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I Made a Hamburger Completely From Scratch…EVEN THE BUN

Okay, mostly everyone enjoys a really good hamburger. It isn’t terribly hard to make a decent one, but what happens if you make everything, fresh, from scratch? EVEN THE PICKLES!

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Video Transcription

what is up guys I’m Joshua Weissman andtoday we’re gonna talk about thegreatest hamburger that ever lived andwe’re gonna make it and I’m gonna showyou how I figured since my last videowas all about creating the most sensuousfrench fries ever it would only be rightto do the same thing to its significantother the beautiful hamburger it’spretty simple and straightforward but Ifeel like a lot of places just don’temphasize the quality of each and everysingle ingredient the component thatgoes into the burger therefore wheneveryou go to a place it’s like they’realways lacking in some departmentwhether it be the meat the bun or any ofthe toppings the pickles the lettucewhatever there’s almost always one thingit’s a debbie downerfor me and so I won’t take the time togive it the TLC tender loving care thatthe burger truly deserves in its meatyheart in other words we’re gonna treatthis burger like it’s our child justlike I do with my bread babies like inthis Instagram story[Music]love like that now let’s go now itwouldn’t be an ultimate hamburger if youweren’t making your own brioche buns I’mjust saying to make that you’re gonnaneed about three cups of bread flour anda quarter cup of all-purpose next you’regonna need two and a half teaspoons ofsugar and one and a half teaspoons ofsalt hesitate a little bit because youforgot what the recipe was which by theway that was two teaspoons of active dryyeast next turn your mixer on and justkinda get those dry ingredientsincorporated before we add the wet nowyou’re gonna add a mixture of one cup ofwarm water and three tablespoons ofaluminum doesn’t really matter what kindof is now this part is optional but Iadded a little bit of my sourdoughstarter just to kind of kick things up anotch next you’re gonna add one wholeegg and don’t forget to intermittentlyscrape the bowl just a little bit nowthe mixer running on medium low you’regonna add about three tablespoons ofsoftened butter and make sure thatyou’re adding this one spoonful at atime and just wait until it getsincorporated and then add it again andthen repeat that process until all ofyour butter is used now just let thatbad-boy run on medium speed for tenminutes that’s right ten full minuteslook at that b-roll footage thank godnow once the dough has been thoroughlymix you’re gonna transfer it to a largebowl really weird heat like that coverit with plastic wrap let it rise at roomtemperature for one to three hours nowonce it’s risen you’re gonna divide thedough into eight equal portions andshape them into a ballas you can see here once you’ve shapedall of them cover them do not cover themwith plastic wrap like I did dear Goddon’t do that use a damp dish towel nowthat aside we’re gonna go ahead andthinly slice some cucumber look at theseoh my godthat b-roll footage is too damn good nowin a large pot we’re gonna go ahead andadd about two cups of white vinegarabout 1/4 cup of rice vinegar and 2really heating tablespoons of whitesugar bring that up to a boil and giveit a little quick whisk now the momentthat it comes up to a boil you’re gonnago ahead and pour that directly overyour sliced cucumbers now in here youcan add any aromatics you want but I’mjust gonna leave it plain I added alittle bit of thyme actually cover thatwith plastic and press the plastic downso it adheres to the hot liquid belowthat just creates an airtight seal soeverything gets bigger now for our Mayowe’re gonna add two egg yolks about ateaspoon of Dijon mustard a good helpfulpinch of salt and a squeeze of lemonjuice with that up now here comes theimportant part if you’ve never made Mayoby hand you can need to constantly whiskand slowly pour in a stream of oil I’mgonna speed up the clip here and as youcan see I’m slowly adding oil bit by bitI started with little droplets and thenI started doing a steady stream whileconstantly whiskeytell it was the correct consistencyremember that you’re constantly whiskingand make sure that the oil is beingadded slowly now we’re gonna go aheadand add to actually make that threetablespoons of ketchup yeah I know we’rescrewing over a Mayo that we just made awhole clove of garlic fresh grater wechop some onion flakes just about ateaspoon and then a fresh crack of blackpepper and some Frank’s redhot just forgood measure whisk it up and here is whyyou don’t use plastic wrap because theplastic wrap stuck to the dough do notuse plastic wrap anyway we’re gonnabrush these crappy buns with egg washseason them with a little bit of saltand a little bit of black sesame seedand put them in the oven at 400 degreesfor 15 to 20 minutes now while that isbaking I’m gonna go ahead and get ourbacon cooking because of we must behonest a burger without bacon is notso we’re gonna keep that over mediumheat and constantly turn them until theyare to our liking if you like a crispygreat if you like a floppy you know morepower to you once they’re done you cancook transfer them to a papertowel-lined plate and you do the powerof movie magic the buns are done andsliced in half now we’re gonna put it ina pan on medium heat with some butter inthere and boost it nicely I like to adda little bit of something like a grateon top just to weigh it down and let ittoast until they’re nice and golden itshould take about 1 to 3 minutes I mightnote that toasting your bun for a burgeris extremely important so make sure thatyou do that do not skip that part nextwe’re going to slice this beautifultomato into I would say about 1/2 inchslices I like them thick you can do aquarter of an inch if you prefer now I’mgonna season our ground beef with saltand pepper do a pretty generously you’regonna need quite a bit of salt and we’regonna season them again so just becognizant of that mix it up once that’sthoroughly mixed you’re going to formthese into nice little bugs and makesure that they’re evenly sized givingyou a slap in fact listen to this allright snuff that here are our finishedpatties they should look like thatnow season them with salt and pepperpretty generously just like you would asteak so important do not skip add it toa pan that’s on a medium-highrip-roaring hot and sear it two to threeminutes on both sides now once youseared it go ahead and add your cheeseand do this little trickery pour somewater in the bottom of the hot pan andcover it quickly with oil don’t burnyourself because that steam will messyou up now let that cook for one tothree minutes depending on how you likeyour burger cooked I like my burgermedium-rare so I let us sit in there forabout a minute and a half if you want itmore cooked leave it in there longer youleave it in there or cooked its gonnaget now as you can tell from my excitedhands it is time to build our burgers sofirst we’re gonna add our burgers sauceand spread a nice healthy amount of thaton the bottom of the bun make sure youspread that out evenly and then nextwe’re gonna add our lettuce I choseiceberg lettuce and then we’re going toadd our tomatoes but make sure that youseason your tomatoes the salt somethingthat nobody ever does but really we needto start doing it but and add yourseason tomatoes to the burger and nextis the piece de resistance the actualburger patty which looks pretty damngood already now add your bacon piecesand your Findley sliced red onion ifyou’re into that add more burger sauceon the top bun and then add your picklesthat you madeand topic are you ready for this now youdidn’t think that I wouldn’t show across-section of this beautiful thingwould you because all right guys that isit for this episodeall in all effort vs. result kind ofworth it kind of not worth it I don’tknow how I feel yet it was really goodthe burger was really good but I’m stillphysically sweating from all of theeffort

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