thedough and not actually bake it I do thatbecause what in the past when I havethis machine actually bake the bread itbecomes very like hard and not have agood texture it doesn’t bake evenly sowhat I like to do is just have it mixthe dough and do a first rise which isusually like an hour long that’s way thebread can be then ready to be sort oflike punched down and put in an actualbread pan that will actually bake upso that is what we’re gonna do right nowyou just kind of plop it in place righthere you go to settings and go all theway down to dough and this one is goingto be a 1.5 pound loaf you can changethe you don’t have to change any of thecustom press control settings because weare just mixing the dough and clickstart and then you can see it’s startingto mix it starting with the yeast firstbecause as soon as the yeast hits thewater that is where you’ll need to startmixing in all the other ingredients butthe yeast needs to hit the waterimmediately to start it some risingprocess so as you can see an hour and ahalf you can do whatever in an hour anda half you can read okay you can youcannot spread kernel virus you can justplay on your phone but yeah just goahead and set a timer for like an hourand a half if you have mixed it alreadyyou can I think waiting about 45 secondsof the mixed dough for a first riceshould suffice so I’ll see you in anhour and a half[Music]all right so we are back after our onehour and a half wait time I’m cooking upthis bread and I don’t know about youbut I took a nap during that time so somuch so that I actually slept past theone and a half halfall right so we are back from the oneand a half hour big time and I don’tknow what you were up to but I took anap so that is where my head is thatright now so what we are going to do iswe’ve got our bread Tom looks a littlethat looks a little weird and you’reallowed to touch it you’re allowed topull it out because that is what you’regonna have to do anywaysand what we’re gonna have to do withthis big loaf of bread is we’re gonnaplace it in a 9-inch this is a 9-inchbread pan and before you do that you cankind of feel out your bread just to kindof get a you know feel of it feel for itand also before you put your bread inthe bread pan you’re gonna want to sprayyour bread pan down with some Pam a lotof people have Pam it’s just basicallylike nonstick spray it’s really usefulfor cooking so if you don’t have somethen you can use I think you could justuse like butter just kind of like meltsome butter down and pour it pour it inthere so and then just kind of kind ofsquash in your bread down and place itin there just like that now what you’regoing to do is very simple you’re goingto start baking your oven this basicallyputs it in the the pre-baking stage andit starts to heat it up and right as youstart baking your oven you’re going toset the timer for 2 minutes after 2minutes is done turn off your bakingoven that way that the oven is warm butnot it’s not gonna cook your bread goahead and do that and once you do theyou know initial preheating and then youend and you cancel your you can go aheadand put your bread pan with the bread inthere in the ovenand set a timer for 30 minutes and afterthat 30 minutes is up that’ll be yoursecond bread rising time and from therewe’ll make the actual bread so let’s dothis[Music]all right and we are back so after 30minutes of having a second rise afterthat first rise that the bread machinedoes all the way for you or that youmight have done without the breadmachine we are ready to finally preheatthe oven to 350 degrees make sure thatyou take your bread out before so as youcan see this is how the bread looksbefore it is not cooked but it is donetwo levels of rising and so what we’regonna do now just go ahead and set thatup into 350 degrees Lee takes about fiveto seven minutes or so but once it’sdone well it’ll beep and then you can goahead and put the bread in and at thatpoint I usually set the timer to about25 minutes but that is only because Iknow my husband very well so I wouldplan for a medium of 25 to 30 minutes somaybe like 25 minutes check up on it ifit needs a little bit more time at 25minutes I take it out and I usuallyspray it a little bit more with mybuttered pan and that’s because it kindof creates like a little bit of a buttercrust a buttery crust at the very topand then I’ll put it in there and cookit for another 3 minutes to kind of likemake that butter crust more crusty so Iwill see you in 25 minutes all right soit’s been about 25 minutes since we putthe bread in the oven at 350 degrees andright now I’m just gonna pull it out andtake a look at it and I might pop itback in there but let’s just take a lookall right so this is what the breadlooks like right now it looks prettygood and it’s a little bit uneven but umyou know that is just something thatkind of happens a little bit with bakingbread it’s still very good allthroughout um and what I’m gonna doright now is like I said before I’mgoing to spray it a little bit with mybutter Pam and then pop it back in theoven for about 3 more minutes to give ita little bit of butter your crustbuttery crust all right so I’m justgonna spray it a little bit on each sideand I can’t see that but trust meit looks good and I popped it back inthe oven and I’m gonna set another timerfor three minutes at that point I’lltake it out and it’ll be done all righthopefully I should be recording and it’sbeen three minutes and our bread shouldbe ready so let’s pick it out that’s notthe right word what yeah let’s take itout all right so everything was donecorrectly we’ve got right here itperfect looking buttery great Frenchbread roll and we can now put this tothe side you want to take it out of thebread pan because if you leave it inthere it’ll get really moist and youdon’t want moist bread it can reallylead to some some problems so if youdon’t have a like bread rack or like aany kind of baking rack that you canleave it on then you can just leave iton a a paper towel and it should take upa lot of the moisture[Music][Music][Applause]alright so with that that concludes thebread making tutorial like I said if youdon’t have any of these like equipmentit shouldn’t be too big of a deal I meanthe only necessary equipment or aresomething to place the bread dough onsomething to put the bread dough in tobe baked in the oven and all the otherstuff just has to do with eyeballing thebread and making sure it’s not gettingtoo thickmaking sure it’s not getting too hard ortoo softin some cases and it really just takes alittle bit of practice but once that isdone you have yourself a very nice likejust entire loaf of bread that you canjust use in place of normal bread youcan cut it you don’t want to cut into ituntil it is cool at least to like alittle bit hotter than room temperatureis fine if you’re really hungry and withthat uh-hum I really hope you enjoyedthis tutorialI’ve been cooking just like you know forthe past like two years ever since Imoved into this apartment I found itsuper rewarding and you know just superjust tastier a lot tastier than likejust a frozen dinner or something thatyou can get up like water burgers soyeah let me know if you want to hear anymore cooking tips in the next comingepisodes over at ETV and I will see youguys next timenow on with the show[Music]

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