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How to make rice in rice cooker | best rice and bread making functions cooker | AR CREATIVE TECH

how to make rice in rice cooker | best rice and bread making functions cooker | AR CREATIVE TECH

hy guys! well come to our YouTube channel AR CREATIVE TECH.
guys in this video you can see how to make rice in rice cooker best rice and bread making functions cooker .
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1.▶tiger rice cooker with bread making function:

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Video Transcription

with Tiger rice cookers you can make
rice while steaming delicious dishes in
the upper tray but today it’s all about
the rice follow these easy steps and
your rice will be perfect every time
we’re using Japanese rice here
but Tiger machines have OneTouch
settings for all types of rice measure
out a level cup of rice careful not to
heap or overfill the cup now pour your
rice into the inner pot and rinse
thoroughly with cold water
swishing the rice and water vigorously
but gently enough not to break the
grains we’ll do this a number of times
the water will turn milky white well
rinsed Japanese rice tastes better and
has a cleaner texture rinse drain and
repeat this process until the water
you’re pouring out is almost clear now
that your rice is well rinsed fill the
inner pot with water to the line that
corresponds with the number of cups of
rice you’re making in this case we’re
making two cups open your rice cooker
and simply insert the inner pot with the
side handles fitting into the concave
cutouts close it up and find the setting
you’re looking for today we’re using the
plain setting and press Start and you’re
good to go
your Tiger rice cooker is keeping its
eye on the clock for you once the keep
warm light illuminates open your machine
and fluff the cooked rice and there you
have it a bowl of perfectly cooked
Japanese rice
the slow cook setting on your tiger rice
cooker makes mealtime a breeze today
we’ll prepare a savory and tender pot
roast no matter what you’re making for
dinner Tiger has got you covered most of
what you’ll need for the gravy may
already be in your kitchen cabinet place
one can of condensed cream of mushroom
soup into the inner pot of your rice
cooker toss in three quarters of a
packet of dehydrated onion soup mix add
half a cup of water and give it all a
really good stir then place two pounds
of tri-tip roast into the mixture and
coat the meat well set the inner pot
into the body of your rice cooker close
it up select the slow cook setting then
set the timer for three hours and hit
the start key let’s prep some veggies
we’re using celery green beans carrots
and a potato but feel free to use
whatever you’d like chop the veggies
into bite-size pieces and then at the 90
minute mark carefully open your rice
cooker and add the vegetables to the mix
then close that lid we’re in the
homestretch once the timer hits zero and
they keep warm light kicks on open it up
and plate it up well that was easy and
the meat is so tender
a savory homey meal for the entire
family dinner made easy by tiger

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