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Six Ingredient Only French Bread Rolls – EASY recipe! How to Bake Bread Quarantine Edition.

This Six Ingredient French Bread (Sandwich) Rolls is an easy beginner recipe. The ingredients are super accessible. It’s pretty much flour, yeast, butter + things we all probably have: water, sugar and salt. You really can’t go wrong as long as you use these measurements. 🙂
Quarantine has given me the time to bake more bread than I ever did in my life and honestly I can’t complain.

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome today I’m gonna beshowing you how to make french breadrolls and that’s me over here justsaying hi so I am NOT a baker or chef ofany kind and I found this recipe to bevery easy I come from a Brazilianbackground and so I’m very used tohaving bread in the morning and makingFrench rolls and I wanted to bakesomething that wasn’t sourdough and sothis is the recipe that best fit thatfor me so you’re gonna want to start bygetting out a bowl and in it you’regonna put 1 tablespoon of instant yeast1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoonsof butter and what I used here wasregular sugar granulated and the butteris salted but you could also make thisrecipe with unsalted butterso now you’re gonna add the next threeingredients and that’s gonna be threecups of flour and this is regular flourit doesn’t have any yeast in it yet it’sjust flour and then you’re gonna add twoteaspoons of salt and you’re also gonnaneed one cup of really really cold water[Music]I don’t know about you but what has keptme going and one of the hobbies I’veadded to my list during this quarantinehas definitely been baking and what’scool about this recipe is that it’sreally accessible I pretty much usedingredients I already had and hopefullyyou’re able to have some flour or getflour from your local grocery store thatwas the only thing I couldn’t find for acouple of weeks but I finally got myhands on some so that’s really excitingfor me so yeah so now you’re just gonnamix the ingredients together and I wantto give a heads up that unfortunately mydough looks a little bit gooey here andI just had decided to leave the last cupof flour she put on later but honestlyyou don’t need to do this just put threecups of flour and that should be enoughyour your dough should not be as free asthis thankfully for me my dough stilldid great and the bread turned outreally well so just trust the processthree cups of flour you’re gonna dogreatso it just adds up you might be needingto add a little bit more flouras you start kneading so just set someflour aside just in case you need to putsome extra but just go very little outof time and so now I am needing the flatof the dough for for 15 minutes and I douse a timer so that I make sure I do itfor 15 minutes this is the only timeyou’re gonna do this in the holeyou know recipe and I totally see howthis is a really unfortunate angle forthe camera but what you want to do isbasically take the heel of your hand andpush the dough far from you you don’tneed to rip the dough or anything butyou just keep doing this maneuver andthen you rotate the dough kind of like90 degree angle and then you start againand and just basically do this for 15minutes and this is gonna soften it andit’s gonna work the yeast you knowthrough all of the dough soso after a whole 30 minutes your doughshould look like this and I love howsoft the dough feels afterwards anybodyelse love loves to touch dough after itsrested for a while it’s just so niceanyway so you’re gonna uncover it andyou’re gonna divide it into seven littleballs I don’t really have a method fordoing this I just aim to make them aseven as I can so like I said like thisrecipe is very easy it’s very full prooflike it’s not perfect science oranything but you’re still gonna come outit’s like some really amazing breadso to make the rolls to the shapes theyneed to be you’re you’re gonna take oneof the balls and roll them out in frontof you kind of like a snake like shapeis what I describe it and I didn’t havea ruler pinwheel anything I confused soI use the water bottle and it’s a reallysturdy one and honestly it does a job soif you don’t have one of those kitchenequipment things then you can just use awater bottle like I did and no Starbucksis not sponsoring meso the dough needs to be left there fortwo hours so that’s the longest thedough’s gonna rest but it’s importantthat you put a timer on for two hoursand this is how it should look likeafter that you can see that they’rereally nice and fluffy and big andthat’s what you wantso Brad needs to be baked at a reallyreally high temperature and the reasonwe’re adding the trays with water is sothat it’s at least nice and humid inthere and that’s really important forthe bread and[Music]so for this part you want something likea brand new razor or the thinnest knifethat you have to make these verticalcuts along the bread unfortunately forthe middle bread you’ll see later that Ithink I went a little bit too deep andthe dough find a little bit so that’swhat you’re trying to avoid if you havesomething really thin to cut with it’sgonna you know ensure that this doesn’thappen so but it’s okay it turned outgreat anyways and the other ones worknice and airy inside so it was only themiddle one that got a little bit thoughtbut that’s just a warning that that doeshappen[Music]so I pulled the bread out of the ovenmaybe 15 for 20 minutes in I cut thebread that was in the front like you sawthere and I forgot that I hadn’t made avideo of it so I had to put it backinside just so that I could chew it forthe videoyeah so you want to hear that crunchysound so there is the nice and soft andyummy and the best thing that you canask for bread yep and these are good togo for the rest of the week just putthem in a bag and the next day you’llsee that they’re really nice and softand honestly one of the best bread thatI’ve had in a while

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