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Guyanese Salara | Red Bread | How to Make Salara


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Video Transcription

hi friends welcome back I’m Gianna todayI’m going to share with you a recipe fora tiny solaro Solarawhich is sometimes called red bread isan enriched bread that’s filled withsweetened coconut the first step is tomake the bread now we’re gonna getstarted by proof in the east in a bowlwith warm water and sugar all the leastproofs I’m gonna set it aside and getstarted on the dry ingredients wholebowl I’m adding all-purpose flour sugarand salt I’m also gonna add vegetableshortening using my hands I’m gonna mixit all together rub in the shorteninginto the flour you want to do this untilthere are no big pieces of shorteningremain ambition resemble coarse cornmealnext I’m gonna add this to the mixingbowl of my stand up mixer along with theyeast and this is what your yeast shouldlook like after 10 minutes next I’mgonna add a beaten egg and warm milk andI’m gonna mix this in my mixer using adual hook attachment you can also dothis by hand but the dough is a bit onthe sticky side so if you find it to bea little bit sticky add about 1/4 to 1/3cup of flour don’t add too much whilethe bread is mixed in I’m gonna getstarted on making the filling to makethe filling I’m gonna add a shreddedcoconut sugar cinnamon vanilla extractand red food color into a bowl and mixit all togetherthe red food coloring is gonna give themixture the red color in the salaah isknown for which is also sometimes calledred bread or red cakeI’m using gel food coloring but Ibelieve the liquid works better it justmixes in better now if you’re gonna usered food coloring be sure to look for notaste red because using this amount ofred can make your fill-in bitter ofcourse you can make this any color youwant you can play around with it but tomake it a classic solaro it has to beready on a floured surface I am gonnaturn the door out onto the counter andI’m just gonna need this just taking ina little bit of that flour so it’s alittle less sticky I’m just gonna kneadthis for a few minutes and then I’mgonna form it into a ball the fullrecipe is on my blog GM can cook calmand I will leave the link below in thedescription box once I form the doughinto a ball I’m gonna place it into alarge greased Bowl and I’m gonna coverthe ball and let it sit in a warm placeI typically like to let bread sit on mystove because that’s typically thewarmest place in my kitchen and just letit sit until it doubles in size thisusually takes about an hour and this iswhat its gonna look like after now whatyou’re gonna see the bread has risen andI’m just gonna punch it down into themiddle and then turn it out onto alightly floured surface that is way toomuch flour at this point you don’treally want to add too much flour to themixturenow I’m gonna lightly knead it for abouta minute or so and then I’m gonna dividethis into half I’m going to set asidehalf of the dough and the other half I’mgonna roll into a large rectangle usingmy marble rolling pin which I absolutelylovebecause of the weight it makes rollingstretchy dough very very easy once I’verolled out the dough I’m gonna brush itwith melted butter and don’t be temptedto add too much butter because if you doso it’s gonna leak out during thecooking process and it’s going to be agreasy messnext I’m gonna add half of the coconutmixture that we made earlier and justspread it across until it’s nice andeven and I’m gonna spread it very closeto the ends but just leave a little bitof a border or wrong this is gonna helpus to seal the bread next I’m gonna rollit up tightly kind of like a jelly rolland just start at one end and make yourway across to the other end not onlyroll it all up it’s time to seal it andthis is why we left a little borderalong the sides take in the edge I’mjust gonna pinch it against the doughand this is gonna seal it and help it tokeep its shape as it bakes[Music]next you’re gonna roll it over so theseam is on the bottom and then we’regonna pinch the ends and tuck it undermeet this process with the other half ofdual and coconut I’m gonna take theseand place them onto a large baking panside by side and let it rise for asecond time this is what its gonna looklike what I’m gonna do is cover thisloosely with cling wrap place it backonto my stove and allow it to sit therefor about 35 to 40 minutes and it shoulddouble in size then I’m gonna remove thecling wrap and liberally brush the topswith a mixture of egg white and waterthis is gonna make it a beautiful goldencolor and give it a nice crust as itbakes then I’m gonna place it into anoven that’s been preheated and bake forabout 25 minutes until it’s golden brownand this is what it should look like andyou guys your house is going to smellamazing these are so delicious they’reso soft and the filling is just perfecta mother filling perfectly sweet not toooverpowering if you’ve enjoyed thisvideo please be sure to subscribe I havea lot of fun videos coming up and youdon’t want to miss those be sure to headdown into the description box for thelink to the full recipe and also be sureto leave a comment I’ll see you guysnext timeyou

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  4. We do this in St Lucia and call it turnover, but in smaller individual rolls.  I’ll try this.  Thanks Jehan.

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