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Bread Pizza Recipe/ Cook With Insi

This is a very quick and easy recipe of bread pizza, This delicious Bread pizza is an alternative to the pizza we make using the normal pizza bread.
As it is quarantine pizza breads are not really available outside you can make delicious pizza and fulfill your cravings easily with this recipe.
The taste of this recipe is very tangy and spicy, so you can add ingredient according to your taste and preferences.
You can bake the pizza bread using an oven too.
White bread slices (you can use brown bread too).
Amul Cheese (grated)
Onion finely chopped- 2
Capsicum finely chopped- 1
Tomato finely chopped-2
Oregano herbs
Chilli Flakes
Schezwan Chutney
Tomato Ketchup
Red Chilly Sauce
Amul Butter/ Oil (can be used)
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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my channel andif you’re new to this channel my name isalia and I would be really happy if youtake a minute to subscribe to my channelI’m going to share with you guyssomething that everybody loves and thatis foodso today basically I’m gonna make arecipe that I am sure you all will loveit and it’s an alternative to P so ifyou are craving pizza you can definitelytry this if you want to know that how topick up these areplease keep on watching so let’s take onyour fingers here I have somedesign she’s ranked using is by up nextup we have some great sonext we have services on checking tohave uniform on so I have a part of theditch so his favorite part is that nextis some seats think so I have Oregon orchili friessome red chilli sauceI saw itthey’d stop this – people get shockedso in which I have to get somevegetables actually the meat wasfantasticnext up is a valid word ugly butexperience of unity versus this oneeveryone what’s up at least illogical[Music][Music]so as the fan is eating I wanted to giveyou guys instructions before making thebatter so I’m eventually eyeballing allthe ingredients and making the batteraccording to my taste so you can do thatyou can start off by putting onetablespoon and then according to yourtastes and preferences you can keep onadding the ingredients as per your wishso I don’t have a specific quantity ofhow much I’m putting in the batter butyeah I will be putting according to mytastes and preferences and you can dothatso once the vasila seated I’m gonna addsome apple butter so I like apple buttera lot something I add around 3tablespoons I guess so you can addaccording to yourand some part again just to give it thatkind of stable and then ability then I’mgoing to add some sales ponchoso I have approximately two water tablesto work cell functionadd some chilli sauce so approximatelyadvocate because people to be saucy so Iam I going to leave so I can make adiminutive across all of the vegetableswe’re going to start offsit[Music]so I like things I really do ducky andSpike strong so I’ve been agriculturejust to make a balanced flavor[Music]so fantasies at the vegetable and thebottle is a special face you aresupervisor that is the problemso we’re gonna write hopefullychildren’s come onagain as we are instances[Music]so I wanna get it[Music]so in the smash factor I put my knife[Music][Music]I’ve made four five sixlet me check the man that they areimagine that or shape by seeing thesurface of the tablet it will taught andalso the cheese on the top[Music]it’s been approximately 15 or 16 minutesnow and exactly the same so it is dead[Music]that’s it for my today’s video and ifyou found this video helpful don’tforget to like it so you to share itwith your friends so that even they givedrivers and fulfill that clearly I guessyou’ve tried this recipe out don’tforget to let me know in the commentsection below or you can just give me apicture of your pita bread on myInstagram account and last but not theleast don’t forget to subscribe to mychannelguys it really means a lot to I freakingleave now and I’ll see you in my nextvideo till then chicken bye[Music]

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