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Making In-N-Out Burgers At Home | But Better

Starting episode 5 of But Better off strong with the best fast food burger In-N-Out at but of course.. better. We pulled out all the stops with homemade buns, the best burger sauce, griddled onions, you know… the works.

My Favorite Burger Skillet:

Tik Tok:
Ingredients you’ll need:
Burger Buns-
1tbsp (9g) instant yeast
1/2 cup (120g) whole milk
2.25 cups (320g) bread flour
1 teaspoon (7g) fine sea salt
2 tablespoons (20g) granulated sugar
1 egg
1 egg yolk
2 tablespoons (28g) unsalted butter, softened

Burger Sauce:
2 onions
2tbsp (28g) unsalted butter
2 dill pickles, finely diced
3/4 cup (180g) mayonnaise
1/2 cup (130g) ketchup
1/3 cup (15g) chives half bunch
2 tbsp (27g) worstechirsire sauce
salt and pepper to taste

1lb ground beef
tomato, sliced
iceberg lettuce

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Video Transcription

it couldn’t a time in everyone’s life oryou must face a foe that you thought wasonce you were in and out I truly hate todo it to him we gonna do it okay sowe’re gonna recreate the in-n-out burgerat home as best we canin and out something that’s special tome right I grew up with it I grew up inI really believe that’s that samemotorcyclist I’m gonna red light justchillin oh how are you doing oh thelights green is that really necessaryanyway let’s do this shall we like Ithought that we were gonna not seepeople out and about and yet we see allthese people running and then we’llanother double-double with cheese animalstyle fries you got the bag this is atough one for me I’m from California soI also could not resist the temptationof getting animal style fries theirpresentation is undefeated take the bagoff you eat from this bag don’t the spinin and out rule from LA that I just madeup I want to see something this is agood burger but can we make it betteryes you guys know I’m making my own bunsso you start with 1/2 a cup 120 grams ofwhole milk around 98 degrees Fahrenheitand you’re gonna mix in 1 tablespoon or9 grams of instant yeast let that sit atroom temperature for about 10 minutesnow starting with 2 and a quarter cup or320 grams of bread flour which could beconsidered a precious metal right nowyou’re gonna add 1 teaspoon or 7 gramsof fine sea salt and 2 tablespoons or 20grams of granulated sugar pull out yourwhisk drop it on the floor and then evensome whiskey bise’s until thoroughlycombined trace or the juice stand mixerwith the dough spiral thingy attachednext we’re gonna make a quick littleroux in a small pot come on 2tablespoons or 20 grams of bread flourand 6 tablespoons or 87 grams of waterthen just whisk that together and thenbegin mixing over medium heat untilsuper thick like this then just put itaside and let it cool to roomtemperature with your mixer running onlow add your yeast e milky mix you’llthat’s gross sorry followed by one eggplus one egg yolkthen you’re cooled thicky flour mixturenow look the snow starts up prettysticky so you’re gonna wanna let yourmixture mix that for about two to fiveminutes or until everything’s lookingnice and smooth yeah add two tablespoonsor 28 grams of unsalted softened butter1 tablespoon at a time then just letthat mix for another 2 to 3 minutesuntil thoroughly incorporated and smoothspray medium sized bowl with oil shapeyou’re doing to a light ball plop itinto your bowl lightly grease someplastic wrap place it on top and let itrise about one and a half to two hoursor until doubled now once your dough isgone thick go mode give it a nice littlekiss and then punch that bigonce you’ve degassed it dump it onto alightly floured work surface and divideit into six even pieces each pieceweighing about 95 to 105 grams to shapethese you’re gonna take the bottom foldthose pieces over itself flip it over sothose seem set is down and then roll itaround on a none floured work surfacewith your fingers constantly in contactwith the board until it tightens up intoa nice ball and repeat with the restputs them all on a baking sheet linedwith parchment paper and once you haveyour buns lightly cover your bakingsheets with either a damp towel oranother baking sheet inverted on top andlet this proof for 45 minutes to an hourin a warm area lightly push all yourbuns with egg wash consisting of one eggplus a splash of water then I bake theseat 375 Fahrenheit convection but youcould probably go ahead and just do 400if you want about 15 to 17 minutes 1/2 -150whose policy then just immediately brushall those plump boys with melted butterand let him coolobviously these are an iteration from myalready burger bun recipe before we makeour burgers we need to make the Covenantin an out burger sauce start by dicingtwo whole onions add two tablespoons or28 grams of unsalted butter to a smallsaucepan bringing it up to heat overmedium heat what’s the butters melted inbubbling add your onions along with asmall pinch of sugar and some salt andthen just let