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“Bake Bread” Life of “Life and Stage” feat IZELE

“Bake Bread” Life of “Life and Stage” fear. Izele Produced by Dan Ambrose

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]v n weight on the grindnow y’all hear the fake I’m even tryingto rap bread yeahstop it on in the kitchen mama said tofeed a man’s gotta fake that Fred gotand then your fitness yeah baby boy tofeed you fans got a fake that friendlitchi they know the beat the man yougotta break that up how to live what youwanna leave it man gotta break down bythe love my son of my paintbrushask myself is my breath worth the bloodof my neighbor even those ever you saymuch I want these goat kids never didplay much with these decisions that makeus do I say and my cake gonna take hislegs and my paintbrush or they sellbread there’s no more to be said yeah sohe’s on in the kitchen go to feed yourfanoh jesus snitches they know the beat theman got a living but you wanna leave[Music]what[Music]

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