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#HUBBY Cooking#BREAD #HALVA,Enjoy the fun. Believe me It’s #YUMM

Hi friends back with 1more sweet. BREAD HALVA is just for you!!!!I think, you don’t need PROCESS,Right? But,I’LL give you. Here we have taken12slices of BREAD,Few dryfruits,2cups of sugar,200GM GHEE. PROCESS: Fry Dryfruits in GHEE take them aside,fry BREAD Adding ghee to the pan,Vipe the pan using the paper tavull make sure no GHEE. Add 2cups water heat them to the bbubling point then add sugar after sugar gets melted in the water,add Fryed bread to SUGAR SYRUP Cook well,After BREAD Becoming SOFT,Add GHEE&DRY FFRUITS Then dishout!!!Garnish with Kajuu&BHAADAM. Enjoy the Sweet. Guys PLZZZZ do subscribe to #PINKY #LINGAM. If you need any RECIPES can Request in #COMMENTS. #STAYHOME#STAYSAFE. LINKS to PREVIOUS VIDEOS Are given Here PLZ click them if YOU r interested.

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