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#Bread #Pav #Recipe 🍞🥖 (Part 1)

I’ve never trained in Baking- But I’ve loveddd the idea of Baking Bread at home and so I tried Recipes from @nishamadhulika_recipes (first ever #BombayPavRecipe I tried back in 2013) to @vegrecipesofindia and so many more..!! 🥰🥰

There are innumerable #Breadrecipes out there- with a different flour- use milk- made in cooker or Tawa or Oven- variations are galore..!!
This is My Variation and #HomeMade #PavRecipe that works for me- so happy to share it here finally ❤❤
That’s why I say that if a untrained #HomeCook like me can bake Bread at home- YOU can too..!! 👍👍
Especially if you are going to try it for the first time I am adamant to give you that push-
1. This is the Best time to try
2. The Aroma and taste of #HomeBaked #freshBread is just MINDBLOWING
3. Practise really makes you perfect when it comes to Baking Bread at Home
4. You can eat them Hot and Fresh straight from the Oven
5. Ingredients are few and simple

Let’s Spread the Love ❤❤ of #HomeCooked Meals 👍👍

Tips that I follow when #BakingBreadAtHome 👌👌

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Here are details with some Tips that can be especially useful for someone who wants to try #BakingAtHome for the First time👍👍
1. Every Household has a different Oven- mechanism differs- not just Oven even The Brand of #Yeast, #Flour,etc- So my 1st observation when it came to #BakingBreadAtHome was that we need to try it more than once to get a hang of our own Oven (also other ingredients)
2.So try with a Basic Recipe as your foundation and work around it to get a better result- Trial and Error (make a note of quantity and timing if you are changing it next time)
3.Quality of Yeast- first step is to #ActivateYeast- if you don’t get a frothy activated yeast- throw it out. TRUST ME! Saves you a lot of trouble. I learnt this the hard way. Get a new packet or another brand and try over again. Luckily this is the first step so you don’t need to waste much time.
4. Next mix all ingredients and knead your dough- I make it just the way I make Chapati dough(NO fancy methods of putting flour on the surface and kneading too much). They say stickier the dough better it is- so I prefer applying some oil on my palms instead of dusting flour(cause more flour can make the dough dry).Then Cover and keep it to rise
5. The Dough Rising time will differ depending on the temperature in your area. Although I live in the UAE where it’s so hot- due to centralised AC at our apartment the kitchen is always cool- hence Rising time is over an hour easily. So if its warmer at your place it can take 30mins- just wait and check your dough every 30mins the first time to see how long it takes to double(note it down). Patience is the key here. You dont need to do any physical activity 😉😉 just wait..!! .
6. Once your dough is ready they say you should punch it- basically deflate the risen flour and knead it again- so I simply follow this step- again I prefer applying oil on my fingers when kneading- cover the dough and keep aside for it to rise for its 2nd Rise
7. After the 2nd Rise- punch- knead- make balls/any shape – with 1 Cup Flour I manage to make 8 Pavs (bread rolls)
6.Make shapes/balls- or just keep the dough in one Roll- once baked you can cut into it- this needs to rest and Rise- so shape/design/roll them the way you want at this stage and leave it to Rise- I keep for 30 mins
7.After this☝️Put the Oven ON- ForPreheating and same time apply Milk wash(that’s just apply milk over the rolls very gently)- egg wash(beaten egg) gives a better glaze/shine – so choose whichever you like- at this stage you can also sprinkle some sesame seeds/mixed herbs/whatever is handy or just leave it plain- let it rest for 30mins as the Oven is also Preheating
8. Now Bake!! This Part is the Most exciting Part and the #AromaOfBreadBaking will fill up your Home and Hearts.😍😍.I bake for 30 to 40mins (just until the top of the Bread is light brown).. I have an Oven with no temperature setting- direct fire just below- so I bake on Medium to High flame- on the 2nd Rack from below. There are many tricks and tips out there to get a soft bread or hard crust etc. Key is to get a hang of your Oven and its setting!!
9. While baking I keep a Glass of water inside the Oven- a Tip that helps keep Bread moist- totally avoidable if not possible
10. Once baked I love to run some Butter over the Hot bread- no explanation for this- I Just love it..❤❤ Eat away!!
11. Through Trial and error I realised it’s better to use a Thick Bottom Glassware for baking since my Oven has heat only at the Bottom so it can burn the lower part of the Bread until I wait for the bread to brown on the Top
12.Check out tips 12 and more on

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