that cook over medium heatfor about 30 minutes stirringoccasionally adding water if it pan getstoo dry or it’s burning until nice anddeeply caramelized like this I know ittakes time but you can’t rush it andobviously you can do this while you’rewaiting for your dough to rise now in amedium-sized bowl you’re gonna add 3/4of a cup 180 grams of mayonnaise 1/2 acup or a hundred and thirty grams ofketchup 1/3 a cup or 15 grams of finelysliced chives 2 tablespoons or 27 gramsof worth testers just shower just asauce damn itadd a small pinch of salt and whisk allthat together until thoroughly combinedthen you’re gonna add 2 finely diceddill pickles assuming they’re notgigantic and then your caramelizedonions and then mix all those togetherand you’ve got the most incredibleburger sauce of your life I mean reallyI was shocked tasting this it’s it’snuts ok so now we’re ready for thecomponents of our burger if you’re gonnahave onions on the burger – in and outusually griddles they’re onions beforethey put it on so I got to do is cutyour onions about a half an inch thickinto rings like this leave them puttogether get the pan and coat it withoil heat it over medium high heat andthen sear them on both sides until hegets a nice caramelized color like thisif you want to go a little farther youcan also add some butter and basted themin that okay so now we need to talkabout our meat patty so you’re gonnaneed one pound or 450 grams of groundbeef this is about 80% fat divide thatinto four pieces and then roll them intoballs next heat a cast-iron skillet overmedium-high heat until ripping hot rushit with a high heat oil add one of yourballs and then press it down with aspatula and tell us about four inches indiameter it should be nice and flat thenjust season that with salt let that searfor about two to three minutes or untilnice and quitz be caramelized on thebottom look at that flip it over seasonagain with salt and then here’s thething you can do this totally optionallybut I really recommend it add in twocloves of lightly crushed garlicleft in its skin a bunch of thyme and acouple of tablespoons of butter and thenjust base that until the other side isnicely seared now if you’re gonna havecheese on these which I would highlyrecommend add a slice of cheddar cheeseon one patty a slice of Muenster orMonterey Jack on the other now there’s acouple ways you can melt the cheese youcan always just let it cook until itmelts or you can add a splash of wateror you could do this place your grilledonion on top of the bottom Patty andthe top patty on top of that patty sowe’re finally ready to assemble sliceyour buns in half set a pan over mediumheat toss in 1 tablespoon of butter oncethey’re melted and bubbling add yourbuns and toast for a couple of minutesor until nice and golden brown like thisalways toast your buns you are notallowed to eat a burger unless they aretoasted okay here we go burger assemblywe have to be serious here okay focus soyou can add a heaping tablespoon of yoursauce on both buns that are toasted forthe more sauce the merrier you can neverreally have too much of this good saucespread it out evenly let Lee salt 1/2inch slice of tomato on both sides andthen place it on your bottom bunfollowed by a hearty piece of iceberglettuce carefully and gently lower onyour burger patties and then finallycrown your king with the top of your bunokay da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da little didneed to delete that delete that the dogdidn’t delete the deleted they did allright we’re done with that that’s enoughdid it except this is a little tall I’ma feeling that I’m not gonna be able tofool my mom she jumped me it’s an orb oflight medsit’s taking shape to me oh well I lostit but oh so comparatively here we’vegot the in-and-out wheat this one againthe height of this burger makes the mostsense for sure well maybe it’s not evencomparable comparable comparable makingthese buns change the game we still woncuz this is still a great burger I’m notgonna lie in and out my heart goes outto them like rest in peace but but youlose to a burger that’s too tall if youdisagree then please let me know commentI guess it put a long story short my asquality you can taste I’m a big fan ofin and out really and respect toeverybody in the game right do you wantto know what else respects everybody inthe game be[Music][Applause]alright guys and that is it so we madeit in and out bubbles these triggershowever you like to say it doesn’tmatterhonestly head to head it was a prettyclose call in my opinion with that saidI think I really think in and out does agood burger it’s really hard for me tosay that this is a win in and out thankyou for being good support even thoughthe literally nonsenseparticipating in this but nonethelesswith all that said if you enjoyed thisvideo or you learned something leave alike subscribe and I will see you nexttime[Music][Applause][Music]

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