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Let’s Bake Beer Batter Bread

Here’s an fun and easy recipe to bake bread with only 2 ingredients. And a Beer.

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Video Transcription

good afternoon ladies and gentlemenwelcome to baking beer batter bread thebread recipe with only two ingredientsand the beer okay I guess that’s threefruits first pre-heat your oven to 350degreesthat’s Fahrenheit for all new scoring athome then you want to grease your breadpan now things are really gonna heat upbecause you’re gonna measure out threecups of self-rising flour that’s silkrising flour aspirin pieman next youwant to add 20 tablespoons of sugarthat’s three TBS of the sweet stuff nowadd one bottle of beer hey hey I saidone bottle that’s more like itnow I’ll mix it all up and put it inyour bread van bed and put the bread vanin your oven and after forty-five tofifty five minutes you can put a fork init cuz you’re done thank you for joiningus today for baking beer batter breadand please bake responsibly

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