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Can you bake a sourdough bread with 100% whole grain wheat flour? | Foodgeek

Experiment Time! Today I am trying to make three breads with varying amounts of freshly milled whole grain wheat flour. One with 60% whole grain wheat flour, one with 80% whole grain wheat flour and one with 100% whole grain wheat flour! We’ll see what difference it makes for the dough, the handling and the final loaf.

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Video Transcription

experiment time today I’m going to bebaking three Sado brats with differenceamount of whole grain wheat flour yes Idid that before but this time it’s up to100% yes 100%[Music]hi I’m soon and I’m food yes thehairdresser’s are back in businessI’m very happy thanks for asking manypeople asked for a follow-up to myprevious whole grain wheat experimentyou can watch the original video byfollowing the link in the cart above Iwill be making three different bratswith varying amounts of freshly milledwhole grain wheat flour 60% which is thecontrol asked that was the maximumamount in the previous experiment 80%which is just a whole lot of whole grainwheat flour and then a hundred percentwhich is made with only whole grainwheat and no bread flour we’ll have alook at how to fax the dough thehandling and the final bread if you’renew to this channel I baked a lot ofsourdough bread and I make deliciousfood from all over the world my goal isto show you how to get the most out ofevery ingredient and I want to teach youhow to do that and simple andunderstandable steps so join me bysubscribing and ringing the bell so youwon’t miss any future videos the redflower that I’m using in the 60 and 80%Brad is a flower from a local mill indenmark called corn beauty the wholegrain wheat flour I’ve milked myself onmy mock mill using wheat berries from aDanish company called Orion veryinterested in buying a mock mill I’veleft a link in the description I reallythink that being able to mill at hometakes out of baking to the next logicalstep the hydration is the same in allthree brats and the same as in theprevious experiment that’s 80 percentfor this experiment I converted my breadflour starter to a whole-grain wheatstarter I converted it by feeding itfour times at 1:55 using freshly milledholdwheat flour that means there’s less thanpoint zero zero five percent bread flourleft in the starter at the time ofbaking which is good enough for thisexperimenta lot of people suggested that I varythe hydration for each bread and Icertainly see a good reason of reasoningfor doing thatbut I do try to make it so that onlyvery one variable when I do myexperiments and I will do that in thisexperiment as well if I had some way ofdetermining what the correct change inhydration would be would be a differentstory but if you were to go by feel itwould be an unrepeatable experimentmaking it less valid but I may be wrongbut at least I thought about it right ifyou’d like to support the channel pleasebuy some merch or use the links in thedescriptions for tools and ingredientsthose are affiliate links so if you buysomething I will be getting a percentageof the sale those were the words this isthe experiment first I start out bymixing the salt with flour and the waterthe 60% dough the 80% dough[Music]and the 100% dough then i let the doughrest for an hour before mixing in thestarter then I mix in the starter firsta 60% then the 80% and then the 100%[Music]as you can tell that even at 80%hydration the dough is a bit more on thestiff side nothing that can’t be handledthough then it’s time for bulkfermentation I plan to do three sets ofstretching folds unless more are neededthe first set of stretching folds[Music]the second set of stretching folds[Music]and the third set of stretching folds[Music]the 60% dough breaks easily when I dothe windowpane so it goes back foranother set in 30 minutes[Music]the 80% looks great and goes into thebulking container and into the prooferset to 30 degrees Celsius about 86degrees Fahrenheit[Music]the 100% looks good too and it too goesinto the prefer then I do a fourth setof stretching folds for the 60% thewindowpane is looking great now so itgoes off to the prefer as well thenapprove the dose until they’ve risenabout 25% the 100% is done proofingfirst so I appreciate it[Music]and then I final shape it[Music]and then I put it into the fridge for aretard then both the 60 and 80% are doneso I pre shaped them together and then Ifinal shape them together[Music][Music]and they go into the fridge as wellafter about an eight-hour retard Iproceeded to pee first the 100% Isprinkle the bottom of the loaf withlots of rice flour to make sure that itcan just slide off my peel then I flipit onto the peel using my nan patentedfluid flip trademark pending and then Iadd rice flour to the top a lot ofpeople ask me why I do that and simplyfor the look the rice flour stays whiteafter its baked and it gives a goodcontrast to where the score opens upthen I score the bread[Music]and I put it into the oven[Music][Music]and that’s how it looks when it comesout at the oven moderate oven spring butit looks nice than the e percent[Music]and here it comesbetter oven spring for sure than the 60%[Music]KaBlam I think it’s pretty obvious thatyou need at least some bread flour toget good oven spring and let the breadcool down to room temperature beforecutting into it it’s important to dothat because the carryover heat willfinish baking the bread it isn’t donewhen you take it out so let’s have alook at the crumb first the 100%[Music]a nice and well fermented crumb itreminds me of what we call a Frenchpeasant bread here in Denmark then the80%a bit more open but still pretty tightcrumb[Music]then 60%this is quite a bit more open if you’rereally into open Krum you need to gomuch lower and whole grain wheat contentthough let’s have a whiff and taste ofwhat these three brats have to offer[Music]Pleasant bready and tangy smell samekind of smell but a bit more intense hmmthis smells great more of everythingwell let’s have a taste[Music]mmm it’s goodwonderful sourdough[Music]well it seems that the smell told usabout what the flavor would give us tosomewhat more intense the last oneclearly has the most breath flavor andalso more tang okay so this is where itmade a lot of difference the crumb gottighter from sixty to a hundred percentit got less and less oven springstarting from sixty to one hundredpercentthe crust is pretty similar though andall of them were great thread so if youwant to bake with whole grain wheatflour even with 100% it’s totally doablejust remember that trying this with anyother type of frame could be a wholenother storyrye has a little bit of gluten but notmuch I do have a recipe for it with ahundred percent right which is baked ina pan if you want to try and make thatfollow the Carter book using ancientwheat grains like spelt I’m corn andEmmermight also be a completely differentstory and warrants its own experimentlet me know in the comments what rainyou’d like to see me test next I hopeyou learned something today see you nexttime[Music]you

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