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How to make Great Grandmas Bread

I am going to give you my great grandmas receipt for her bread. It is so easy to make and so tasty. I hope you enjoy it. May God Bless you and your family and we will see you next time.

This is C.F.F.

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Video Transcription

good morning friends so today I’m goingto be making great grandma’s bread andI’m gonna give you the recipelet’s break Graham ahead like their teenrecipes for bread she used whatever shehad on hand she grew up back at theGalen you used what you had he didn’treally worry about it so I always startsame way grandma did with sifting herflour that way you don’t have anythingin it[Music][Music]you don’t have one of these get one onlya couple bucks all right then I got myflour sifted I’m also gonna need twocups warm water you’re on it too hotyou’ll burn the east you just want thewater warm enough the East will activatewhat I also like to do is I makes them alittle bit of sugar into the water itjust helps the East activate[Music]mix that upwith the right metal[Music]then I do one packet of yeast[Music]so my galaxy’s I have cheeks beggins Ihave jar because we make nothing stuckwith East okay it takes about tenminutes for that East activate so you’regonna need its enlarged alright you cansubstitute the large with some oil but Ijust think the lard makes it tastebetter and you’re going to need yoursugar you’re gonna need some saltalright the other ingredient so it’s thebad the other ingredient besides that isthe flour and you’re usually gonna addthe flour as neededokay so now my yeast meant aboutactivated for a little whileI’m gonna mix in my sugar and lard andmy pinch of salt[Music]give a light stir[Music]yeahnow largest I’m going to break down veryfastI’m just gonna add the flour in thelight will end up spreading throughoutthe mixture okaythere’s gonna mix some of the flour and[Music]you know lately makes it otherwise we’regoing to make a messdid you hear the rumor about the butterI better not spread it all right so thenyou’re gonna put your meter under yourmixer[Music]you don’t have to use a KitchenAid Ihave one I’m going to use it you want toadd as much flour as you needI like slowly add it towards the end andwhat I’ll do is I’ll turn on the oven tothe slowest setting[Music]now give it a good place right all rightwe have a fireplace and a fire going putit aside that I’ve done that past Iworked really good okay I want up andput it into a bowland then you’ll cover that bowl with atowel and I’ll take a couple hours whatdo you want to double in sizelend me what you will do is you little[Music]punch it down split it put it in yourloaves and then let it rise againall right that way it’s nice and fluffy[Music][Music]so you want a tacky or not too tackyall right I’m going to be able to pickit up[Music][Music][Music]all right the nice thing about thesesifters flower[Music]you can get a nice little layer on thecounter[Music]so your breadth of six years dollarsokay you guys still need it by hand[Music][Music]just gonna fold it and push okay[Music]yeah me and my sister were talking aboutour breads and she was going about herrecipe that great-grandma gave her pussowner that’s really different than whatshe gave me[Music]everybody had their hidden breasts[Music]great-grandma never measured and shemade bread the filter kitchen he wouldgo through a 50-pound bag of flourone bread-making sessionjust because you’d roll shootingclose[Music]make breakfast breads all basically thesame thingI’ll do another video now you make thisinto a nice little breakfast bread[Music]the start feel good[Music]spread it out a little bit make surethere’s no lumps of beta[Music]very nice soft[Music]do another videomake a breakfast bread fromyou do a little bit differentthe amount of sugar[Music]wait prep it further your lowsbasically all it comes down to and thenthe bake time it changes a little bityou have anything inside of itall right let me get a pan put this inthe oven let it rise now I do is I’mgonna lightly boil this bowl so that itdoesn’t stick to it just when it risesit does become detectiveI left that double[Music]so there was a towel so to dry out[Music]all right take about an hour towardsyour eyes first time it’s about anotherhour afternoon splitwe go get some other stuff done clean upour mess[Music]we’ll see you againall right it has doubled inside punch itdown[Music]it’s flower not tacky[Music]how men do is I must split it okayrightmisshape it[Music]briefs manI’m gonna do is I’m gonna flop it itspread it outand I just let it rise again okaywhen I rise again for about another hourand once that’s doneand a double again then you can bake itright[Music][Music]yeah normally when I’m making this I’mmaking three times them up it’s a littleweird for me to be doing two loavesnormally[Music]four to six depending on how much youwant one hand this is only gonna come upand it’s probably she’s gonna rise up toabout here okay normally what I would dois I would have it[Music]I can only picture this just barelycresting that and this one I thinkprobably gonna be flat but you know whatit’ll make them to toast and otherthingsand it’ll dizzy on where the other[Music]okay I cover this back up back inpreheated ovenlet him rise again on the double[Music]Fred doubled in sizeokay it’s now you got to preheat theoven 350 I’ll bake for about 50 minutesokay Leones it what I’m gonna do[Music][Applause][Music]all right[Music]they up great[Music]my wish to stick butter always better[Music]get inside[Music]alright I’ll let this cool up pop themout of the pants finish on the coolingrack here we go[Music]I’ll let that finish fully on this[Music]you know I’ve got it up now have a slice[Music]we’ll be gone for Anila good soon asthey see thisthere won’t be anything left by Saturday[Applause]let beno need to make more[Music]I’m really gonna gothis is cff thanks for watching and Godbless you and your family and we’ll seeyou next time[Music]

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