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Easy bake 👩‍🍳 Banana loaf Bread 🍞

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Video Transcription

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8 Replies to “Easy bake 👩‍🍳 Banana loaf Bread 🍞

  1. Willing to bet her name is really Karen but she changed it to Caren because she thinks calling someone a Karen is sexist.

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  5. Wait, she has a problem with people buying flour and goes on to say that people need to stop purchasing the flour so people who bake with flour can have it? Can’t wait till she joins the army and finds out about catch 22. It is funny how she says that she bakes her own bread and pizza crust, so I’m questioning how much bread does she consume a day for depending on how you prepare your bread it could take a full day for your dough to fully rise before baking, so she knows she has at least one full day before she needs to prepare more dough. Also organic flour, she does know why it is almost triple the price of normal flour? Maybe she wants the extra protein the weevils give for they are more common to appear in organic flour than regular flour. And lastly, if she does all this baking, why is she going to the supermarket and not a wholesaler? Buying from a supermarket is always going to be expensive when the flour you are buying doesn’t exceed a 1kg package.

  6. Well im about to pull out my baking college binder full of bread recipes and go make some dough

  7. I used to write for Triond, and they would pay you for views, so the trick was to write the most click-baity sensational articles you can. One guy use to write fake obituaries of famous stars every day, and he was one of the top guys. I get a feeling this woman used to write for something like that. ; – )

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