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Virtual Weekend Outlook – Bake with Bread Ahead – GW Hatchet

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Video Transcription

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19 Replies to “Virtual Weekend Outlook – Bake with Bread Ahead – GW Hatchet

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  4. I have a question about the flax egg. do you use flax seed or ground flax? I can’t tell what kind you are using in the vid. Thanks!!

  5. This is so restful. Me and The Dog are dozing on the giant sofa, listening to Craig figure out banana bread. Doesn’t get better than this. Quarantiiiine!

  6. Its a pretty wet recipe it needs the hour , aussie cook would be 180c for 45 to 50 mins test it with cake skewer or similar

  7. This is very enjoyable even watching replay. Thank you so much. Most of us out here in the country and world are pretty much going crazy right now. You and your family are like OUR family!

  8. for future recipes, i’m looking into how to use almond flour, so anything with that would be appreciated!

  9. Hey Craig! Your editing suite is no longer available on amazon- just thought you might want to know. I’m not mad or anything! lol

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