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Cook’s Essentials 1.5-lb Stainless Steel Breadmaker on QVC

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Cook’s Essentials 1.5-lb Stainless Steel Breadmaker

Everyone’s always going on about the breadwinner–but what about the bread maker? To us, that’s a praise-worthy job. And this stainless steel breadmaker machine makes it even easier for you, home cook, to whip up the freshest, made-with-love loaves. From Cook’s Essentials® Kitchenware.

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Video Transcription

bread let’s talk to you about thebeautiful cooks essentials one and ahalf pound stainless steel bread makercooks essentials is a brand of cookwaregadgets and countertop appliances thatyou will only find here at QVC we workdirectly with the manufacturer so we cutoff that middleman and bring you reallygreat prices on our own line of kitchenproducts that we think are essentialsthere for cooks essentials one of ourcooks essentials team members is NatalieLockett she’s a chef she’s a busy mom oftwo year old Rowan yes she and herhusband run a very busy household whileworking full time both of them this isan opportunity for you to really beg offher experience as a busy working mom butalso for expertise as a chef thank youand I’m really good at spreading jam andbutter all over warm bread for you wellthat works for me toooh it’s very warm and peaceful so talkto us about baking bread okay how fun isthis nothing is better than the smell ofthat warm fresh bread in your kitchenmight be one thing better those smell Iwas gonna start guessing things there’smaybe two or three things how good isthat okay first of all yeah I knowthere’s what’s better than fresh whitebread mmm so good but your new wheatbreads in here rye breads in here raisinbread yeah using bread there used to bea restaurant went to when I was in news155 years ago uh-huh and they servedthis gooey raisin bread we called it GUbread oh my gosh y’all look so good hadhad icing and frosting on it and it wascinnamon raisin bread and they baked itfresh in the restaurant that sounds likethey bring it to the tablewe’ve just looking our way our wayperson and say just bring the Googlethat sounds so good I love it and it’sso easy to make so in about two hoursyou can have fresh baked bread in yourkitchen smelling like a bakery it’s soeasy and the thing I love about this toois you know exactly what you’re puttingin it there’s no fillers there’s nopreservatives you know what you’refeeding your family I’m gonna just showyou how easy it is to dolet’s do it all right the only thing youhave to remember is liquid first and wegive you recipes to get started soyou’re gonna get ten recipes now thisquestion for you yes box bread machinemixes in the grocery store can use thatyou can do it Wow yep this does mixes ifyou want to do if your favoritegluten-free mix you can do that so allyou’re going to rememberis liquid first and then I put thebutter kind of in the corners there justto kind of mix it up is that so LittleMix more evenly yes exactly there’s apaddle down there but that’s really theonly thinking you have to do that’sinteresting that’s it and then you’regonna put in your bread flour it’s aboutthree cups and if you buy a box mix it’salready got breakfast it’s all done yepa little bit of sugar you can of courseadjust that or you can do honey or maplesyrup it works what’s this this is driedmilk powder now I have to say when Ifirst got this I didn’t have milk powderin my kitchen what do you find anygrocery store in a baking aisle if thebabies it’s not refrigerated because itwas milk it’s powdered milk so you youcan find it at any store but if youdon’t have it on hand and you get thishome and you want to get started thereis powdered milk and baby formula yeahyeah yes among so many other thingsno but it’s but it’s yeah notrefrigerated you can find it and then Ijust make a little well to do the yeastbecause the yeast is of course alive andactive it’s what makes the bread youknow rye and that’s the only thing thatyou’re gonna put in last because thebread maker wants to pull that in whenit’s ready and have it hit the liquid sothen you’re gonna pick your flavor ofbread that you want to do and if caseyou’re wondering which button to pushwell don’t want it too long come back alittle bit guys perfect on top of theMachine and you’re gonna see this numberright here indicate that so basic whiteis what I’m doing that’s number one nowhere’s kind