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I Tested Joshua Weissman Popeyes Chicken Sandwich!

I completely forgot to toast my buns. Shit!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

and since we’re making a Joshpoliceman’s video I have to start thesame way as he does he puts this camerainside the cabinet and starts talkingright I can’t believe that me to do thisso today I’m making Josh wise men’s foodit’s gonna be the popeyes chickensandwich now the only thing is gonna bemine different I’m not gonna add theblack garlic and I’m not gonna addSerrano’s chili powder because I don’thave the food dehydrator I’m not gonnapay $200 for that thing so I’mgonna skip on those thing I’m gonna addgarlic powder or not black car blackgarlic I’m not complaining I’m justbitching oh and I don’t have a doughmixer so I can have to do it by handwhen I make the buns I guess that’s just start no put everything backeverything back waste of time[Music][Music]he said skin I don’t knowhe said skinless thighs I want skin so Ibought with skin I’m also fair yep mydesk[Music]let’s make the bread[Music][Music][Music]it is what it is I’m not gonna waitanymore I’m hungry I’mtired it’s been poofing for the pastlike almost hour like 15 minutes yeahit’s bigger than before so it let’scrack some eggs now to make these flashof milk okay let’s now make a spicy mayoimagine this as my black garlic[Music][Music]and the best way to end this video is toput the camera I saw the cabinet againcuz that’ll respect for Josh Ouisa man Iwas going to say weed mat for this closeit was very goodyeah the only thing I didn’t add cayennepepper cuz I didn’t have any no causewe’re gonna add didn’t even botherchecking before I go shopping that’s howI do sometimes I have no words to say Imean this is what it is holman is alwaysbetter and we all know this I don’t haveto sit and tell you that the only favorI’m asking you guys can do for me isjust to like and subscribe cuz I madeeverything homemade even the doll I wasdoing by hand beside didn’t have himmake a doll mix or whatever they callthat oh I know I was watching twoseparate videos at the same time I waswatching and make the bun and thechicken anyways yeah[Music]

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