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Breadman 2-lb Multi-Function Bread Maker w/ Fast Bake on QVC

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Breadman 2-lb Multi-Function Bread Maker w/ Fast Bake

There’s no loafing around for this multi-function bread maker — it works hard to feed your fix for freshness. It features eight settings to choose from, giving you the option to make artisan breads, pizza dough, and more. From Breadman.

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Video Transcription

boom my planner for our show said Davidwe would really like to put a breadmaker in the show on Sunday she saidbecause almost every bread machine thatwe’ve had on qvc.comkeeps blowing out the door because folksare wanting to make their own freshbread at home and so we wanted to makeone available during the show today andthis is from the leader when it comes inmy mind when it comes to bread makersthis is from bread men and what we’retalking about is a two-poundmultifunction bread maker with a fastbake so you’re going to be able toachieve either a 1 a 1 and a half or atwo-pound loaf of your favorite breadyou’re also going to be able to enjoysome great colors oh we already lost acolor oh my wordignore the black because black is soldout we do however have the red and theblue is there any white so red and blueonly at this point if you’re wonderingabout recipes yeah it includes them somegreat recipes included here not tomention the how-to guide to work withthis so maybe you’re making a beautifulloaf of bread like this one a classicwhite loaf and you want to wake up tothe fresh smell of bread there we arebeautiful beautiful texture to thatbread really beautiful crust you cancontrol the crust if you like a littledarker if you like it a little lighterand nothing is going to be more specialthan when you make your own bread andshare it with the people that are closeto you and the ones that you lovebecause cooking is a way of showing thatgreat expression of love for people whoare dear to you and this is going to beso much a part of that now we talk abouta 1 a 1 and a half and a 2 pound loaftake a look down below we want to say aspecial thank you to Carol our foodstylist for helping us set all this up 11 and a half and 2 pound if you want toadd raisins or dried cranberries or anykind of fruit you can do that with thisas wellso lots of different ways to do this butthis is a bread maker with a brain so welove that because it allows you then tomake pretzel you do pretzel dough withthis you’re gonna be able to do allkinds ofthings that make this important and easyand best of all fresh because you did itat home 300 are now gone do you want toremind you that this is available in redand in blue don’t wait on the red $10330 cents a savings here is what you payat retail savings here today of 15 32for easy payments have used any creditcard but if you use your cue card you’vegot six easy payments on this today letme also say that if you are looking toapply for a cute card today get approvedto make a purchase over $25 which thisis then you’re going to receive a $50credit on your QVC membership accountthat’s good toward a future purchase andyou can enjoy it any way that you likenow why don’t we build a pizza crustbecause I think for a lot of peoplethey’re wondering what is this hard touse and the answer is no it’s super easyplus there are great recipes in the bookthat comes with it now the otherquestion we get a lot is can you use theBox bread mixes from the grocery storethe answer is an absolute yes those workbeautifully in here so if you’ve got afavorite box mix you like to buy fromthe store or you’re going to head it outto the store later and you’re going tograb some box burg ministers absolutelyit works it works like a charm open thisup and there’s a little well inside thefirst thing that we’re going to do hereis add our water then we’re gonna add ina little oil and this ispowdered milk and sugar now Pyrrha whichaisle in the grocery store do we findthe powdered milk is that in the bakingaisle okay you’ll find powdered milk inthe baking aisle and then we’re gonnause some all-purpose flour now noticeI’m not putting my yeast in until I getall the wet in first and I top it withthe dry what we don’t want to havehappen is for the yeast to come incontact with the water too quickly andhave it activate the Machine willactivate it when the time is rightsupport that yeast right on top of yourdry and then we’re gonna come over hereand we’re just gonna press the programuntil we get to number seven we knownumber seven I believe is dough then wehit start and then you walk awayoh the machine is moving it’s doing itsthing and if you the kids want to watchthis and kind of learn a little bitabout what’s happening you can lookright through here and watch this nowwhat do we know to be true about pizzadough when we make it from scratch andmake it from hand by hand you have topunch