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Try this INSANE FRIED CHICKEN Burger – Manila Vlog

Yes, I probably made the BEST FRIED CHICKEN BURGER at home in Manila! This is a recipe that you have to try! Use the time stamps below for the recipe for burger buns, recipe for home made pickles and the recipe for the fried chicken batter.

1:07 Joshua Weissman Burger Bun preparation
2:37 preparing homemade pickles
4:43 preparing chicken batter for fried chicken
5:40 the best spicy mayonnaise
8:22 is this better than Popeye’s fried chicken burger?

Here is the burger bun recipe from Joshua Weissman “How To Make The Best Burger Buns Of All Time”:

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Video Transcription

today we’re gonna eat the most insanefried chicken burger this is so goodit’s a most perfect burger than I everhad[Music][Music][Music]hey what’s up guys welcome to our messykitchen Millie and I have pretty muchspent our whole day prepping for thismoment we are making the most insanefried chicken burger a burger that’sbeen immensely popular all over theworld at the moment Popeye’s friedchicken burger it’s been all over theinternet it’s been the latest craze andI decided today to try and cook itmyselfwe actually baked our burger buns whichis insanethis silence is darknessHurricane Evein the world[Music]I’m not gonna show you this whole recipeinstead I will link the video down belowof Joshua Joshua Weissman vice month asGermans would say he bought those alsoto the Internet a few months ago andtoday I have to paid it the first timewhen we cooked it the first time andthey look amazing let’s see how theytaste then we’re gonna have some friedchicken the chicken has been marinatingin buttermilk and spices all day we’vegot our own pickled pickles pickledpickled pickled cucumbers aka picklesthat tastes absolutely amazing these arebased off my favorite pickles in theu.s. greedo’s pickles[Music]almost a society soberand then we got a spicy spicy mayonnaiseand I made a confit cold slaw which isthe small Greek yogurt a little bit ofthe pickle juice a little bit of saltreally nice I’m gonna get these burgerbuns in the oven as soon as it reachestemperature by the way this videos donein collaboration with Garre Nia theyprovided us with a ton of awesomekitchen equipment that makes us videopossible the stunning kitchen machinethat made the dome for us the oventhat’s one thing but perfectly notobvious this stove that’s gonna bringthe oil up to temperature very fastloving all this gear make it like abreeze in the kitchen so originally Iwanted to make this recipe with bonelesschicken thighs that’s the best you canget for this fried chicken butunfortunately the shot we went to todaywas sold out they only had chickenbreasts so I just beat the chickenbreasts down black and marinated them aswell it’s not gonna be as juicy and itwon’t have the same bite as a world withchicken thighs but I think gonna be justas delicious with these chicken breastsand as you can see they’ve beenmarinating in this mixture of buttermilkspices for a few hours if you can do itovernight it’s better but if you can doit at least for like three or four hoursthey’ll make very tender juicy chickenat the endnow what we’re gonna do now is we’regoing to use Chef John’s technique ofone dry hand warm wet hand would makeyour chicken when you’re battering yourchicken know when you dredge in thechicken when you’re making the chickenof when you’re doing you know what Imean when you do you ask me thesequestions to do thing with the chickensdone gonna do is I got again Keun andgarlic powderI’m just gonna mix that in with a littlebit of flour you got some really goodhigh-quality bread flour that we foundyesterday at healthy options so happy wefoundto get a nice bit of flour on here[Music]so you guys remember recently I showedyou a homemade healthy coconut oilmayonnaise which you could use what thisrecipe would be you put you could usefor this recipe it would be absolutelyamazing but what I’m doing now is I’mgonna make a chili mayonnaise that isbased on the Japanese quickly mayonnaisebecause equipment mayonnaise is a littlebit more tangy little bit more salty andbecause everything is so rich alreadywith the fried chicken and with theburger buns that we freshly made Iwanted to get a little bit of Tang in itso I’m not gonna make the homemademayonnaise this time I’m going to usethe quick image with some chili oil sothe Japanese man is it comes using likea little plastic bag and then we havehere the GU chose about chili oil whichis[Music]all right guys you ran into