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There is nothing better than the smell of #bread baking in the morning. Today I’m sharing my favourite traditional #Irish #brownbread recipe from Kevin Dundon. I hope you enjoy it!

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s up everybody welcome back to mychannel if you are new here my name isSinead and today I am going to show youhow to make this beautiful traditionalIrish brown bread hello if you canfollow me on social media for a whileyou know that I’ve been absolutelyobsessed with baking I am loving thatpost dissertation baking life andspecifically I bellowing making breadall kinds of breads but this has got tobe my favorite so far my granny used tobake bread every single day so it’s nowonder I’m absolutely obsessed with itso today’s recipe is one that I foundwas searching the web for something thatwould even come close to mygrandmother’s own recipe and this one isfrom an Irish chef Kevin Dhin Dhin iwill leave a link to where i found thisrecipe in the description box below youreally won’t believe how quick and easyand delicious it is until do you ever goback to store-bought right again sowithout further ado let me show you howto make this beautiful traditional irishfriend bread loaf okay everybody sostraight away just by looking at theutensils that you need for this recipeyou can see how simple it iseverything you see here you’ll alreadyhave in your kitchen cupboard at home sothe first thing you’re going to do isline your baking tin with non-stickbaking parchment a 2-pound loaf tinworks best for this recipe[Music]the ingredients that you see here areequally as easy to find at your localstore the beauty of buying bags of flouris that you can make multiple batches ofbread from 1/2 kilogram bag of wholemealflour I’ll usually get about 4 laws[Music]so here’s what you need to make thisrecipe 350 grams wholemeal flour 50grams of plain white flour 50 grams ofporridge oats 2 large eggs 2 levelteaspoons of bread soda a tablespoon ofthe oil of your choice500 mils of buttermilk and a pinch ofsalt let’s go ahead and preheat the ovento 170 degrees Celsius on a fan oven orgas mark 3 all you’re going to do is addall your dry ingredients into a largemixing bowl saving in the flour and thebread soda give all those dryingredients a good mix around and ontoyour wet ingredients whisk up your 2eggsas the oil that you’ve chosen for yourrecipe here I’m using rapeseed oil andincorporate the milk add the wetingredients into the dry scoop writeyour joke to make sure you get it alland give it a good mix around make surethe mixture is really well incorporatedgrab your lined loaf tin and gently pourin that sloppy mixtureflatten down the top of the back of yourspatula to make sure that the breadRises evenly and top with some porridgealways bake your bread in the oven at170 degrees Celsius for one hour afterthe error is up remove the bread fromthe tin pull down the paper and pop itback in the oven by itself for another20 minutesAgustina got dinner a beautifultraditional irish brown bread loaf forall the family to enjoy[Music]okay everybody that brings us to the endof the video I really hope you enjoyedit and you can see just how quick andeasy and beautiful this bread is if youtry it please don’t forget to tag me onall my social medias Twitter FacebookInstagram whatever and I will talk toyou in my next video bye[Music]


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