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Omelette Pizza Recipe | How To Make Bread Egg Pizza | Egg Recipe By Chef Varun Inamdar

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Learn how to make Egg Omelette Pizza With Our Chef Varun inamdar.

During Quarantine, it is difficult to make different food may it be breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner every day! To make cooking a little easy, our Chef Varun Inamdar brings to you an easy Egg Omelette Pizza recipe .This Egg Omelette Pizza Easy to make recipe with ingredients which are easy available at home.

Ingredients :
1 Tbsp Oil
2 eggs
Black Pepper Powder
Bread Slice (buttered)
Pizza Sauce
Black Pepper Powder
Cheese (grated)
Tomato ( sliced)
Online ( sliced)
Green Chillies ( chopped)

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Host: Varun Inamdar
Director: Prajish Prabhakaran
Editor: Dinesh Shetty
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Video Transcription

hey guys me the publisher from anandaand welcome to get curry when we are allunder this global lockdown that does notstop us from showing you recipes welltoday’s recipe is very simple you canmake it for breakfast lunch or dinnerchoice is absolutely awesome whether youcall it a day see pizza or you call it aday see frittata or you call it anopen-faced sandwich toast well whateveryou call it I would like to call it anomelet pizza let’s do it first thingsfirst let’s see it an omelet pan on highflame and to this let’s add in oil wellthis is a regular vegetable oil you canalso of course by all means use oliveoil or butter swirl this in the pan andallow this to heat on high flame whilethis is heating up let’s quickly whisk 2eggs well as basic as salt and pepperonce the oil heats in the pan let’stransfer the wisp eggswhile the eggs are still soft and runnywe need to lower the flame and placesliced bread what I have done is justcut them into halves and applied somebutterwell the buttered side will be facingyou we need to press this lightly sothat this kind of literally getsattached onto the egg you see it’s stillsoft and runny but I’m sure it’s done atthe base we need to flip this slightlylike so it’s very light hands ensurethat you cannot break this now on lowflame you need the bread to become nicecrisp and golden brown at the bottom andtrust me you will also know this with achapatti naanalready on top of this I’m going toapply some pizza sauce well this is ahomemade you will see that this wasactually a base of a subzi so literallyyou can also do this with any subsidies[Music]of course by all means you can also usea proprietary pizza sauce that you getin the bottles in the market once thisis done and trust me you need to do allof this on a low flame need to add justa little bit of black pepper and on lowflamewe need to start creating cheesewhen this cheese is your regularprocessed cheese which was kept frozenbecause then you kind of get a good gripof the cheese once the cheese is gratedon top of the pizza start placing slicesof tomatoes well of course by all meansyou can use any vegetable that you havewith you – of course capsicum mushroomsbell peppers anything that you want itcould be baby corn sweet corn peasliterally but I’m making it as basic asonions tomatoes and chilies because Ilike in that way for me literally anomelet or an egg is incomplete withoutchilies so for me lots of green chiliesbut again you could use some chiliflakes and also some Italian herbs thiscould go very well with thyme Oh basilthe choice is yours again little morecheese on top of this the next step isto tower this and cook it on low flamefor literally a minute or so so that thebread becomes nice and crisp and theomelet still says nice and soft thecheese has just kind of begun to meltyou see the bread it’s become nice crispand golden brown at the bottom with thisour omelet pizza is straight to go onthe dinner table[Music]with this my omelette pizza is sellingready now this can go directly on thedinner table s1 secondly what you can dois you can just drizzle this with eithersome extra-virgin olive oil if you haveawesome garlic oil or some meditategarlic butter or some pesto but on thatnote do not forget to Like share andsubscribe to get curried and make thisfor family and friends this

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