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How To Make The Greatest Dinner Rolls Ever (Hokkaido Method)

Homemade super soft and fluffy dinner rolls, but with an amazing Japanese technique to make them 100x better. I used a Japanese Milk bread dough (also known as hokkaido milk bread) with a tangzhong to make these beautiful bread rolls. Oh, and they’re brushed with garlic butter so that helps too. Best part is that these are way easier to do than you think. You can totally start these earlier in the day and then have them ready by dinner. Or you can just make them because they’re so incredible.

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Ingredients you’ll need –

2 tablespoons (20g) bread flour
2 tablespoons (27g) water
4 tablespoons (60g) whole milk

Bread Dough:
2.5 cups (320g) bread flour
1 tablespoon (9g) active dry yeast (instant works as well)
3/4 teaspoon (3g) fine sea salt
1/2 cup (120g) whole milk
1/4 cup (56g) granulated sugar
3 tablespoons (42g) unsalted butter, softened
1 whole egg, room temperature

Egg wash:
one egg
splash of whole milk (about 2 tablespoons)

Garlic Butter
1-2 cloves garlic
1/4 cup (56g) unsalted butter

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Video Transcription

so originally when I was doing thisrecipe I wanted to make it into a loafand then I thought wait a minute why notmake this into the most luscious dinnerrolls of all time and so I did okay solet’s talk about Japanese milk breadalso known as Hokkaido milk bread sothis is a bread that’s Japanese glad wegot that out of the way now the thingthat makes this bread special is theaddition of something called the Tangsong now basically what that is is it’sa paste made of cooked flour and wateror some other liquid like milk in thiscase and you would think well what doesthat matter a little take a coupletablespoons of paste what is that gonnamake a difference yeah well if you makethis recipe you might just be in storefor a little surprise to get ourselvesstarted we need to begin making our Tangsong which this is really important thisis gonna take it from a regular dinnerroll to fluffier than a Hawaiian roll soto a small sauce pot you’re gonna addtwo tablespoons or 20 grams of breadflour two tablespoons or 27 grams ofwater and four tablespoons or sixtygrams of whole milk turn that pot on themedium heat and constantly whisk untilit gets nice and sticky and tacky nowthis happens pretty quickly I would sayyou know anywhere from 30 seconds to twominutes depending on your burner and assoon as it gets super thick you’re thengoing to stop and let it cool down toroom temperature I went ahead and scriptit into a bowl on the side now if youreally want to be a cool kid you can getall of your other ingredients ready wallthat cools down so you’re gonna add onetablespoon or nine grams of active dryyeast to a half a cup or a hundred andtwenty grams of milk at about 90 to 95degrees Fahrenheit don’t think that I’veforgotten about the metric system peopleokay it’s 32 to 35 degrees Celsiusokay love you kisses give that a littlemix to get them hydrated and let it sitfor about 10 minutes now is a good timeto assemble all of your otheringredients cuz now you’ve got twothings that you’re waiting on but youcan still assemble a bunch of things seethis is just a this is justright way to stack processes for recipeit just it just makes life awesomeokay so let’s pretend that you’ve goteverything needs doubt and by meas dot Imean even Blas as in everything in itsplace in French alright I’ll stoptalking about so you’re gonna take twoand a half cups or 320 grams of breadflour and you’re gonna whisk inthree-quarters of a teaspoon or threegrams of fine sea salt and a quarter cupor 56 grams of granulated white sugarwhisk those ingredients together untilincorporated place it on your standmixer with the dough hook attachment andturn it on and for the best resultsyou’re gonna make sure that your standmixer is not plugged in actually becausewe don’t do that we do this theold-fashioned way alrightold-fashioned way everything you docompletely with your feet to that makesure you’re gonna add your tang songthat you made earlier your milk andyeast mixture and one whole egg that hasbeen brought up to room temperature sojust make sure that you pull it out thebeginning I probably should havementioned that earlier start your mixerat low speed while scraping the sides ofthe bowl intermittently you know asneeded and then once it just begins tocome together you can then increase thespeed to medium low and then as soon asthe dough fully forms together you mayneed to scrape on the bottom a few timesif