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Don’t Bake The Bread, Bigot (CC)

What’s the over/under on Caren finding her way back to internet stardom with an OnlyFans account in the coming months? Would you join her premium Snapchat to find out what she can accomplish with a metal rod and far too much yeast?

Don’t Bake The Bread, Bigot (CC)

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Video Transcription

you know I gotta say thank God for theInternet Archive it just came to myattention on April 29th it woman namedKaren white and medium wrote thisarticle why you need to stop bakingbread so when I saw it of course Ithought whoa I have to read this pieceof right here I gotta know I gotta knowwhy I can’t bake bread anymore onlyproblem it doesn’t exist the user hasdeactivated or deleted their account allof our articles are profile it’s gone noyeahdive deeper if you blow this image up alittle bit Karen white she she looksabout how you’d expect her to but thequestion still remains what’s going onwith the bread and why do I have to stopbaking it well welcome back to thecoffee corner guys we have the InternetArchive ah article pulled up and we’regonna explore that today won’t you joinmeso because nothing on the Internet isever truly deleted some very good peoplemade sure that weekend oh we can createthis for decades to comeKaren writes I was walking down thebaking aisle to see if the organic flourwas on sale organic flour is expensiveand I’m poor so I always try to buy itwhen it goes on sale but there was nosale and there was no flour the shelveswere bare my eyes traveled up to the topshelf uh the shelf with the leavingingredients also bare how could this bewhen I got home I logged onto my laptopand started reading articles on thepandemic it’s stopped reading most painI requited articles weeks ago cuz theywere upsetting me too much I couldn’tsleep I couldn’t concentrateI needed to distance myself to socialdistance myself but I knew the pandemichad something to do with the bareshelves in the baking aisle so I exposedmyself to the turmoil once again and itwould seem that there has been a run onflour and yeast because people are boredso their bacon bread to pass the timeseriously you guys don’t understandbaking bread it’s a way of life for menot a hobby not not just something to doto pass the timeI don’t eat store-bought bread I rarelyprepared foods of any kind if you visitin my kitchen you would find food butnothing nothing to eat because I onlystock ingredients I do all of my owncooking and baking on Saturday nights Idon’t order pizza well I make it Karenmakes her own pizza from scratchincluding the crust I also grow my ownpopcorn but that’s a topic for anotherday not another day on medium though cuzya deleted your account Karenyou see I am one of those people youknow the ones you offer them a plate offood they look at it suspiciously askingis that organic I don’t want to knowwhat is in my food so I make it myselfby the waycroutons made from my homemade breadbread for fried chicken made from myhomemade bread stuffing for theThanksgiving turkey made from my homemade bread so when youbuy up all the flour and leaving theingredients for the sake of prettyphotos on your Instagram feed you areliterally taking food from my mouth notonly that but the bounds of otherfamilies who also do their own baking sothey can provide healthy food for theirfamilies and here is the problem it’seconomics 101supply and demand before the pandemicvery few people did scratch baking sothe grocery stores they carried onlylimited supplies of flour and limitingboth go bad so they don’t want ithanging around the shelves for too longhence the limited quantities and thatwas ok there was always enough of thosefor us who needed it but there is notenough now now that we’re competing witha bunch of dilettante bakers who carednothing for anyone but themselves andyes I know that sounds harsh but Iwilling to bet that not a single one ofthem ever stop to think as they grab thelast of the flour and the yeast thatthey were robbing other people’schildren of their daily bread no I amcertain all day cared about was howimpressed everyone else is going to bewith their picture-perfect loaves ofbread and here’s an ideaif you’re bored and you want to learnnew skills won’t you learn how to gardenand press every with your fancy-asstomatoes or how about learn how to sewand make masks for hospitals and firstresponders or or I know learn to crochetso you can make those cute market bagsfrom the year of the farmers market butplease please please I am begging youstop baking bread and that was Karen’sarticle wow that was the whole articlemedium medium had to publish that it gotI already got 386 claps I don’t I don’tknow what they’ll clap me it’sis that is that a good thing good youknow where I come from it’s not a goodthing if you get the clap but she got386 of them good job Karenwell I can’t seem to get to the rest ofher account because it’s been deletedfor the 470 responses in this article Ican’t tell you she is a Master Gardenerso she knows what she’s