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Video Transcription

in addition coffee coffee in the sky[Music]okayso where did you go today you’ve been tothe other one[Music]thegood presentnot sweetyes yeah this one is a bit faulty Iwould say a bit saltyyes it was very good for hearing okaycan you guess I mean like generally theJapanese especially in Kyoto what dothey have for breakfast personally aslike fish or missile shield size thosekind of things right but here in Kyotonot here in Kyoto well maybe some ofthem are still eating those traditionalthings but Kyoto famous of the breakfasthaving read a traditional TV Europeanstyle that’s why you will see you fightour bakery shop in Googleget it off – okay so if you go to thecity more and most of if you go to likelet’s take to the your dobashi cameraand there will be a restaurant who thatserves all-you-can-eat grip all you caneat so that they surpassed laughs of medoing any lesser things but you can eatbread as much as you likeright now it’s popular to make yourfriends because everybody’s like makingtheir own thing right now as a hobby oras a because of the farmingmake their own foodshe’s active thing they could girlfriendbefore this but now let’s go cheap yeahin California Michigan top Michigan[Music][Music]yes I’m gonna need you but I bought ithere in Japan so the Roasterie theybought the green beans then they roastitself I mean like it’s not easy to getfrom Indonesia directly I’m not a bigcompany so just leave those things thenjust pop from there bubble you be and Icould just like for me but someone thumbcame it comes here I can like order themto bring for me but the problem is ofcourse now this coronavirus and one morething is like what happened it but theseare finishedOh God so they’re out so I neededimmediately to be like aboutorder from Indonesia directly was likecar takes long time the fastest would belet’s say a weekI can’t stand so I have to findsomewhere here in Japanwell they have to be that yeah and I canorder them to like make the roast levelthe roasting level yes I can go thereagainask them look older them that’s goodokay Japan I mean like if they’ve beenordered they’re like who are you but youshould ask try to do do it for you likeit’s the same thing but how to say ityes very funny I mean especially forthem for the Roasterie company I’m stilla new guy with a man I’m buying not abig big house just small mouth but theywere like okay I’ll try to eat for youokay so I Wowyeah you know dependents as long asyou’re polite and show them you lookbowing you’re like more lower than themyeah humble they will help you[Music]thank you very much coming all rightthank you very much thank you you too[Music][Music]

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