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How to make bread at home cc. |عمل عيش فالمنزل

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Video Transcription

first of all hi :)add 1 cup of warm water2 and half teaspoon of yeastmixafter that add half cup of flourmix wellput this mixture to the sideand bring big balladd 2 cups of flour1/2 tsp saltadd the previous mixture to the main ballnow use ur hand so the dough form get perfectcover it so it resets15 mins latergive it a good batchand cover it againleave it around an hourin a warm placewipe an oil on a tray like soand divide the dough to 2 halftry to make the piece to a cylindrical shape like soadd warm water to a separated tray underneath that one45 mins later it doubles in sizedo cuts like so if u wantpreheat the oven on 180 degreeafter 5 mins its readyi put under it water so inside become moiston a 240 heat for 15 -20 minsyummy its readylet it cool for a whilenow lets cut it :)crispy form outsideput so fluffy insideI hope u liked the video :)if u did please like and subscribeshow some support to the channeland watch the previous videos tooand thanks for watching !

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