talking aboutthere and a member of the herb Societyof America she manages to public herbgardens in New Jersey they always saypeople jersey are kind ofassholes I wasn’t a quiet do agree untiltoday and so this whole thing it didn’tquite go the way Karen expected I’m notreally sure what she was trying to provethere give up your way of life so uh soI don’t have to change my way of lifedon’t learn essential skills or betteryourselves or provide a healthy meal foryour family because I don’t want to getup an hour earlier and make it to thestore for they run out of yeast I wantto know to where she’s shopping atbecause I have never had a problemgetting flour at my local you know inthe first days of the pandemic yeah youhad some bare shelves you know by nowthey’re all stocked back up again thisis written on April 29th a couple ofdays ago I can tell you right now go getmy flour you probably on Amazonson of a bitch Wow yeah absolutely Kennow I’m sorting by uh Lois price ofcourse cuz she does say in the articlethat she is poor but it would seem thatAmazon Prime has got you covered if youwant flour that badlydon’t go write an article for a mediumjust order your flour now inresponse to that article Twitter did nothave very many nice things to say abouther but someone named Marie did pointout she also wrote this article whichunfortunately it’s down to half donegive that one a look in the way thatmachines sometime to but this one iscalled how I became a pandemic hoarderapparently for everything except flourDanny is trying to survive her own selfwrites Karen white is the most Karen ofKaren’s by definition the elitist notionthat others of a stop baking bread soshe who has the privilege of timeadmitting everything she eats fromscratch can find her ingredients histone-deaf classes toAbaddon responds I think Karen White’sproblem isn’t that she wasn’t able toget her flower but that she is noteating enough protein I recommend afive-pound bag of organic dicks plentyof people in her honor have decided topost pics of their own bread that theirbaby and I think that’s awesome you lookyou wanna you want to go out and makereal bread do it that is greatyou know what the mostestsame thing in the world is that toyour process like Sara Lee Wonder Breadcrap you get at the store I can’t eatthat either I am happy to have fluffydelicious homemade bread but you knowwhat I go to the store like everyoneelse I’d buy the flour the yeast orwhatever and we make that if we want itwe don’t complain when they’reout we just go somewhere else and findsome more and even if I would walk to mycar and Rumble a little bit on yeah goddamn it the UH the local Publix is outof flour I’m not gonna gonna write awhole article in medium about howyou assholes need to stop taking allthat take it all the food that clearlybelongs to me and finally prometheussays there is no better name out therefor an entitled middle-aged woman thenKaren white and God you know is an overprivilege over entitled white milkI can’t even disagree why you need tostop baking bread was Karen’s Badmanopus I don’t know how she couldn’tpredict the response she was going toget but she has deleted her mediumaccount she has deleted all of herarticles she desperately wants to scrubher presence but come on this is justtoo much fun we can’t forget we won’tforget the internet never forgetshey Karen we leavin campus I would notbe making this video right now if youhadn’t deleted your entireaccount trying to scrub the articlethat’s half of what makes it so funny ifyou would just own this God Twitterbeen like yeah I’m bad and boozy that’sup that’s how I do in my householdawesomeit’s what I’m blown right over insteadyou just opened up the floodgate thebread gate the pumpernickel gate and nownow we’re gonna enjoy this so BravoKaren white why you need to stop bakingbread actually became why you need tostop writing articles so anyway withthat said that’s well the time we gotfor the coffee cordial and thank youguys cuz I always do about this time fortuning in wanna give a special shout iswelcome all of my patreon supportersespecially mr. coffee royalty heroarchitect thank you very much sir myexecutive producers have low tariffsMaximus cracked in potato 12 n literallymy MAto make mom as well as our producersAlly the Fluke ILY dark baseship innerTujunga barracks Aragon II and my boySieben thank you so much for yoursupport thank you to all of you guys whoclicked in this video for your supportbut check it out hope y’all had a goodlaugh you had fun so uh give it a likeif you enjoyed it subscribe if you’renot already for more cool content andSelena comes that you thought about uhabout this yeast build action you knowis carrot actually in the right youthese goddamn Hecate normies just tryingto live out there either corona viruspandemic did they stop buying up all thegroceries that clearly belong to her oras a she’s just being a giant tiledasshole sweeping up with something lookforty here for you guys and uh for whatyou dos have a great rest of your daymiss Joe at signing out

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