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Making colored pancakes

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Video Transcription

what is that my dogs I’m back I’m notmaking an evening video I’m makingcooking video we already have one inwe’re making colourful pancakes so wealready have the green in here and Ineed a spatulaOhcameraman can you help me okay so mycameraman just flipped it in it’s notsupposed to be brown brown that’s thesad part it’s supposed to you you ifyou’re gonna try and make it you want itto like not be brown because that won’tbe colorful so you want to keep itcolorful I start hold it cameramanwe’ll be back when it’s fully cooked sothis is the final production of thepancake this is the backside Oh hot thisis the other side cameraman hold thecamera[Music]the next to the makin timewe’ll be back when the pancakes are fullones like the bottom part is done andwe’ll flip it over okay we’re back donot try the spatula I need you to do itguys if you just saw that I just gotBert ready for this so Brown okay we’llbe backactually now if you can guess what thisisyeah we’ll be back until the bottom sideis done so I’m about to focus on the panokay so we’ve decided what you’re goingto do with this frying pan thing for thereptiles – so music you did not use thepanty more and we’re using this becausewe don’t want to keep making human livesI need like a teaspoon or somethingthere’s no 90 spoon what am I thinkingI doif you can see kids it’s like sorry butyou have to gofollow meOh Mike that’s colorfulso we turn the heat back a little likedownloading it so that doesn’t turn herlike this it still tastes as good butit’s what’s the spiritanother one below is just acoustic hellois sister crap no this is PatrickOh cheerio look Ellen and the B into thebowloh that’s probably the best one so faryou good boy you bad boyyou good boy good boy you bad boyas you can see the best pancake but theother one it’s kind of it as well so youcan see we have four parent kitthere okay so now we have to use thempretty and I’m going to also washyourselfbecause so now this is done watch I didit by myself and[Music]Ohthis one’s telling me that’s done okayso we got it unstuckboy okay so I’m back and this is thefinal product and I’m going to poursyrupdefinitely not too much so that’s gonnahave to be all for today guys peace loveand bye my dogs

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