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Homemade Bread for Beginners – Easy

Easy Homemade Bread for Beginners. Today at Deep South Texas we are making some terrific homemade sandwich bread. This recipe and technique comes from @Bake with Jack . The process is easy, and the results are terrific. If you are new to bread baking or want to give it a try, this is the recipe for you. Check out Jack’s channel for tips on bread baking. See the ingredients below.

7 cups bread flour
3 cups water
2 Table spoons instant yeast (2 packages)
3 tea spoons salt
2 Table spoons oil
Bake at 400 F for 40 minutes


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Video Transcription

[Music]hi y’all this is larrya Deep South Texasand today we’re going to make a simpleloaf of bread if you’re a beginner thisis the place to start so the recipe I’musing today comes from another YouTubechannel baked with Jack I’ll leave alink to his channel in the descriptionbelowI’ll also leave a list of theingredients Jack’s from the UK so hisingredients are in grams but I’ll try toconvert them over to cups and teaspoonsand here are the ingredients 7 cups ofbread flour 3 cups of water 2tablespoons of instant yeast and that bethe same as 2 pack 2 small packages ifthat’s what you’re using we have 3teaspoons of salt and 2 tablespoons ofoil you can use vegetable oil or oliveoil I’m using sunflower oil so the firstthing we do is add our water to themixing bowl and and we add the yeast tothe waterget that all mixed in let that set forjust a few minutes till that yeastdissolves now we add our seven cups offlour to the yeast and water mixture wesprinkle on the saltand then put in the oiland then we mix this upit’ll take a little bit to get the flourand water incorporated and it’s allmixed in and now we’re going to turnthis out onto a board and knead it[Music]now supposed to need this for eightminutesI’m usually probably going to get tiredbefore my eight minutes are up but we’llsee how it goesso about halfway through the kneadingprocess now occasionally you got to getyour scraper in herescrape up some of this dough that’ssticking to the board and just continueon meeting so we’ve been needing thisfor eight minutes now so now we’re justgoing to let it rest for three minuteswe’ll throw a cloth over that and we’llcome back in three minutes so we’ve letour dough set for three minutes nowwe’re going to start shaping it a littlebit put a little bit of flour on the topand we’re going to turn it over flattenit out a little bitand start trying to shape it into a balljust grab an end and fold it overtill you’re happy with that ball shapethen we’re going to take it put it backin our bowl sprinkle a little bit moreflour on top and we’re going to coverthat and let that rise for one hourso our dough has been rising for an hourand it looks like it’s come up prettywell so yeah I’d say that that’s risennow I’m going to take this out anddivide it into two pieces so we’remaking two loaves put a little bit ofdusting of flour on here againgo around the edge here hopefully it’llfall out a little bit better there we gospread that out a little bit and we’regoing to divide this into two pieceshopefully they’ll be even pieces but Idon’t think it matters all rightnow we’re going to pre shape our loavesjust go around the edge fold it up intothe middle until we get the round shapewe’re looking for actually we are goingto cook these in in tens but this preshaping part herewe do that to help it stick together alittle bit so hold it hold its shape andhold its tension so that it rises betterin the pannow set those off to the side of anotherlittle sprinkling of flour and we’ll letthose rest for 15 minutes so our doughhas been resting for 15 minutes and nowit’s time to do the final shaping alittle bit of flour on that surfacethere turn that over on the top andpress that down a little bit with yourfingertipsand fold it over kind of at an angleeach side kind of a triangular shapewhat we’re shooting for is the bottom ofthat triangle to be about the size ofthat little no I think we’ll be okaywith that creating more tension on thetop of the loafa little bit more flour on top get thatbottom seam all pinched in real good getsome flour on that some flour on the allthe sides and then this goes into theloaf pan and the loaf pan has been hasbeen buttered so it won’t stick and thatgoes in the loaf pan and we let thatrise for an hour now we do the samething with this other one that flippedoutfold that over fold this over punch itdown a little bit and roll it upget that seam all sealed up a littlemore flour along sides and then this onegoes into and there they are and we’lllet these rise for another hour andabout a half an hour I’ll startpreheating the oven to 400 degreesFahrenheit so my bread has been risingfor an hour it’s looking really goodit’s filled out those loaf pans realwell they are ready to go in the ovenand the oven has been preheated to 400degrees so let’s get these in the oventhere’s one and there’s the other onenow these will bake for 40 minutes I’mactually going to check them at 35 tosee how they’re doing I didn’t put anywater in the oven to create a nice steamwhat I’m looking for is sandwich breadnot real crusty bread so looking forwardto them coming out in 35 to 40 minuteswell it’s been 40 minutes it’s time toget this bread out of the ovenand it looks pretty good let’s skipthese out on a drying rack or a coolthing a cooling rack okay they comeright out they sound like they’re doneonce they get cooled down I think that’sgonna make some pretty nice sandwichbread oh and I do want to brush the topswith a little melted butter heremake sure that they stay nice and softour bread is cooled down it’s time toget a slice and see what it tastes likewell there it is it looks pretty goodlooks pretty good I think that’ll makegreat sandwich breadwhat’s the butter a slice and give her atasteall rightit’s great it’s great that’s gonna makea great sandwich bread here for thefamilyturned out just perfect so if you’re notinto bread baking and you want to trythis recipe is the one to try it’sfairly simple the hopes look justwonderful you know couldn’t be happierwith the results hope you enjoyed thisvideo good give it that thumbs up thanksfor watching we’ll see you again nexttime[Music]

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