there’s any stuck flour bits at thebottom and then you can keep your mixerat medium low speed and gradually addabout a tablespoon at a time threetablespoons are 42 grams of unsaltedsoftened butter and then just keepmixing your dough until all of thatbutter is fully incorporated again youmay have to scrape down the sides of thebowl and all that jazz and then justallow the dough to mix by itself witheverything incorporated for about fiveto seven minutes or until nice andsmooth once that’s done your doughshould be nice and elastic and supersmooth and maybe a little bit sticky itmay take a little getting used to youcan lightly flour your hands if you haveto and then you’re just gonna dump thatout onto a work surface and shape itinto a tight boule by sort of place itdirectly down on a surface that has noflour on it you can see it’s sort oflike moving in an S in a circle aroundand around with my fingers in constantcontact with the work surface at thesame time that’s basically tucking thedough underneath itself and causingtension and then you’re just gonna dothat until it’s a tight ball then placethat into a lightly greased medium sizedbowl and cover that with a damp towelsee I am trying to be good to theenvironment then just let that rise atroom temperature for one to two hours oruntil well doubled in size okay so onceyour dough has become a thick boy you’rethen ready to divide it lightly punchdown your doughzooming that it’s gonna punch downscrape it onto a lightly floured worksurface and divide the dough into nineequal pieces weighing about 75 gramseach now that number is obviously just aguideline it doesn’t have to be exactly75 grams just needs to be within thatrange so that they’re all relativelyequally in size want one giant ball inone little ball and don’t don’t takethat the wrong way you know what I meanbefore you search shaping lightly sprayor butter a square cake pan I used anine inch by nine inch pan which is 22centimetres for all you metric peepsthen just roll each of these pieces ofdough into small type balls using thissame method as described earlier bydragging the dough along and unflavouredwork surface you want to create somegood tension here but don’t go too hardotherwise you’ll toughen up the finalproduct place each of these balls androws of three in your square pan thentip your fedora to mother earth becauseyou’re gonna cover this with a damptowel and not plastic wrap and allow toproof for one to two hours at roomtemperature or until these guys arepuffed and nearly doubled in size theyshould be touching each other that’sthat’s a good thingbrush these lovelies with egg washconsisting of one egg beaten with asmall splash of milk about twotablespoons or thirty milliliters thenbake in an oven that’s been preheated to350 degrees Fahrenheit or 175 degreesCelsius for 28 to 30 minutes now we’rereally gonna go above and beyond herewe’re gonna make a little garlic butterwhile those are baking finely chopped 1to 2 cloves of garlic add to a cold panalong with a quarter cup or 56 grams ofunsalted butter bring up to heat overmedium heat and sweat that garlic for 30seconds and immediately remove from theheat the garlic should just barely becooked allowed to sit in the butter andit will naturally finish its cookingprocess gently while you wait for thebuns to bake you can leave them a warmspot by your oven so that it doesn’t youknow solidify or anything like that youwanted to be meltednow once the buns are done remove themfrom the oven and immediately brush themgenerously with garlic butter and guesswhat that’s right my favorite thing onthe planet my best friendflaky soul he’s back now slap some ofthat on your hot buttered bunsbe generous don’t be shyand at this point I think you know whatto do you can either let them cool oryou can just destroy them all byyourselfthey are better when they’re warm justjust so you know and now it’s the momentwe’ve all been waiting for hot butteredbun sequence a b-roll[Music]all right guys and that is it soJapanese milk bread made into the mostamazing dinner rolls of all timeI’m not sure if I’m still gonna do aloaf of this I may do a loaf of this inthe future but as of right now dinnerrolls just they just sat way better withme and a loaf because everybody lovesdinner rolls especially when they’rebrushed with garlic butter and flakysalt because always like Esau always anddon’t forget to follow me on Instagramand Twitter the links are all in mydescription but anyway if you enjoyedthis video or you learned somethingleave a like subscribe and I will seeyou next week[Music]you[Music]

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