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Quarantine Cooking with Mia EP 3 (Flat Bread Pizza)

Quarantine Cooking with Mia is a random video series my daughter and I are making together. Learn how to cook, kinda..

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

right action action action action actionaction hi today we’re gonna be makingpizza with homemade flatbread that wemade in a previous episode[Music]first you have to set your oven to 350and we’ll let that pretty well that’spreheating we are going to get all ofour ingredients ready and get them onthe pizza so first thing I like my shoeson right so I’m going to wash themushrooms off[Music][Music][Music]now we’re going to add the rest of theingredients[Music][Music][Music][Music]so now that the pizzas are done and theoven is preheated to 350 you’re gonnaput in for about seven minutes and checkon it to see if it needs more time sonow that the timer is done and if theyare not done they’re done so so now thatthey don’taction good actionwe Zambia yeah aren’t you really good umremember with these recipes you can addanything you like before you did someoneget a bath[Music]

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