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Prepping for a storm and making bread, newby bread maker and homesteader. Vlog #4

Once again, thanks so much for watching! In this vlog we are working on planting some more seeds, putting you plants and seedlings away for the storm and making some delicious Amish bread (only my 2nd time ever making bread) here is the recipe~

Homemade Amish Sweet Bread Recipe with Step by Step Instructions


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music][Music]okay so yesterday we went fishing if youfollow me on instagram at happy hippiehomestead you know this we went fishingyesterday and then when we got back homewe actually came home to our quelllooking really bad they’ve been takingeach other and fighting and one of themactually had a broken leg that was therewas exposed bone and it looked reallybad so we ended up having to harvest alot of those sooner than we had plannedit turns out we had a lot more male wellthan we actually thought so it probablyjust need to be done anyway which isokay so now we’ve only got about I thinknine crow left and they think only oneof those is a no and I’m hoping yeahthat I’m hoping that they will be ableto maybe start laying nests and eggslet’s check them out[Music][Music][Music][Music]chuckles for the most part they didreally well they handled the transitionwell but there are a few that were kindof in shock I guess you could say ortheir roots got messed up because theywere a little root bound in those traysthat’s okay we’re learning okay so it’snot even like I’m here I actually am Igonna go ahead and get all of ourtourists done and get the chicken spitaway because we have severe weathercoming once again towards us so it’ssupposed to start here at around lunchand then kind of get worse throughoutthe evening so we need to go ahead andjust get everything ready because we’regonna be able to come into it thiseveningso okay so another thing that I need todo before the rain comes as well is putaway some of the seeds that we plantedyesterday so I don’t want them to getwashed away it is supposed to be apretty heavy rain so I’m gonna go aheadand put those in our small greenhouseyeah we kind of keep our seeds inwhenever it’s not nice weather so I’mgonna go ahead and get that doneokay so when head moved the ones that wesewed yesterday evening into this littlegreen house which is a mess it’s alsouse it for like general storage of likeour gardening tools and our soils andstuff well also when I had just movedoff some of our younger starts thatthey’re they’re kind of Hardy but Idon’t think that they can survive theheavy rain so I actually put some inthere and then I actually put some overunderneath our little table just to kindof give it some coverings so that shouldhelp[Music]you

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