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Jalapeno Cheese Burgers | Zero Carb Bread Keto | Low Carb | Cooking With Thatown2

If you want an overall kick in every bite of your burgers. Go ahead and try these Jalapeno Burgers. They are keto friendly, low carb, spicy and delicious.

Jalapeno Burgers

2.75 lb Ground Beef
1 yellow onion
2 jalapeno peppers
2 serrano peppers
2 cloves of garlic
3 mini sweet peppers
1 slice provolone cheese
2 slices of L’oven Fresh Zero carb bread
2 tsp olive oil mayonnaise
1 tsp mustard
handful of spinach
2 slices roma tomato
1 tsp sugar free ketchup
1 tbs salt
1 tbs pepper
2 tsp chili powder

Chop of your yellow onion, jalapeno, serrano peppers, garlic and min sweet peppers and set aside. Add the ground beef to a large bowl and season with salt, pepper and chili powder. Add in the chopped veggies and mix to combine all the ingredients. Form your burgers to your desired size pressing any loose veggies into the meat that may have fallen off. Over a large skillet add your burgers to the pan cooking for 2-3 mins on each side over medium high heat. During the last 30 seconds place your cheese over top of the hamburgers and place the lid over top. Once the cheese is melted remove the burgers from the heat. To make your burgers place your condiments on your choice of bread mayo, mustard, ketchup, spinach and the burger patty and enjoy.

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