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How to Bake Sourdough Bread

I made this for some family and friends who asked me how I was making my sourdough bread. This recipe and technique has worked for me, it might not be perfect, but the bread is delicious!

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Video Transcription

okay this is how you make the bread oncethe starter is ready so you need tobegin with 150 grams of bubbly activestarter which is what we have here soI’m going to weigh out 150 grams of thestarter out then you add 25 grams ofextra virgin olive oiland also 250 grams of warm water fromthe refrigerator so filtered warm waterat about like 80 to 90 degrees so Imicrowaved mine for just a little bitand that came out to be exactly 1 cup ofwater so those are the first threeingredients that you add together andthen you mix them really well ok so onceit’s nice and mixed like this then youadd 500 grams of flour and in that caseit says bread flour sometimes we do ahalf and a half so it ended up beingexactly 4 cups of flour and I did 2 cupsof all-purpose flour and 2 cups of breadflour so just gonna mix that all or justkind of pour it in and then this recipealso says to add 10 grams of salt solet’s see what that comes out to it’sprobably aboutyeah I was a bit like about a teaspoonof salt at this point you can either putit in the stand-up mixer I’m using thispaddle attachment until it kind ofloosely forwards or I like to just kindof get my hands in there and they saythat you can either like pinch and foldit or just get your hands dirty so youjust kind of mix it and gently like thisit kind of starts incorporating and themore you work the dough the more itforms into a tight ball so it’s gonnaget really sticking that like in yourfingers and whatnot but then after awhile it’ll end up creating a ball andthen you will take that ball and put itinto another bowl a clean Bowl and coverit with plastic saran wrap and a toweland then set it in a warm spot for about30 minutes just a few minutes and I justkind of needed it it looks a little bitlumpy still which is fine it’s notperfect I don’t even know how topronounce this next phase it’s calledOtto Otto leaves something along thoselines so like this and you put it in thebowl and this helps all the flour makesure that the flour is absorbed and thenyou’re gonna fold it and like more of abowl or more of a ball later in 30minutes so I’m just gonna cover it withplastic wrap this towel over it and letit sit just like that for about 30minutes all right so it’s been a halfhour and it started rising a little bitbut now I’m just gonna fold it betterand this is the beginning of what isbulk fermentation and during fullfermentation it takes about 12 hours soit takes like a day and during this timeyou can do what they call stretchingfolds and so you always have to begentle when you’re working with thedough ball but you’re going to kind ofform this into a nicer ball and thenour so for three or four times whileit’s fermenting and expanding and doingits thing you’re going to stretch andfold it in circles to just kind ofcreate the air pockets and the ears sothat’ll be nice and airy so I’m justgonna start I lightly floured thissurface and this is how you stretch itand fold it just kind of what it soundslike you kind of go in a circular motionaround and you press the dough back ontoitself so you stretch it out gently andthen you fold it back in on itself inlike quarter rotation so you just dothis a few times and as I’m doing thisit’s creating kind of some air pocketsin theretightening it up you need to just try tobe sure not to tear the dough at all andso it’ll look roughly like this it has alittle bit of flour on it I’m just gonnapop this back into the bowl and cover itwith plastic wrap and put it in a warmspot and do that again four differenttimes like once every hour and then I’mgoing to put it in the refrigeratorovernight and the next day it’ll beready to bakeokay so this is the second day and it’sI took it out of the refrigerator a fewhours ago so it’s actually risen quite abit I’m going to do one more kind offolding and forming before I cook it soit’s pretty warmand so first I’m going to carefully takeit out of this bowl and the way I dothat is I put a little flour on my handand then I kind of tilt the bowl andkind of scoop it to encourage it to falland this is just what idea this mightnot be the exact proper way of makingsourdough but it’s worked for us we’vetried it like five or six times so thisis what I’m sticking with all right soI’m getting it forms to put it in aDutch oven in the Dutch oven iscurrently heating up at 500 degrees sothe oven is on 500 degrees and that theDutch oven is inside the oven gettinghot okay so I’m going to kind of foldthis around doing the stretching foldsI’m going to be lightly pressing it andI can see all these air bubbles areinside it’s really airy and really lightso hopefully this will be a nice big redhave to do that just a few times and I’mgoing to tilt it over this way a lot ofthe directions elsewhere say to use likea bench scraper and what not but I havenot found the neccessity of that and sowhat I’m doing here is I’m now kind oftucking in the bottom to make it a niceround ball but then also not too lumpyon the bottom so if you look carefullyyou can see there’s a lot of air bubblesin there and now I’ve made this bottompart kind of nice so I have my niceround bow whenever you’re done doingthat I’m going to just kind of pop itonto this parchment paper I’m going toend up dropping the parchment paper intothe Dutch oven in about 23 minutes so Iactually ended up putting this ball andthe parchment paper into the bowl for ahalf an hour just so that it didn’tflatten out too much I just took it outof the bowl and now I’m going to scoreit before I put it in the oven and theway you cook it is you have the oven at500 degrees and you actually put a Dutchoven inside of the oven with the lid onso that it can heat up and then I’mgoing to cook it in two rounds the firstround is going to be inside the Dutchoven for about 17 minutes at 500 degreesand then at that time when it’s over I’mgoing to take the lid off I’m going tolower the temperature to 400 degrees andcook it for about 20 minutes and you cancheck that it’s done by putting athermometer inside and it shouldregister at about 205 degrees sothis is scoring you can drizzle a littlebit of flour over the top if you wouldlike I’m not gonna do that I’m not greatat scoring but I’m just gonna kind of doone mark here maybe I’ll do like a hotcross bun and do a second one there thatway it doesn’t just crack in the middleit cracks where it’s the weakest pointand so this just kind of creates a weakpoint for it all rightso the Dutch oven is going to be reallyhot obviously 500 degrees and so you gotto move fast because you don’t want torelease too much of the hot air sevenminute and then I’m going to take thelid off lower the temperature to 400degrees and cook it for about 20 moreminutes all rightthe 17 minute timer just went off so I’mgoing to open the oven and I’m gonnatake the lid out nice all right and I’mgoing to set the timer for 20 minutesand then I’m going to check using thisand once I’m gonna so I’ll put the probeall the way into the sourdough bread andonce it says 205 degrees then it shouldbe ready to go it’s been 20 minutes Ialready checked and it was about 2:05 soI’m gonna pull out of the ovenall right and you can see it is lookingreally nice so I’m gonna stick in kindof in the center there and it’s prettyclose to 205 so that tells me it is doneall that hard work and they actuallywant you to let it cool on a coolingrack so I’m going up why I like to leavethis parchment a little bit higher onthe cooling rack and there you havesevered a redyou

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