some issueswith some problems with the cohesivenessof fats on the fried chicken flour butusually I have made this fried chickenbefore and usually you gotta just holdon nicely[Music]but I have to say the buns turned outreally really nicelylook at that look nice everything elseis just a my beerall right guys the burgers here Ifigured out what the problem wasearly on so only was too hot that’s whyit came off of the person becauseafterwards I turned it down and theseactually look really beautiful becauseyou see the problem is if the oil is toohot then the breading gets hard too fastand then kind of like the surface of thechicken goes it shrinks together when itgets into the heat so now the breadingis hotter in the end a conflict with thechicken so the bonding gets Lucy and itjust flakes off so with these that oilwas nest as I turned it down was up andpersonal my mother’s going too fast Iturned it down and I’m told it’s dead onreally nice heat and I got these nicelittle crisp spots but it all comes downto the taste test that was physics withmy so unfortunately these guys areleaving usI think so I think the right word isabundant so much have you guys thank youso much for having us showing us arounddid you guys are gonna be back soonright we’re gonna be back soon thank youfor this Mike we’re not leaving withouttrying yeah yeah better than chick-fil-anice oh it’s really good Mike is it yesyesI was worried all right it’s time totell is this the best freaking friedchicken burger or is it nothomemade patty long marinated and brinedchicken and buttermilk let’s give this atasteit’s on Hachi huh oh so good the bun issoft like it’s like biting you to alittle cloud then the chicken is sojuicy from brining it I take on I tookon all those favors the garlic thecayenne pepper then the crispy bats onthe outside changing us from the pigballsWow and then the spice from the spicymayo perfect I am very happy to try thisbecause I’m super hungry I only hadsalad today so I can indulge into thisburger by the way Millie made the burgerbun not meyes I did oh my god I did a great jobusually I’m not good at baking somehowit turned out really well yeah here wegoWow I already tried the fun and it is sogood but let me give it a trymmm this is so goodit’s so good mm-hmm flavor explosion sogood Wow I can’t deal with it right nowokay no I can I can I can describe sothe bun itself it’s super soft but it’sso chewy it’s exactly how I like myburger bun it’s nice and golden outsidemmmamazing chili Meyer gives it a littlebit of spice the chicken itself is superjuicy on the inside crispy on theoutside and then we have the pickledcucumbers mmm I think you said it’s niceand tangy so it has a it has the rightamount of sourness that I really likeand everything together it’s just it’sit’s perfect it’s a perfect burger it’sthe most perfect burger that I ever hadin my life I swearoh all right guys to summarize thisburger was absolutely amazing this wholerecipe is a lot of work I won’t lie ifyou’re able to get good quality burgerbuns just buy them a good solution isalso to use panda cell instead of aburger but they ridiculously close toburger buns and very deliciousdefinitely the buttermilk brine is agame-changer and those burger buns thatwe cooked here were just absolutely Imean I’m gonna be making these at leastonce or twice per month now becausethey’re so good um guys let me know inthe comments section which food video Ishould do next I will look at thecomments and the most commented fooddish and most uploaded food dish in thecomments is going to be the next dishthat we prepare let’s make it aChristmas dish a Filipino Christmas dishand we’ll cook it but for now I’m gonnafall into a food coma on the couch andrest because we’ve been cooking andfoemen literally all day and we have towork out early tomorrow morning luckilythis video will go out before we meetour trainer called a coach mark Melvintomorrow so the punishment won’t be thatbad I’ll see you guys tomorrow same timesame classroom to stay awesome and makeit happenoh and if you make the burger post apicture on Instagram tag me

16 Replies to “Try this INSANE FRIED CHICKEN Burger – Manila Vlog

  1. This is definitely BETTER than Popeye’s Fried Chicken Burger! All the details are in the description box 🙂

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  5. I really love your vlog this time, i can follow every step, keep it up guys, you are doing awsome

  6. Good thing i’m having dinner while watching this vlog. You guys will make other peeps hungry af.

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