of the fun choice you get topick the color crust if you want to dolight medium or really a dark crumbsjust a light crust that’s a medium ohthis is me that’s me I believe so youknow right the top looks a little bitlight doesn’t it this is for sureimmediately I like a lighter crust breadso you would yeah then you could butthen if folks like a crispier crust theycan’t go darker lutely isn’t it funcustomizable so you’re just gonna putcolor choose medium dark will do lightfor you and then wait if it’s a one or aone and a half pound loaf and yourrecipes will say how long will this taketo bake so this takes three hours butfor the rapid it’s two hours so I saystart this you know before dinner oryeah you know lunch time whenever and intwo hours it’s gonna be warm but if youkeep it in here once it’s done cookingit’ll stay warm for a while wow that’sso easy now let’s talk to you about whatyou’re getting here you’re going to getthe machine itself andrecipes to get you started in additionto that we’re going to give you a littlemeasuring cup a measuring spoon this isthe paddle wheel that goes in the bottomit’s nonstick that helps to stir andknead the bread and then this littlegizmo is fun yeah this little gizmofishes this out of the loaf breadexactly when you pull your loaf breadout this is gonna be stuck into thebottom of the loaf of bread exactly usethat little gizmo a little hook and itpulls it right out right so you’re gonnasee this little area where that paddledid all the work but what I love aboutthis is you know bread is somewhatcomplicated to make it involves meetingand and rising and certain temperaturesand mixing now this takes all theguesswork out because it’s doingeverything for you I have black whiteand red color choices red red white andblack black is most limited now here’syour values story if you went to retailto buy this same bread maker orcomparable bread maker 86 66 is whatyou’d pay we are 2467 less and with thereduced ship on this I believe is thatreduced shipping I think it is yeah it’syou’re saving 2667 amazed how this isthis is my all-time favorite I just loveit so you can add you know get creativeyou can add raisins cranberries orangezest you can do savory bread can I giveyou a little slice yes please and if Iwas at home I’d probably put a bunch ofpeanut butter on that too oh I love thatwhat’s better than then a homemadecustard are you better right here onyour bite thank you very much thatyou’re feeding methank you it is still warm that wasn’t aTV buy it that’s okay it’s one how aboutthat there’s rolling light fresh-bakedbreadshe loves fresh bread does she like theraisin bread too excuse me doctor heloves it I find sometimes if I’m pressedfor time I really need to talk when Imouth is full I chipmunk it I was gonnasay tuck it inyep yeah that’s brilliant put it in yourcheeks you still talk for a little thatwas delicious not the best option willget you through it’s so good it’s warmyou can taste that cinnamon now this ison the other end of the spectrum sodoing asavory bread so this is rosemary smellthis for me please yes ma’amMary when your Christmas time gave me afresh rosemary plant remember thatOh years ago smells like the holidayssmells like now your whole house cansmell like the holidays we’ve got alittle bit of ricotta with olive oil andsalt and pepperso you can get creative you can add ingarlic chunks if you like things youknow garlicky this of course hasrosemary you could do other herbs youcan do nuts like adding spread for thisdidn’t you yes so ricotta cheese with alittle bit of olive oil and lemon andlooks like some herbs and a little bitof you know I think that’s salt andpepper but I love this home I love theidea of adding a little fresh rosemaryfor some rosemary but fresh rosemarythey’re amazing how fun also so we go toyou know you go to a friend’s dinnerhouse or dinner for house for dinnerparty we bring a bottle of wine maybeyou bring dessert right and we do allthis for you what’s up I was saying howabout bringing this to a dinner party Ithink would be great so good now I havewhite I have red I have black and I havelots of things for you and your so thankyou so much now Mary’s gonna close theshow guys did you off on my sweater theyhave it back there perfect Mary I’ll seeyou soon yes of course darling absol ap– a wrap this show up and bring it tothe curb you got it my friend that’sgonna do it for in the kitchen withDavid today but we want to say thank you

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