it down and let it rise you haveto use that do that usually a coupletimes and it’ll end up over filling thebowl that you put it in and then youhave to push it back in you have topunch it you have to do all thatbusiness you don’t do any of that withthe bread man the bread man will do itall and then when your pizza dough isdone you go in your pantry and you findyour favorite jarred pizza sauce or ifyou make fresh god bless whatever youwant to do and then grab your cheesesand your favorite meats or veggies orwhatever you love on your pizza and havea family pizza night now here’s what Ihave remaining if you want this read 700left black is sold out if you want theblue only a thousand remaining now we’vegot another beautiful loaf here missCarol which flavour is this is this isthis honey wheat okay and I apologizefor turning this away from you but mightI’m a little closed on space back herethere’s the honey wheat beautiful Ohsome nice slather that with some butterand jam whoa sureand then this one’s just warm not hotthink we can turn this one out oh nicebeautiful now let’s turn him over nowthis is a nut and fruit breadit’s cashew pineapple and and coconutdeliciousso all these great great pieces that areso so important to have and four easypayments on your credit cardnot to mention now you can program thisto wake up to fresh bread you can comehome to fresh bread you’re going to beable to enjoy this so let this do itsjob during the afternoon and then whendinner is being prepared serve hot breadas your side with your dinner last nightI had smothered pork chops from my firstcookbook there’s some some nice biscuitsto dip it it’s a home baked fresh breadwould have been good too so all of thiscomes together really really nicelywe’ve got some great things happeningfor you if you want the blue now 900remain if you want the red only 500remain a thousand ordered in this showand my pizza dough is coming togethernow what’s nice about this is this nicewarm environment will allow that to riseit’ll then punch it down allow it torise punch it down again and when it’sdone because this is a bread machinewith a brain I’ll know that it’s readythen to roll out and I can make myfavorite pizzas and have everybody inthe family contribute their favoritetoppings make small personal pizzas makea big family pizza whatever you want todo so it all comes together for you at areally phenomenal price this is K fournine seven eight eight and Stacey isstanding by on Skype yet again so let’sbring Stacey in because I want to askher a question about bread so we’regonna try to bring Stacey inso Stacy can you hear me doll I sure canDavid oh there you are so you feel anybetter it’s just as cold here in myhouse as it is in the studio so I had tograb a blanket which is surprising to mebecause you can control the thermostatat home so something tells me that heand I have a little above bit in commonwhen it comes to why are you always socold I think that’s why we get along sowell it may be it may be hey Stacy haveyou ever used a bread maker in your homesomething that has been on my wish listI’ll be find especially since I’ve seenthe bread men and have been around whenDawn man Majid always brings it aroundbecause it’s so easy it’s it’s goofproof you can’t screw it up you can doso many things I love that you can makea bread in that with a little rosemaryin it and then here’s when you take itout all warm you drizzle some olive oiland put some ricotta cheese on it it isdivine it turns Brad into almost likelike a meal well and you know what Iwe’re making pizza crust here I liftedthe lid so you can see a little betterwhat’s going on inside oh and this ispizza crust going so if you and the boysand Larry wanted to make one night pizzanight and you didn’t wanted to have togo out to the store or the store didn’thave any pizza crust you could make ityourself at home and I think that’sgreat because with it getting warmer welove putting pizza on the grill yeah sothat would be perfect make your owncrust and then you can throw it on thegrill and cook it that way well thatwould be perfect too I think everybodyis going to be awfully excited aboutthis Brett man we’re going to encourageeverybody to stay on the line for it Ido have the red I have 250 left in thered and in the blue 700 left how manygone in this show over 1,500 Staci Louthank you for being a part of our showtodayyes you will Mary will be back with usnext Sunday she was not here todaybecause she had to work late last nightso we’re trying to let her rest becauseeverybody’s kind of being stretched allover the calendar these days so wewanted to make sure that we hadStacy with us today she’ll be back onWednesday and the mayor and be back nextSunday in the meantime Stacy’s stay wellbe well we’ll see you soon and we’regonna invite all of you to stay on theline for all the good as you can seeduring in the kitchen with David

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