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Disclaimer: I am the world’s worst baker so pls don’t judge the bread off of my lack of skill hahhhaha
I hope y’all love this cooking with Kylie!!!! next time i’ll definitely pick something that doesn’t involve GHEE LOL


bake @ 350 for 1 hour (or more lol)

Colossians 1:16
“For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.”

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Video Transcription

okay so today you guys always say thatyou love the cookies Chinese so that’swhat I’m gonna do and I’m gonna make theworld’s it’s not actually the world’sbest banana bread but um it has earnedthat title by me kind of healthy kind ofnot kind of like my whole life before weget started obviously I put my hair upOh yikes okay so I decided to do thisbecause I bought two bunches of bananaslast week and literally they are nastywe’re just gonna make a big ol thing ofbanana bread also me and Bronson went totwo different stores and nobody had abread pan so we had to fight this bigTupperware thing but you know what Ithink it’s gonna work so this have to doso what you’re gonna need some nastybananassome brown sugar some almond flour somechocolate chips cuz you know some almondmilk some eggs I’m using some gheeinstead of butter because it’s like ahealthy alternative and its lactose freeI need some honey some vanilla andbaking soda and that’s it the world’sbest banana bread ingredients so stepone set the oven to 350now the thymus starts okay so first youwant to mix all of your wet ingredientsand then all of your dry ingredients andthen you can add the dryness to thewetness a little disclaimer I’m actuallyhorrible baking I can cook pretty wellbut baking like I can’t even make thecookies that like come in the sheets soI don’t actually know if this is gonnaturn out very well[Music]but we’ll see okay so we’re gonna dothese are pretty small bananas so I’mgonna how’d you do all mushy banana arethe grossest thing oh these are wayworseokay okay seven bananas was the magicnumber okayonce you have that you want to mash himup real good don’t forget it becauseit’s the one of the most important stepsokay I’m breaking a sweatdude I’m actually breaking a sweat mashis so sad[Music]okay that was really impressive I’venever done an egg pack in one crack forI’m tried again oh no no no an eggshelloh my god I can’t find itoh my oh you know I’m gonna see if I cando one hand because that’s what the goodpeople do that was so badI don’t whisk does anybody even know Idon’t even know what it is I know it’slike can be used as butter okay if thisturns out bad I’m blaming the geek onefreaking cup of D it’s like all of itI’m gonna have I’m gonna have about okayoh my god it’s so hard can you see thatlike I’m literally using meltedI don’t like baking it’s hard andthere’s a lot of steps hi okay I don’tknow about you guys I feel like thisknot might not be a total disastermaybe regardless I had to get rid of thenasty bananas so I don’t really care[Music]one cup of brown sugar see I told youit’s not the healthiest but who caresit’s good you all gotta live a littleokay not everything can be so danghealthy all done oh my baby’s Pepys’s iswhen when like a youtuber or somewhereon Instagram posts a healthy recipe andthen you try it and it’s like absolutelydisgusting it’s like why even make ithealthy like just eat the bad one youknow I’m not gonna eat a bad bananabread just cause it’s healthy if I’mgonna eat banana bread I’m gonna eatbanana bread okay so if this is bad I’mgonna tell y’all honestly of the titleof this video might be the world’s worstbanana bread it really might be okay andthen wish let’s do half a cup of honeyI’m just gonna kind of probably okaythis is looking very soupy okay one twothree[Music]I don’t know about this I’m gonna bequite honest with you that doesn’t tasteright I feel like it’s too soupy I don’tknow it’s just my gut I don’t[Music]okay it’s not it’s not bad it’s not badI’m just hoping it cooks a little bitbetter which one way then the chocolatechips will help a lot I’m just gonna ohno we need more chocolate chips screw itlet’s do it let’s send it if we’re gonnasend itI’m still send it oh my arms rightthat’s somehow made it better I’m notinto you okay this is looking promisingnow we got a spritz our little thingokay look at it all kind of soup videosI feel like that’s wrong oh well we’regoing for it dude this bone is big I’mdisgusting I have this bad feeling justbecause it is like the thickest bananabread in the biggest pan ever I don’tknow I really I rip I really don’t knowlook at that look at that thick mamalike is this supposed to be that thick Itold you I literally don’t know how tobake like okay here’s what we’re gonnado we’re gonna put it in the oven takeit out and cross our fingers and hopefor the bestI feel like it can’t be that bad likecan I could I really mess it up that badmaybe okay so that’s supposed to cookfor an houra whole freaking hour okay so let’s justclean it up a little bit in here causeit’s really really gross but I wouldbleep it okay well um it’s a little bitdoor also Bronson’s house has no a/cright now so that’s why I am not wearingshirt[Music]okay I don’t know if you can like tellhow big this loaf of bread is look it upbaby but it’s freaking huge I hope it islike I cooked all the way because it wasso thick okay let’s test it outshootoh no that’s definitely don’t executivedecision I have to put it back in it’salready been an hour but I had to put itback in I’m gonna do it out like a lowertemperature so it doesn’t like totallyburn the outside god I knew this wasgonna be a disaster and it kind of itbut honestly it tastes pretty good thata little bike that I had hey everybodyjust say a little prayer for me that mybread is okay okay it’s been like 20minutes we’re going back in for roundtwo to see if they actually cooked Idon’t know I can’t tell if it’s mushybecause of the dough or because of thechocolate chipsit’s the doughit’s the dough okay well I guess we’regoing in for freaking third time I’mdoing 20 more minutes and then afterthat if it’s still doughy I’m just gonnaI’m just gonna eat it doughy okay that’sit okay this is the last time I’mchecking this dang banana bread I swearokay well it’s actually looking prettygood it’s very Brown I will admit it’svery very brown okay if you do try thisrecipe or something it’s not the roasteryeah I think this pan is just bad like Ithink I just put way too much in thereand it’s way too thick oh my it’s hugeI don’t know world’s best world’s worstHey here goes nothing[Music]good I’m so hotwait that’s actually really good itneeds to be like cooked more obviouslyit’s actually good I’m gonna blow on ityou may be I just burnt my uvulahonestly just don’t do it so think I’mgonna I stand by my statement world’sbest banana breadI’m just the world’s worst Baker okaywell I hope you guys liked this cookingwith Kylie if you liked this video andyou like banana bread go ahead and giveit a thumbs up if you want to yeahthanks for watching my video and if youtry this tag me because I definitelywant to see if you’re turned up betterthan mine probably will but yeah welly’all remember last video when Kylie wasbaking and forgot to turn the oven offyep

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