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Steamed Bread | Recipe | Kholiwe Cooks | South African Cook

Hi Guys, Today we are staying much closer to home with this household favourite. Here I show you how to make steamed bread( also known as Ujeqe, Umkhupha, idombolo). of course there is a little twist but for the most part its a traditional as they come. this is a great accompanyment for stews and curries, but it holds its own even in braai. what a versatile starch!
enjoy this recipe!

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Video Transcription

hi guys welcome back to my channel thisis Korea speaking or welcome back to theCollier cooks Channelso glad to have you over as we try itanother recipe today’s recipe is veryclose to home and a lot of people grewup making this at home oh crap having itat home and it’s literally one ocelotbecause favorite favorite favoritethings to have along with shoes and thatsort of thing so very very quick recipesthat I’d like to see if you get to learnanything new from the recipe that youcan drink in the past so today I’mcooking steamed bread our belovedsteamed bread this should be a nationaldish of some sort because I canguarantee you if you have not tried ityou will love it and if anyone who’stried it will tell you it is the bestthing to come out of South Africa welove we love love love of steamed breadyou know they’re all these fancy braidsout there but nothing compares to areally good steam braid and I think thisrecipe right here is a good one so priorto this I’ve always been an advocate forkeeping it simple and traditionalbecause I mean it ain’t broke why fix itbut I have been featuring out to try andmake my meals that are always deliciousmore appealing to the eye and this isone attempt at doing that and I think Iwon I can honestly say that it’sdefinitely ticked all the boxes lookedreally good and it tasted fantasticwithout wasting any more time guys let’sget into our recipe remember to likethis video and subscribe subscribesubscribeour ingredients are flour I’m using cakeflour some corn I’m using thismexican-style corn but you can use thenormal sweet corn yeast is obviousfriend some salt olive oil sugar andsome lukewarm water start off with ourflour I’m using a cup of flour you’llsee I ended up needing some more becauseI used too much water and to that we addabout a tablespoon of sugar as you cansee I’m not measuring that honestly Igrew up not measuring any of thesethings but I’m trying to make it moreprecise because if I’m saying I’msharing a recipe I wanted to actually behelpful to yousome salt goes in and then yeast so justremember to pour the yeast not on top ofthe salt but apparently it makes um itdoesn’t make it react well if it’s ontop of the salt so I pour the yeast butimmediately make such because I noticedthat I have done exactly what I said todo so I make a well in the center and Iput my water that’s half a cup of thelukewarm water follow that with arelatively fearing of olive oil nottablespoon teaspoon sorry so the reasonI also use the oil when I’m doing themixing is I realized that my my doughends up not being as sticky as it wouldwithout the oil that just helps in thelong run with the dough and making iteasier to work with and as you can seethis was quite small what I’m making butthis is because I stay alone and I don’tlike having too much food as mentioned Idid end up having to use more flour Iwould sayand I ended up heading an additionalhalf a cup of flour because I don’t likethe door to be true to it it makes justyour life a bit more difficult honestlyif you go through the mixing because itbecomes realistically and then you don’tget to knead it properly so yeah it’svery important to have a niceconsistency of the dough as it lendsitself to the process the minute thedough is together you transfer it onto aflat surface I work so much better inhere than I do in a dish or a bowl andyou start working so you’ll see that youneed to put your weight in it and that’sthe process of kneading right todaythere’s a bit of a stretch that you dobecause that also helps you get a nicecrumb or texture of the bread so this isnot just so we mix the stove but it’s sothat you can have a nice texture off thebraid and that is basically the movementthat you made I have slowed it down soyou can see it properly but yeah youjust take your time with it you don’trush it I mean you will know when it’sready and it will literally be one thingone elastic thing and that’s when youknow that you’ve done itactivated all the glutens and yeahthat’s with the the nice thing aboutgreat comes in because I promise you ifyou’re gonna do not so nice rabbiteffort at the kneading of the dough youpray it will not be it will not be goodI promise you you will you will you’llwonder where it is that you diddefinitely because you used all theingredients that I mentioned but this isliterally a labor of love and you justdo it it honestly doesn’t take that longand I find it quite therapeutic youmight not but you still need to investthe time in it[Music]so I used to do the foot knuckles when Iwas growing up especially if I’m doingit in like those big bowls andunleashing had a lot of Prayer that wasour technique so that’s done I’m gonnaget a king bowl and then I’m just gonnaoil the actual door and in the bowlbecause I don’t want it to stick to theside when it is arising because that’sjust another slip at the end so I’d muchrather make sure that it doesn’t stickand when I’m ready for it easy comes offthe bowl so you just get that ready andmake it into a nice little ball ball isobviously not necessary but the safe ofsatisfaction you get from having donethat so my how to get it to rise quicklytrick is to get hot water in a smallerbowl than the one I’m using and then Ihave that ball underneath my bowl thathas the dough so steam rises on to thatother bowl that has my dough and it justeats up the birthdays as you know yeastworks so much faster in a warmenvironment so I leave this to rise foran hour and then I punch it down and addhalf a cup of my corn mix once it’sfully incorporated you leave it to restfor another 30 minutes and then pushingit on out into your molds I am usingthese steel mugs and I use oil and flourto line them so that my bridge does notstick I cooked my bread in obviously apart that has water for an hour and ahalf and it is readyand you’ll see the trick of the oil soyour oiling the mold with flour as wellis very good do never have anythingstick and there is my braid ready forconsumption I’m very happy with itthe texture is amazing and the the sweetcorn would be a really good touch but Ireally enjoyed I mean I love sequingenerally but I really enjoyed itthis is where you realize you need theproper tools in the kitchen values but Idon’t have a bread knife and now I’m inthe giro cutting bread with a chef’sknife Wow I need to do better but anywayso this is it guys I’m just gettingready to have this really delicious Ihope that’s something you learned fromyeah maybe not the entire recipe but thelittle tricks that I do to make you evenbetter I love that texture nice andfluffyI served mine with a piece you canobviously serve with your favoritesokay guys that’s the end of today’svideo thank you so much again forwatching all the way to the end asalways give my video a thumbs upI love getting that love from you and Ilove seeing your comments you haveanything to add something to teach me Iwould be glad to get it thank you forhelping me grow I really enjoy doingthings and I hope you guys enjoywatching them too but you really love toget your feedback on what kind of videosI should do more of also on which ones Ishould continue doing that I’m alreadydoingwe never miss anything I post howexciting weekend

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